Al-Rashid of Morocco

Al-Rashid of Morocco
Prince of Tafilalet
Reign 1664–1666
Predecessor Muhammad ibn Sharif
Sultan of Morocco (more..)
Reign 1666–1672
Predecessor Ahmad el Abbas (Saadi dynasty)
Successor Ismail ibn Sharif
Born Tafilalt, Morocco
Died 1672
Marrakech, Morocco
House House of Alaoui

Mulai al-Rashid (1631 – 9 April 1672) (Arabic: مولاي الرشيد) was Sultan of Morocco from 1666 to 1672. He has been called the founder of the Alaouite Dynasty.

It was his father Moulay Ali Cherif who took power in Tafilalt around 1630. In 1635 al-Rashid's brother Ismail Ibn Sharif succeeded their still living father. After the death of their father, Mulai Mohammed brought Tafilalt, the Draa River valley and the Sahara region under Alouite power. However due to internal feuding war broke out between the brothers and Mohammed was killed by troops of al-Rashid in 1664.

With a small army al-Rashid ruled the east of Morocco. He was able to expand his power and seize Taza. In 1666 he marched into Fes and ended the rule of the zaouia of Dila, a Berber movement which ruled the northern part of Morocco. After subjugating the northern coastal areas of Morocco he also succeeded in capturing Marrakech in 1669. He occupied the Sus and the Little Atlas, which solidified Alaouite control over the entirety of Morocco.

He died in Marrakech in 1672 after a fall from his horse, and was succeeded by his half-brother Ismail Ibn Sharif.

Al-Rashid was sometimes known as "Tafiletta" by the English.

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Preceded by
Ahmad el Abbas
Sultan of Morocco
Succeeded by

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