Abd al-Wahid II

Abd al-Wahid II
Caliph of Morocco
Reign 1232–1242
Successor Abu al-Hasan as-Said al-Mutadid
Died December 4, 1242
Father Idris al-Ma'mun
Religion Islam

Abu Muhammad ar-Rashid Abd al-Wahid (Arabic: أبو محمد الرشيد عبد الواحد بن المأمون; Abū Muḥammad Ar-Rashīd `Abd al-Wāḥid ibn Al-Mā'mūn; died 4 December 1242) was an Almohad rival caliph who reigned from 1232 until his death.

Abd al-Wahid succeeded his father Idris I, who had died while marching against Yahya, who was in control of the capital Marrakesh. His reign marked the beginning of the final fragmentation of the Almohad empire. He was not able to oust Yahya from Marrakesh, while the Emir of Tlemcen become independent from 1236 (founding the Zayyanid dynasty), following the example of the Hafsid ruler Abu Zakariya Yahya in Tunisia.

In 1242 he ordered his governor to fight another secession, that of the Marinid Abu Yahya ibn Abd al-Haqq, who had captured Fes. However, Abd al-Wahid was founded drowned in a pool (or he died from a fall) in his palace in December of the same year. He was succeeded by his brother Abu al-Hasan as-Said al-Mutadid.


Preceded by
Idris I
Almohad dynasty
Succeeded by
Abu al-Hasan as-Said al-Mutadid
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