Sinangag with spam and fried egg
Alternative names Philippines Fried rice
Course Main course
Place of origin Philippines
Region or state Philippines, also popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore
Creator Philippines cuisine
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Fried rice in oil with a lot of garlic
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Sinangag or garlic fried rice is a Philippine variant of fried rice made with garlic. It is cooked by adding stir-fried garlic to rice and then seasoning the mixture with salt and pepper. Vegetables, meats, and other ingredients may be added but it is generally left bare, because other ingredients may interfere with the flavour of the meat dish eaten with the fried rice. Sinangag is mostly paired with "drier" meat dishes, and very rarely with soupier ones. It is a common, everyday breakfast dish, as the rice used in sinangág is normally leftover from the previous evening and thus has a more preferable, firm texture. It is also to avoid wasting rice. Sinangág is a constant component of the breakfast staple tapsilog and its derivatives.[1]

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