1999 NFL expansion draft

The Cleveland Browns selected the first players for the renewed franchise.

The Cleveland Browns had spent three years with its operations suspended after Art Modell had relocated the Browns' organization and players to Baltimore, Maryland to form the Baltimore Ravens at the end of the 1995 NFL season. Upon returning to the league, in order to become competitive with existing teams, the Browns were awarded the first pick in the 1999 NFL Draft, and the league gave the Browns the opportunity to select current players from the other teams. That selection was provided by the 1999 National Football League expansion draft, held on February 9, 1999. 130 players were left unprotected by their teams for the Browns to draft.[1][2]

Player selections

Pick Player Position Original NFL Team
1 Jim Pyne C Detroit Lions
2 Hurvin McCormack DE Dallas Cowboys
3 Scott Rehberg OT New England Patriots
4 Damon Gibson WR Cincinnati Bengals
5 Steve Gordon C San Francisco 49ers
6 Tarek Saleh LB Carolina Panthers
7 Jeff Buckey G Miami Dolphins
8 Jason Kyle LS Seattle Seahawks
9 Rod Manuel DE Pittsburgh Steelers
10 Lenoy Jones LB Tennessee Titans
11 Tim McTyer CB Philadelphia Eagles
12 Elijah Alexander LB Indianapolis Colts
13 Pete Swanson OT Kansas City Chiefs
14 Gerome Williams S San Diego Chargers
15 Marlon Forbes SChicago Bears
16 Justin Armour WR Denver Broncos
17 Paul Wiggins OT Washington Redskins
18 Duane Butler S Minnesota Vikings
19 Fred Brock WR Arizona Cardinals
20 Kory Blackwell CB New York Giants
21 Kevin Devine CB Jacksonville Jaguars
22 Raymond Jackson CB Buffalo Bills
23 Jim Bundren G New York Jets
24 Ben Cavil G Baltimore Ravens
25 Michael Blair RB Green Bay Packers
26 Antonio Anderson DT Dallas Cowboys
27 Orlando Bobo G Minnesota Vikings
28 James Williams LB San Francisco 49ers
29 Scott Milanovich QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
30 Eric Stokes S Seattle Seahawks
31 Ronald Moore RB Miami Dolphins
32 Clarence Williams RB Buffalo Bills
33 Freddie Solomon WR Philadelphia Eagles
34 Brandon Sanders S New York Giants
35 Mike Thompson NT Cincinnati Bengals
36 Jerris McPhail RB Detroit Lions
37 Antonio Langham CB San Francisco 49ers


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