Segrelles Museum

Segrelles Museum
Museu Segrelles
Established 1940–1943
Location Plaza Pintor Segrelles, 13 – Albaida (Valencia), Spain
Type Art
Website Segrelles Museum

The Segrelles Museum, dedicated to the Valencian painter Josep Segrelles, is located in the city of Albaida, (Valencia) in Spain.

After living and working in Barcelona and New York, he decided to take up residence in his hometown in 1932, and with designs that made during his stay in US, began to build in 1940 which was his House-Museum, where he lived and painted until his death 3 March 1969.

In this House-Museum there is the most important retrospective collection of the artist, with so much original, which allow us to know his artistic career, from its beginnings, with family portraits, to his posthumous oil "The Pentecost", masterpiece of his mystical themes.

In the museum there are also illustrations which conducted to the novels of Blasco Ibáñez, of Dante "the Divine Comedy", passages in the fifth and ninth symphonies of Beethoven, tales of "The thousand and one nights" and other authors as Edgar Allan Poe, H. G. Wells, Miguel de Cervantes, etc., and even an own nightmare of the painter. Include other fantasies related to internal human anatomy and the "sidereal" subjects (astronomy), to complete some important themed religious.

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