Academic grading in Kenya

In Kenya, the grading system varies according to overall performance of candidates in the national exam called Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

For example, in 2006, a mean grade of A corresponded with 76 and upwards percentage points, while in 2007 it changed to 81 and upwards points. However, generally, the grading system is as follows:

Percent Grade Points
80-100% A 12
75-79% A-11
70-74% B+10
65-69% B9
60-64% B-8
55-59% C+7
50-54% C 6
45-49% C-5
40-44 D+4
35-39 D3
30-34 D-2
0-29% E1

Examinees are awarded an overall grade for the subjects examined. Students sit for 7, 8, or 9 subjects, but the overall grade and points are calculated from 7 subjects, as follows:


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