Banganga, Nepal


Location in Nepal

Coordinates: 27°42′N 83°12′E / 27.70°N 83.20°E / 27.70; 83.20Coordinates: 27°42′N 83°12′E / 27.70°N 83.20°E / 27.70; 83.20
Country    Nepal
Zone Lumbini Zone
District Kapilvastu District
Time zone NST (UTC+5:45)

Banganga is a municipality in Kapilvastu District in the Lumbini Zone of southern Nepal. Banganga Municipality has total of 233.6 sq km. According to the 2011 census, total population of the municipality is 75, 242 with population density of 322 person per sq. km and density without forest is 804 persons per sq km.


Banganga recently transformed from Village Development Committee to Municipality in 2015. Hence, the headquater is still kind of controversial. However, various municipality works are being done in Gajehada and Jitpur. Jitpur has the main entry gate for the highway running towards south, mainly Taulihawa which is the headquarter of Kapilvastu. Jitpur is one of the rapidly growing city/village in the municipality where many banks and other businesses are located.

Main cities/villages

Jitpur is the main city in the municipality, which is rapidly developing in various sectors like banking, education, and health. The largest community hospital of Banganga is located in Jitpur. There are various things to do in and around Jitpur. Vising the main gate, visiting the exhibition during winter, shopping in some beautiful stores, eating in good restaurants and playing sports in open fields are some of the main things to do in Jitpur for visitors.

Banganga river area also called Banganga village is another good place in Banganga municipality. The long bridge in Banganga village is one of the points of attraction. People of Banganga village are involved in crusher industries as it is near to the river.

Bodgaun also called Boardgauu is another nice village in Banganga municipality. It has the municipality's largest educational institute in its suburb (Laugain), named Banganga Uchha Maabi where a student can start his education and go all the way through Masters Degree. The main points of attraction in Bodgaun are Jaleshwor temple (which also provides ayuruvedic medications), the largest school itself, laugain pond, and some nice buildings in the village. With the villager's co operation and the municipality, the roads are pitched and the village is pollution free.


To promote local culture Banganga has one FM radio station, Radio Buddha Awaj - 89.6 MHz, which is a community radio station. The people of Banganga municipality look active in various activities and sports like Karate, speech, debate and cultural performances. They have local exhibition every year in Jitpur.


There are various schools and colleges in Banganga municipality. Banganga Uchha Maabi is one of the most famous educational institute in the municipality. Besides that, there are various educational institutes out of which some are listed below: 1. Horizon English Boarding School 2. Bal Jyoti School 3. Ex Army School 4. Paradise English School 5. Kapilvastu Vidhya Mandir 6. Gajehada Horizon English Boarding School

The education of this municipality is being developed day by day as various infrastructures are being added these days. Students now have access to internet in some schools via various local WIFI broadcasting services.


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