1946 NFL Draft

1946 NFL Draft
General Information
Date(s) January 14, 1946
Location Commodore Hotel
in New York City, NY
300 total selections  in 32 rounds
First selection Frank Dancewicz, QB
Boston Yanks
Last selection John West, B
Los Angeles Rams
Most selections (30) each team made 30 picks
Fewest selections (30) each team made 30 picks
Hall of Famers 1

The 1946 National Football League Draft was held on January 14, 1946, at the Commodore Hotel in New York City, New York.[1]

The selections were initially withheld from the public out of fear that the newly formed All-America Football Conference would sign away players selected high.[2] The most notable draft choice in this player selection meeting was made by the Washington Redskins and remains one of the biggest draft blunders of all time. They chose Cal Rossi with the 9th overall pick, but Rossi, a junior at UCLA, was not eligible to be drafted. They chose him again in the 1947 NFL draft, but he never played football professionally.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler[3] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1Boston YanksFrank DancewiczQuarterbackNotre Dame
2Chicago CardinalsDub JonesBackTulane
3Pittsburgh SteelersFelix "Doc" Blanchard [4] FullbackArmy
4Chicago BearsJohnny Lujack [5] QuarterbackNotre Dame
5New York GiantsGeorge ConnorTackleNotre Dame
6Green Bay PackersJohnny StrzykalskiBackMarquette
7Philadelphia EaglesLeo RiggsBackUSC
8Detroit LionsBill DellastatiousBackMissouri
9Washington RedskinsCal RossiBackUCLA
10Los Angeles RamsEmil "Red" SitkoHalfbackNotre Dame

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
11Chicago CardinalsMac WenskunasCenterIllinois
12Boston YanksNick ScollardEndSt. Joseph's (IN)
13Pittsburgh SteelersGeorge ClarkBackDuke
14Chicago BearsJulie RykovichBackIllinois
15New York GiantsElmer "Buck" JonesGuardWake Forest

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
16Chicago CardinalsElmer AngsmanBackNotre Dame
17Boston YanksRobert "Buster" McClureTackleNevada-Reno
18Pittsburgh SteelersHarmon RoweBackSan Francisco
19Chicago BearsFrank BroylesQuarterbackGeorgia Tech
20New York GiantsHosea RodgersBackNorth Carolina
21Green Bay PackersBob NussbaumerBackMichigan
22Detroit LionsRuss ThomasTackleOhio State
23Philadelphia EaglesGordon GrayEndUSC
24Washington RedskinsStan KozlowskiBackHoly Cross
25Los Angeles RamsDon SamuelBackOregon State

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
26Chicago CardinalsHamilton NicholsGuardRice
27Boston YanksJack BreslinBackMichigan State
28Pittsburgh SteelersJoe TepsicBackPenn State
29Chicago BearsErnie KnottsGuardDuke
30New York GiantsPaul DukeCenterGeorgia Tech

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
31Chicago CardinalsJoe GoldingBackOklahoma
32Boston YanksGaston BourgeoisBackTulane
33Pittsburgh SteelersJack SeiferlingBackUtah State
34Chicago BearsDon SchneiderBackPennsylvania
35New York GiantsPete StoutBackTexas Christian
36Green Bay PackersEd CodyBackPurdue
37Philadelphia EaglesWalt SlaterBackTennessee
38Detroit LionsDave HarrisEndWake Forest
39Washington RedskinsGay AdeltBackUtah
40Los Angeles RamsDon PaulCenterUCLA

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
41Chicago CardinalsLen DickeyTackleTexas A&M
42Boston YanksThurman TigartGuardOklahoma
43Pittsburgh SteelersMarion WoodsGuardClemson
44Chicago BearsTed ScruggsEndRice
45New York GiantsJim LalikosTackleBrown
46Green Bay PackersJohn FerraroTackleUSC
47Detroit LionsJoe EddinsGuardAuburn
48Philadelphia EaglesFelto PrewittCenterTulsa
49Washington RedskinsWalt TrojanowskiBackConnecticut
50Los Angeles RamsNewell "Ace" OestreichBackCalifornia

