1883–84 in English football

The 1883–84 season was the 13th season of competitive football in England.


1883–1884 saw the world's first international tournament begin. The British Home Championship pitted the UK's four national teams (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) against each other in a league competition in which each played the other three once. Scotland won the first contest with England finishing second.

National team

Date Venue Opponents Score* Comp England scorers Other scorers
23 February 1884 Ballynafeigh Park, Belfast (A)  Ireland 8–1[1] BHC Henry Cursham (Notts County) (3), Edward Johnson (Stoke) (2), Charles Bambridge (Swifts) (2) & Arthur Bambridge (Swifts) William BR McWha
15 March 1884 Cathkin Park, Glasgow (A)  Scotland 0-1[2][3] BHC Dr John Smith
17 March 1884 Racecourse Ground, Wrexham (A)  Wales 4–0[4] BHC William Bromley-Davenport (Oxford University) (7 & 85 mins),
Norman Bailey (Clapham Rovers) (75 mins) & Billy Gunn (Notts County) (90 mins)

* England score given first



Competition Winner
FA CupBlackburn Rovers (1)
Home Championship Scotland

Notes = Number in parentheses is the times that club has won that honour. * indicates new record for competition

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