Al-Hasan ibn Kannun

Al-Hassan II
الحسن الثاني
Sultan of Morocco
Reign 954-974
Predecessor Abu l-Aish Ahmad ibn Guennoun
Full name
Al-Hassan II ibn Al-Qassim Gannoun
Dynasty Idrisid
Father Al-Qassim Guennoun
Religion Zaydi Shia Islam

Al-Hasan II ibn Al-Qassim Guennoun (Arabic: الحسن الثاني بن القاسم كنون) was the thirteenth and the last Idrisid ruler and sultan of Morocco. He took over after Abu l-Aish Ahmad in 954 until his capture by the Ummayads in 974. He was then exiled to Córdoba, Spain where he died in 985.[1]


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Preceded by
Abu l-Aish Ahmad
Idrisid dynasty
Succeeded by
under the suzerainty of the
Umayyads of Cordoba

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