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
51Chicago CardinalsPat LenshanEndTennessee
52Boston YanksEd MieszkowskiTackleNotre Dame
53Pittsburgh SteelersTom ReinhardtTackleMinnesota
54Chicago BearsWendell BeardTackleCalifornia
55New York GiantsJim PlylerTackleTexas
56Green Bay PackersArt RennerEndMichigan
57Philadelphia EaglesGeorge RobothamEndUCLA
58Detroit LionsPete BerezneyTackleNotre Dame
59Washington RedskinsBob HendrenTackleUSC
60Los Angeles RamsLafayette "Dolly" KingEndGeorgia

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
61Chicago CardinalsPhil TinsleyEndAlabama
62Boston YanksChet LipkaEndBoston College
63Pittsburgh SteelersJoe PonsettoBackMichigan
64Chicago BearsJohn ZieglerBackColorado
65New York GiantsGene "Choo-Choo" RobertsBackTennessee-Chattanooga
66Green Bay PackersBert ColeTackleOklahoma State
67Detroit LionsKeith DeCourceyBackWashington
68Philadelphia EaglesJim LectureGuardNorthwestern
69Washington RedskinsGeorge CallananBackUSC
70Los Angeles RamsJoe WhislerBackOhio State

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
71Chicago CardinalsJake ColhouerGuardOklahoma State
72Boston YanksAl DekdebrunBackCornell
73Pittsburgh SteelersBob EvansBackPennsylvania
74Chicago BearsWalt DropoEndConnecticut
75New York GiantsMike HarrisGuardMississippi State
76Green Bay PackersGrant DarnellGuardTexas A&M
77Philadelphia EaglesErnie LewisBackColorado
78Detroit LionsBill HedgesTackleWest Texas State
79Washington RedskinsBob SkoglundEndNotre Dame
80Los Angeles RamsMike SchumchykEndArkansas

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
81Chicago CardinalsTom BarberTackleTennessee-Chattanooga
82Boston YanksRex JohnTackleWisconsin
83Pittsburgh SteelersMel BonwellBackCentral (IA)
84Chicago BearsBill HarrisCenterAuburn
85New York GiantsWalt ClayBackColorado
86Green Bay PackersJoe McAfeeBackHoly Cross
87Detroit LionsThornton DixonTackleOhio State
88Philadelphia EaglesAl VandewegheEndWilliam & Mary
89Washington RedskinsJake LeichtBackOregon
90Los Angeles RamsJoe SignaigoGuardNotre Dame

Round eleven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
91Chicago CardinalsDick LoepfeTackleWisconsin
92Boston YanksBob WestBackColorado
93Pittsburgh SteelersDoc HollowayGuardWilliam & Mary
94Chicago BearsEddie AllenBackPennsylvania
95New York GiantsWarren AmlingGuardOhio State
96Green Bay PackersSteve ConroyBackHoly Cross
97Philadelphia EaglesBill IancelliEndFranklin & Marshall
98Detroit LionsBob StevensBackOregon State
99Washington RedskinsAchille "Chick" MaggioliBackIllinois
100Los Angeles RamsTom PhillipsBackOhio State

Round twelve

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
101Chicago CardinalsVenton YablonskiBackColumbia
102Boston YanksMax DodgeEndNevada-Reno
103Pittsburgh SteelersCarroll OwenBackCatawba
104Chicago BearsFrank BaumanEndIllinois
105New York GiantsAl BushTackleDuke
106Green Bay PackersBilly HildebrandEndMississippi State
107Detroit LionsPat FarrisTackleTexas Tech
108Philadelphia EaglesPat McHughBackGeorgia Tech
109Washington RedskinsMonte MoncriefTackleTexas A&M
110Los Angeles RamsTed StrojnyTackleHoly Cross

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
111Chicago CardinalsLee LewisBackWashington
112Boston YanksJoe KirklandTackleVirginia
113Pittsburgh SteelersGeorge PoppinTackleNew Mexico
114Chicago BearsReed NostrumTackleUtah
115New York GiantsBob ReimanBackOregon State
116Green Bay PackersTom HandCenterIowa
117Philadelphia EaglesJohn WingenderBackWashington
118Detroit LionsPaul CopoulosBackMarquette
119Washington RedskinsJoe TereshinskiEndGeorgia
120Los Angeles RamsGeorge StrohmeyerCenterNotre Dame

