Location in Nepal

Coordinates: 27°39′N 83°04′E / 27.65°N 83.06°E / 27.65; 83.06Coordinates: 27°39′N 83°04′E / 27.65°N 83.06°E / 27.65; 83.06
Country    Nepal
Development Region Western
Zone Lumbini Zone
District Kapilvastu District
municipality buddhabatika
  Type Buddhabatika municipality
Time zone NST (UTC+5:45)
Area code(s) +76

Buddhabatika is a Municipality in Kapilvastu District in the Lumbini Zone of southern Nepal.It is located 308 km west of Kathmandu, 47 km west of Butwal and 206 km east of Nepalgung.

On december 2,2014 nepal government has announced the creation of 61 new municipalities across the country. A meeting of the Cabinet Social Committee held at the Prime Minister’s Office at Singdurbar Tuesday took a decision to this effect on a proposal forwarded by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD).Buddhabatika[1] was among 61 municipality that has been recently declared.

Buddhabatika Municipality is the consequences of integration of three Village Development Committees which consist of Jayanagar, Mahendrakot, Dubiya V.D.C.

Through highway, Buddhabatika connects western Nepal to the capital Kathmandu. It has highway connections to the Indian Border at Krishnanagar and to hill towns Sandhikarkha and Tansen. Buddhabatika is a major gateway to the birthplace of gautam buddha.

Buddhabatika means the garden of Gautam Buddha, a icon of peace in the world.

Culture and religion

Hindus in the majority celebrate Holi, Teej, Maha Shivratri, Dashain, Tihar and Bhai Tika. There are also Buddhist and Muslims. There is a very good and harmonious relationship among different religious and ethnic community which can be seen during festivals.


Nepali is the common language spoken in Buddhabatika. Gurung, Magar and Tharu people speak native language in their community. English is not popular; however, most of the young people can communicate in English. The shop names are generally written in English in addition to Nepali alphabet.


Sewa bikas bank and Bhrikuti development bank are the two most popular Bank. Local cooperative like lumbini bachat tatha rin sahakari sanstha, cosmic bachat tahta rin sahakari sanstha,buddha bachat tahta rin sahakari sanstha,kapilmuni krishi sahakari sanstha,etc are popular through which local people has adopted the habit of saving.


Although, there are Some adequate educational institutions among them the popular institutions are listed below:

There is a Bachelor level campus in the municipality. it runs BBS, BEd and BBS. The Gautam Buddha Multiple campus is the only Bachelor level campus in the Municipality.


Some of the popular industries are listed below:


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