Sadid al-Din al-Kazaruni

Sadid al-Din Muhammad ibn Mas‘ud al-Kazaruni was a 14th-century Persian physician from Kazerun, Fars, Iran.

He was a popular commentator on earlier medical writings, and composed a commentary titled al-Mughni fi sharh al-Mujiz on the epitome of The Canon of Medicine by Avicenna. Numerous copies of this popular commentary are preserved today, including at The National Library of Medicine.

He also composed a commentary on the materia medica that was part of the Canon of Medicine itself and a commentary on the first book of the Canon of Medicine which he completed in 1344, and wrote a biography of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, translated from Arabic into Persian by his son ‘Afif in 1383, and upon which the 18th century-Chinese Muslim scholar Liu Zhi based himself to compose his own.[1]

He died in 1357.


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