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
121Chicago CardinalsBob RussellBackMiami (OH)
122Boston YanksRalph VentrescoBackPenn State
123Pittsburgh SteelersBob McCainEndMississippi
124Chicago BearsDick ChattertonBackBrigham Young
125New York GiantsBob HazelhurstBackDenver
126Green Bay PackersGeorge HillsGuardGeorgia Tech
127Detroit LionsTy IrbyBackAuburn
128Philadelphia EaglesHomer PaineTackleTulsa
129Washington RedskinsStan SpragueEndIllinois
130Los Angeles RamsBob PalladinoBackNotre Dame

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
131Chicago CardinalsFred RovaiGuardNotre Dame
132Boston YanksJohn FureyTackleBoston College
133Pittsburgh SteelersTom TallchiefTackleOklahoma
134Chicago BearsJohnny TimkoCenterTemple
135New York GiantsStan StapleyTackleUtah
136Green Bay PackersJim HoughBackClemson
137Philadelphia EaglesJohn KernsTackleOhio
138Detroit LionsPat ThrashEndSouth Carolina
139Washington RedskinsHarry AdelmanEndUSC
140Los Angeles RamsDick LorenzEndOregon State

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
141Chicago CardinalsRay EvansTackleTexas-El Paso
142Boston YanksBill SwiackiEndColumbia
143Pittsburgh SteelersAl PerlBackYoungstown State
144Chicago BearsTed HazelwoodTackleNorth Carolina
145New York GiantsNick TerlizziTackleAlabama
146Green Bay PackersDean GainesTackleGeorgia Tech
147Detroit LionsKelly MoteEndDuke
148Philadelphia EaglesBuddy HubbardBackWilliam & Mary
149Washington RedskinsBob ButchofskyBackTexas A&M
150Los Angeles RamsLarry BouleyBackGeorgia

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
151Chicago CardinalsBob LoubieBackMiami (OH)
152Boston YanksCharley TiedemanBackBrown
153Pittsburgh SteelersRuss LopezCenterWest Virginia
154Chicago BearsDick JohnsonCenterBaylor
155New York GiantsRay JustakGuardNorthwestern
156Green Bay PackersJ.P. MillerGuardGeorgia
157Philadelphia EaglesAllen SmithBackTulsa
158Detroit LionsBill ScruggBackRice
159Washington RedskinsMike PrashawTackleMichigan
160Los Angeles RamsGasper UrbanGuardNotre Dame

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
161Chicago CardinalsFrank IrwinTackleDuke
162Boston YanksDon AlverezGuardDartmouth
163Pittsburgh SteelersCharles "Buck" GarrisonGuardWake Forest
164Chicago BearsArt BoettcherBackShurtleff
165New York GiantsBob MorrisBackUSC
166Green Bay PackersBoyd MorseEndArizona
167Detroit LionsBen WallBackCentral Michigan
168Philadelphia EaglesBernie MillhamEndFordham
169Washington RedskinsEd RobnettBackTexas Tech
170Los Angeles RamsBob WiseGuardColorado

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
171Chicago CardinalsPride RatterreeGuardWake Forest
172Boston YanksJack BurnsBackTemple
173Pittsburgh SteelersBill CloudTackleTemple
174Chicago BearsTom GallagherBackIllinois
175New York GiantsTom LoflinEndLouisiana State
176Green Bay PackersJoe BradfordCenterUSC
177Philadelphia EaglesLawrence MaussCenterUtah
178Detroit LionsMerlin KispertBackMinnesota
179Washington RedskinsLaMar DykstraBackColorado
180Los Angeles RamsJerry FordEndNotre Dame

