Route of the Valencian classics

Castle of Cocentaina.
Castle of Denia.

The Route of the Valencian classics, (in Valencian Ruta dels clàssics valencians, in Spanish Ruta de los clásicos valencianos), is a cultural route [1][2] through the lands of the great classical writers of the Valencian literature of the Valencian Golden Age: Ausiàs March, Joanot Martorell and Joan Roís de Corella, the three related to the court of the Duke Alfonso of Aragon and Foix, "the Old".

The route evokes the Valencian 15th century and its heritage, of the sea, of valleys and mountains, of gastronomy and wines, and the various accents of the Valencian language with the echoes of the immortal words of the most universal Valencian writers.


The route includes the following monuments and towns:

The Route step by step

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