Abu Abdallah Mohammed II Saadi

Abdallah Mohammed Al-Mutawakkil
Sultan of Morocco
Reign 1574–1576
Predecessor Abdallah al-Ghalib
Successor Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I Saadi
Died 4 August 1578
Battle of Alcazarquivir
Full name
Abu Abdallah Mohammed II Saadi
Religion Islam

Abu Abdallah Mohammed II, Al-Mutawakkil, often simply Abdallah Mohammed (died 4 August 1578, reigned 1574–1576) was the oldest son of Abdallah al-Ghalib and became the sultan of Morocco after his father's death.

Immediately after his accession to the throne he had one of his brothers executed and another (Mulay en-Naser the governor of Tadla) imprisoned.

His uncle Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I, who was like Abdallah al-Ghalib a son of Mohammed ash-Sheikh, had already fled to the Ottoman Empire in Constantinople in 1574.[1] Back in Ottoman Algeria, Al-Malik succeeded in organising his own army, consisting of Ottoman soldiers, and in 1576 he invaded Morocco conquered Fez from his nephew, in the Capture of Fez. The first battle was in al-Rukn in the lands of Banu waritin, near Fez. In a second battle near Salé (Rabat) in Jandaq al-Rayhan, Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I also defeated his nephew. A third battle, also won by Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I, took place in Taroudannt.

Both Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I and Abu Abdallah Mohammed II died two years later in the Battle of Alcazarquivir, in 1578. In that battle, Abu Abdallah Mohammed II fought his last battle against his uncle Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I with the help of his Portuguese allies.


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Preceded by
Abdallah al-Ghalib
Saadi dynasty
Succeeded by
Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik I
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