Round twenty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
181Chicago CardinalsBill HeywoodBackNotre Dame
182Boston YanksFrank RuggerioBackNotre Dame
183Pittsburgh SteelersMike GarbinskiBackPenn State
184Chicago BearsJohnny AdamsBackDenver
185New York GiantsDick KellyBackMinnesota
186Green Bay PackersBill DeRosaBackBoston College
187Detroit LionsDon MalmbergTackleUCLA
188Philadelphia EaglesDave ButcherBackWilliam & Mary
189Washington RedskinsBob WardBackSan Jose State
190Los Angeles RamsBob AlbrechtBackMarquette

Round twenty-one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
191Chicago CardinalsAl TraughtBackMiami (OH)
192Boston YanksJack PriceBackBaylor
193Pittsburgh SteelersCharley LoiacanoCenterLafayette
194Chicago BearsDean WidsethTackleBemidji State
195New York GiantsMel PattonBackSanta Clara
196Green Bay PackersRalph GrantBackBucknell
197Philadelphia EaglesDon FablingBackColorado
198Detroit LionsNed MaloneyEndPurdue
199Washington RedskinsJohn PeharTackleUSC
200Los Angeles RamsCliff LewisBackDuke

Round twenty-two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
201Chicago CardinalsClem AndrulewiczTackleVillanova
202Boston YanksElliott "Ike" IgleheartGuardTulane
203Pittsburgh SteelersGeorge JohnsonTacklePittsburgh
204Chicago BearsGeorge KochinsTackleBucknell
205New York GiantsBill StiersBackUCLA
206Green Bay PackersHowie BrownGuardIndiana
207Detroit LionsJack SimmonsBackDetroit
208Philadelphia EaglesGeorge FeldmanBackTufts
209Washington RedskinsRoger RobinsonBackSyracuse
210Los Angeles RamsBob RichardsonTackleMarquette

Round twenty-three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
211Chicago CardinalsAdam RakowskiEndPennsylvania
212Boston YanksBill LevittCenterMiami (FL)
213Pittsburgh SteelersBill LeitheiserGuardDuke
214Chicago BearsAl HoischBackStanford
215New York GiantsVernon HareBackSanta Clara
216Green Bay PackersAndy KosmacCenterLouisiana State
217Philadelphia EaglesEd CameronGuardMiami (FL)
218Detroit LionsJoe PulteEndDetroit
219Washington RedskinsCharley CadenheadCenterMississippi State
220Los Angeles RamsDerald LebowBackOklahoma

Round twenty-four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
221Chicago CardinalsJack McKenzieBackNorthwestern
222Boston YanksMike KarmazinEndDuke
223Pittsburgh SteelersRoger AdamsCenterFlorida
224Chicago BearsVisco GrgichEndSanta Clara
225New York GiantsNeil ScullyBackDayton
226Green Bay PackersMaurice StacyBackWashington
227Detroit LionsBob FunderbergBackNorthwestern
228Philadelphia EaglesCharley SteedBackArkansas-Monticello
229Washington RedskinsBob RadosGuardSanta Clara
230Los Angeles RamsBill LippincottBackWashington State

Round twenty-five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
231Chicago CardinalsTom WorthingtonTackleTulsa
232Boston YanksChet LatchamGuardDenver
233Pittsburgh SteelersBob VerkinsBackTulsa
234Chicago BearsAllen RichardsBackCincinnati
235New York GiantsGeorge MillerTackleDenver
236Green Bay PackersChick DavidsonTackleCornell
237Philadelphia EaglesEd GrygielBackDartmouth
238Detroit LionsEd StaccoTackleColgate
239Washington RedskinsCharlie WebbEndLouisiana State
240Los Angeles RamsKay JamisonEndFlorida

Round twenty-six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
241Chicago CardinalsJim VugrinGuardTennessee
242Boston YanksGordon BotsfordEndBoston University
243Pittsburgh SteelersClarence CastleBackMississippi
244Chicago BearsJess TunstillBackKentucky
245New York GiantsBarney WhiteEndTulsa
246Green Bay PackersJohn NortonBackWashington
247Detroit LionsRoger AndersonGuardOregon State
248Philadelphia EaglesBen RaimondiBackIndiana
249Washington RedskinsMarion FlanaganBackTexas A&M
250Los Angeles RamsD.J. GambrellCenterAlabama

