1919–20 in English football

The 1919–1920 season was the 45th season of competitive football in England, and the first following the end of World War I.


Division One winners West Bromwich Albion pose with the League Championship trophy
Football League First Division[1]West Bromwich Albion (1)Burnley
Football League Second Division[2]Tottenham HotspurHuddersfield Town
Southern League First Division[3]PortsmouthWatford
Southern League Second Division[3]Mid RhonddaTon Petre
FA Cup[4]Aston Villa (6*)Huddersfield Town
Home Championship[5] Wales England &

Notes = Number in parentheses is the times that club has won that honour. * indicates new record for competition

Football League

Following the War The Football League grew from 40 to 44 teams. The failure of Glossop to be re-elected to the league meant that five new clubs joined the league. A resurrected Stoke, along with Coventry City, South Shields, Rotherham County and West Ham United joined the Second Division.

Six of the seven players banned for their involvement in the 1915 British football betting scandal were re-instated in recognition of their service to the country during World War I. Sandy Turnbull's re-instatement was posthumous as he had been killed in the war. Enoch West, who had fought his ban more vigorously than the others, was denied re-instatement.

Football League First Division

1West Bromwich Albion4228410104472.21260
6Bolton Wanderers421991472651.10847
7Manchester City421891571621.14545
8Newcastle United421791644391.12843
9Aston Villa421861875731.02742
11Bradford Park Avenue4215121560630.95242
12Manchester United4213141554501.08040
14Sheffield United421681859690.85540
15Bradford City4214111754630.85739
17Oldham Athletic421581949520.94238
18Derby County4213121747570.82538
19Preston North End4214101857730.78138
20Blackburn Rovers4213111864770.83137
21Notts County4212121856740.75736
22The Wednesday42792628640.43823

Football League Second Division

1Tottenham Hotspur423264102323.18870
2Huddersfield Town42288697382.55364
7West Ham United421991447401.17547
8Bristol City4213171246431.07043
9South Shields4215121558481.20842
11Hull City421861878721.08342
13Port Vale*421681859620.95240
14Leicester City4215101741610.67240
15Clapton Orient421662051590.86438
16Stockport County421491952610.85237
17Rotherham County421382151830.61434
18Nottingham Forest421192243730.58931
19Wolverhampton Wanderers4210102255800.68830
20Coventry City429112235730.47929
21Lincoln City429924441010.43627
22Grimsby Town421052734750.45325

* Leeds City were expelled from the league after 8 games; Port Vale, formerly Burslem Port Vale, took their place and inherited their record.

P = Matches played; W = Matches won; D = Matches drawn; L = Matches lost; F = Goals for; A = Goals against; GA = Goal average; Pts = Points

Southern League

Southern League First Division

3Crystal Palace422212869431.60556
4Cardiff City421817770431.628 53
5Plymouth Argyle4220101256291.931 50
6QPR4218101462501.24 46
7Reading4216131351431.186 45
8Southampton421881672631.143 44
9Swansea Town4216111553451.178 43
10Exeter City421791657521.096 43
11Southend United4213171246480.958 43
12Norwich City4215111664571.123 41
13Swindon Town421771865670.97 41
14Millwall4214121652550.945 40
15Brentford4215101753590.898 40
16Brighton & Hove Albion421482060720.833 36
17Bristol Rovers4211131862780.79535
18Newport County421372245700.64333
19Northampton Town4212921641030.62133
20Luton Town4210102251760.67130
21Merthyr Town429112247790.59530


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