Nafi ibn al-Harith

Nafi ibn al-Harith bin Kalada al-Thaqafi (in Arabic نافع بن الحارث بن كلدة الثقفي ) (died. 13 AH/634–35)) was an Arab physician of the Banu Thaqif and was recommended by Muhammad and treated Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas, and when Abu Bakr was dying, he designated his illness as poisoning.

Trained in Yemen,[1] he is reported to have written a book named Dialog in Medicine. He was the chief physician and teacher at the Academy of Gundishapur in Persia.

He was half brother of Nufay ibn al-Harith (also known as Abu Bakra bin Kalada al-Thaqafi at-Thaifi).

Some historians maintain that he received his medical education at the Jundishapur medical school where he learnt the teachings of Aristotle and Galen.[2]

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