Round twenty-seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
251Chicago CardinalsJesse HerschbargerEndSouthern Methodist
252Boston YanksJohn KauffmanGuardOregon
253Pittsburgh SteelersMarchi MarinoTacklePenn State
254Chicago BearsKen SmockBackPurdue
255New York GiantsButch KalensGuardIllinois
256Green Bay PackersEd HoltsingerBackGeorgia Tech
257Philadelphia EaglesSam BaileyEndGeorgia
258Detroit LionsChuck MurdockEndGeorgia Tech
259Washington RedskinsRoland PhillipsTackleGeorgia Tech
260Los Angeles RamsJoe Ben DickeyBackColorado

Round twenty-eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
261Chicago CardinalsNewman LedbetterTackleTexas Tech
262Boston YanksDon GleasnerEndMaryland
263Pittsburgh SteelersBob HansenEndUCLA
264Chicago BearsHoward WeldonGuardNorth Carolina
265New York GiantsCharlie EllisBackVirginia
266Green Bay PackersJoe CampbellEndHoly Cross
267Detroit LionsDick Van DuesenCenterMinnesota
268Philadelphia EaglesBob LongBackTennessee
269Washington RedskinsJim HallmarkBackTexas A&M
270Los Angeles RamsMarty GrbovazEndSan Francisco

Round twenty-nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
271Chicago CardinalsAlton BaldwinEndArkansas
272Boston YanksCarl McKinnonGuardDartmouth
273Pittsburgh SteelersLarry GravesTackleNewberry
274Chicago BearsJohnny CookBackGeorgia
275New York GiantsSteve LucasEndDuke
276Green Bay PackersFrancis SaundersTackleClemson
277Philadelphia EaglesBill FisherTackleHarvard
278Detroit LionsBill AgnewBackCalifornia
279Washington RedskinsFay MillsTackleAlabama
280Los Angeles RamsJay PerrinTackleUSC

Round thirty

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
281Chicago CardinalsJim LaRueBackDuke
282Boston YanksNick KlutkaEndFlorida
283Pittsburgh SteelersGail BruceEndWashington
284Chicago BearsHarry FranckBackNorthwestern
285New York GiantsBill VorisBackNorth Carolina
286Green Bay PackersAl SparlisGuardUCLA
287Detroit LionsTom PanosGuardUtah
288Philadelphia EaglesGeorge SlusserBackOhio State
289Washington RedskinsWilliam "Tex" RitterBackGeorgia Tech
290Los Angeles RamsFrank PlantCenterGeorgia

Round thirty-one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
291Green Bay PackersRalph ClymerGuardPurdue
292Philadelphia EaglesJohn ItzelBackPittsburgh
293Detroit LionsOrlando PalesseEndMarquette
294Washington RedskinsSarkis TakesianBackCalifornia
295Los Angeles RamsDale CowanTackleKansas State

Round thirty-two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
296Green Bay PackersJoervin HendersonCenterMissouri
297Detroit LionsOtis SchellstedeGuardOklahoma State
298Philadelphia EaglesLarry KirkmanBackBoston University
299Washington RedskinsMike CampbellEndMississippi
300 [6]Los Angeles RamsJohn WestBackOklahoma

Hall of famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1975.[7]

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[3] = Hall of Famer[8]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Cleveland Browns Groza, LouLou Grozadouble-dagger K Ohio State Big Ten AAFC until 1950[9]
Cleveland Browns Willis, BillBill Willisdouble-dagger DT Ohio State Big Ten AAFC until 1950
Cleveland Browns Motley, MarionMarion Motleydouble-dagger FB Nevada Wolf Pack football Ind. (Div. II) AAFC until 1950
Cleveland Browns Gatski, FrankFrank Gatskidouble-dagger C Auburn SEC AAFC until 1950
Boston Yanks Badaczewski, JohnJohn Badaczewski  G Case Western N/A
Los Angeles Rams Strode, WoodyWoody Strode  E UCLA PCC
Los Angeles Rams Washington, KennyKenny Washington  RB UCLA PCC
Philadelphia Eagles Douglas, OtisOtis Douglas  OT William & Mary SoCon
Philadelphia Eagles Patton, CliffCliff Patton  G TCU SWC


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