Burn (energy drink)

Type Energy Drink
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company
Variants burn original
burn Tropical
burn Berry
burn Blue
burn Mocha Energy (Coffee-flavored and non-carbonated)
burn Sugarfree
burn lemon ice
Website www.burn.com
Burn Blue Refresh

burn is an energy drink owned and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company, carrying the official tagline "Fuel your fire". burn is distributed in more than 80 countries including France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Afghanistan and Mexico.[1]

Activity and brand ambassadors

Woodfett Modz


burn's involvement in music consists of initiatives to support and nurture promising talent in the electronic dance music sector.

burn studios

Launched at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, Burn studios is Burn's music platform, set up to showcase and support new talent, contribute to music culture and empower groundbreaking ideas.[2] It has hosted multiple competitions for up-and-coming talents, providing opportunities for mentoring, growth and exposure. The most established of these contests is Burn studios residency, an annual competition for newcomer DJs to receive advice and masterclasses with internationally renowned figures of the electronic dance music industry, with the end prize of a residency in a well-known club in Ibiza. Burn studios' earliest initiatives involved remix contests and DJ workshops featuring Richie Hawtin, Sasha (DJ), Peaches (musician), Telonius, Munk, Moullinex and Phenomenal Handclap Band.

burn studios residency

burn studios residency is burn Studios' annual competition held on Ibiza for newcomer producers and DJs to receive advice and masterclasses with internationally renowned figures of the Electronic dance music industry. The program was established to showcase and support emerging DJ/producer talent. In the words of burn's Marketing Manager Erik Hofstaedter: "burn is all about passion and creativity as a brand and supporting new talent on their way. burn studios residency offers a unique opportunity for up-and-coming EDM talent to kick start their career and get supported on their way."[3]

The program's end prize is a summer-long residency in a prestigious club on the island, including Café Mambo, Sankeys (nightclub) Ibiza and Privilege Ibiza. The first stage of the burn studios residency competition is hosted by the mix-sharing platform Mixcloud, and receives promotion, support and documentation by international electronic dance music publications such as Resident Advisor, Mixmag, and DJ Magazine. In its inaugural year in 2012 burn studios residency received thousands[4] of applications from all over Europe in the form of short DJ mixes, before selected entrants competed in live "Mix-Off" sessions, with the winning DJs flying to Ibiza for the burn studios residency bootcamp. The bootcamp phase of the program was documented in a 7-part video series, which collectively received over a million views in their the first six months online.[5] In 2013 burn studios residency opened applications up to further global burn markets including Japan and Brazil, with a "Wildcard" option for countries outside of the specified regions. Appointed mentors will include DJs Solomun, Maceo Plex, Steve Lawler, Fatboy Slim, Avicii and Hot Chip's Joe Goddard (musician), with Café Mambo and Sankeys (nightclub) Ibiza as participating clubs.

burn and David Guetta

burn has worked in close collaboration with platinum-selling French house DJ and producer David Guetta. In this time, Guetta worked with burn and Partizan Films to produce his feature-length biographical documentary Nothing But the Beat (documentary) (2011),[6] provided mentoring and support for burn studios residency, and performed at burn's Guetta Meets Guetta event in London.[7] Guetta Meets Guetta was a one-night exhibition and party held in August 2012,[8] where David Guetta collaborated with friend and street artist Mr. Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta) and fellow DJ Nicky Romero. The event was documented by burn and the footage was used as a music video for the track "Metropolis" by David Guetta feat. Nicky Romero, directed by Mr Brainwash.

A list of burn's music competitions:

Year Competition Mentors Winner/s
2010 burn studios Remix Competition Cassius


Richie Hawtin

Tha Trickaz


Oblique Industries

2011 burn studios Next Producer Star Richie Hawtin

Sasha (DJ)

Philippe Zdar (Cassius)

Arnas D.
2012 burn studios residency David Guetta

Sasha (DJ)

2ManyDJs (Soulwax)

Jamie Jones


Richie Hawtin

Carl Craig

Manu Vulcano

Adam Zasada

Urban Jeram

2013 burn studios residency
  • Lea Dobricic (Serbia)
  • Hyena (Poland)
  • Tommy Kid (France)


Burn Energy

Burn's involvement in extreme sports includes snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, Formula 1 racing and parkour, providing sponsorship to a number of high-profile athletes and events sponsored across the world.


burn sponsors snowboarders from all across Europe. The most prominent and senior of these are dubbed "burn Units". Currently, the burn Units include riders Ståle Sandbech, Gigi Rüf, Sven Thorgren, Werni Stock, Ulrik Badertscher, Arthur Longo, and Mathias Weissenbacher.

