Academic grading in Italy

There are two grading systems used in Italy:

To someone familiar with both the Italian and the U.S. college systems, Italian grades are best translated into American grades (and vice versa) according to the following table:

"Scuola primaria, scuola secondaria di primo e secondo grado"

ECTS grading Scale
ECTS Grade % of successful students Corresponding Italian grades
A-A+ 95%-100% 10
B 90%-95% 9
C 80%-90% 8
D 60%-80% 7
E 50%-60% 6
F-Fx 0%-50% 1-5


For ordinary exams, universities in Italy use a 30-point scale simply divided in two: non passing (0 to 17), and passing grades (18 to 30 cum laude). For the final rating a 110-point scale is used, which is divided in two as well, with 66 being the minimum for passing. The 110-point scale incorporates scores on both exams and the final thesis. For outstanding results, the Lode "praise" is added to the maximum grade.

Italian grades with corresponding ECTS & US grading
Italian grades ECTS Grade ECTS Definition % of successful students US Grade US Definition
26-30, 30 con Lode A Excellent 5% 26-27:A-, 28-29:A, 30, 30 con Lode:A+ Excellent
21-25 B Very Good 10% 21B-, 22-23B, 24-25B+ Good
19-21 C Good 20% 19C-, 20C, 21C+ Satisfactory
18 D Satisfactory 40% Barely passing
14-17 Fx Fail E or F Fail
0-13 F Fail


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