burn is responsible for a number of major snowboarding films. In 2011 burn released Human / Machines,[9] where Ståle Sandbech, Mathieu Crepel, Arthur Longo and Gigi Rüf take to the mountains of Norway, Sweden and New Zealand, with the concept of the video looking at whether man or machine-made snowboarding features are the best. Black Snow[10] is one of burn's most avante-garde snow films, bridging the gap between art, technology and action sports. It features burn Units Stale Sandbech, Ulrik Badertscher and Gigi Rüf riding inside one of Europe's largest snow domes, illuminated by LEDs and UV lighting. The soundtrack was provided by famed music producer Baron (musician).

burn's We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding[11] is a feature-length documentary made in collaboration with Grain Media. It explores the development of snowboarding with interviews and archival footage with Todd Richards, Gigi Rüf, Terje Haakonsen, Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Stale Sandbech and Craig Kelly. It was directed by Orlando von Einsiedel and Jon Drever and premiered at the 2013 Air & Style in Innsbruck.[12]

The brand is heavily involved with Air & Style, a TTR 6 Star event. In 2013, burn's inaugural burn Style Sessions contest took place at the 20th Anniversary of Air & Style in Innsbruck.[13] Snowboarding legends Terje Haakonsen, David Benedek and Gigi Rüf returned to competition snowboarding for the event, along with Stefan Gimpl, the only rider to have won three consecutive Air & Style titles. "I don't think anyone ever thought they'd see these guys compete again," said Arthur Longo (burn Unit). "It's like a piece of history."[14] As well as work with Air & Style, burn have established their own major snow events. Notably, burn in snow: a large winter event in Poland with ski, snowboarding and music components held in Skrzyczne.[15]


burn's sponsored skateboarders also operates under the burn Units team name and include Rune Glifberg, Timotej Lampe Ignjic, Albert Nyberg and Rasmus Sand.

In October 2011, burn launched Never Extinguish, a short film starring burn riders Rune Glifberg, Dany Hamard, Hugo Maillard and Jonas Skrøder. The film was filmed and shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina and directed by Ash Bolland.[16]

Together with Kingpin magazine, burn established the Save Our Spot program to revive some of Europe's most run-down and neglected skateparks, as suggested by the wider skateboarding community.[17] In 2012, the team renovated the neediest skateparks, located in Hungary, Poland and Romania. The workforce included Kingpin's editor Alex Irvine, designers from Eastbound Skateparks, members of Perus skate crew, Rune Glifberg and ex-burn Units Ignacio "Nachete" Morata and Rune Glifberg, whose test runs throughout the build ensured the updates were of a high standard.


The release of Visions marked burn's first foray into the world of parkour. The project takes the form of one central video[18] with several supporting teasers and follows members of the iconic London-based parkour team Storm Freerun. Shot in several locations throughout Bucharest, the protagonists explore urban landscapes, unlikely obstacles and dream-like scenarios with skill and agility. Visions is a cinematic manifestation of burn's "Free State of Creativity".[19]

Formula 1

In November 2012, burn entered Formula 1 racing with a sponsorship deal with the Lotus F1 team. "The Lotus team is the number one emerging challenger in the sport and has demonstrated exceptional creativity in their approach to Formula 1. We intend to foster that creativity by incorporating art and music in a way that will break the conventions of traditional F1 sponsorship," said Emmanuel Seuge, Head of Sports and Entertainment Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company.[20]

burn's sports ambassadors dates:

Sport Team / Personality Dates
Snowboarding Arthur Longo

Ståle Sandbech

Gigi Rüf

Mathieu Crepel

Werni Stock

Ulrik Badertscher

Mathias Weissenbacher








Skateboarding Rune Glifberg

Timotej Lampe Ignjic

Ignacio Morata

Albert Nyberg

Rasmus Sand


2012–2015 and still present




Parkour Storm Freerun 2012–present
Formula 1 Lotus F1 Team 2013–2014


Burn day

Caffeine content

Caffeine content per 100 ml is 32 mg.[21]

Nutritional values per 100 ml

Country Nutrient Value
Denmark Energy 236 kJ/56 kcal
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrate 13.3 g
Fat 0 g
Sodium 0.02 g
Vitamin B3 6.5 mg
Vitamin B5 1.5 mg
Vitamin B6 0.21 mg
Vitamin B12 0.38 µg

World distribution

Table with countries where burn is available:[22]

Continent/Region Countries
Africa Algeria, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Reunion Island, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tunisia, Kenya
Americas Brazil, Bolivia,[23] Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay
Eurasia Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia
Europe Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine
Asia Afghanistan, Bahrain, Burma, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Maldives, Oman, United Arab Emirates, West Bank-Gaza, Qatar, South Korea

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