Raised on Rock/For Ol' Times Sake

Raised on Rock/For Ol' Times Sake
Studio album by Elvis Presley
Released October 1, 1973
Recorded July 21–24, 1973, Stax Studios, Memphis; September 22–23, 1973, Elvis Presley's Residence, Palm Springs, California.
Genre Rock and roll, rhythm and blues, funk, country
Length 27:28
Label RCA Records
Producer Elvis Presley, Felton Jarvis
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Raised on Rock/For Ol' Times Sake
Elvis: A Legendary Performer Volume 1

Raised on Rock/For Ol' Times Sake[1] is a studio album by Elvis Presley released in 1973. Along with the album Elvis, it was released after the massive success of Aloha From Hawaii (although the entire Elvis album contained material recorded before the Aloha show). The album, which sold over one million copies worldwide, was recorded at Stax Studios in Memphis, Tennessee in July 1973 and at Presley's home in Palm Springs, California in September 1973. Two songs from these sessions would be retained for release on the Good Times album the following spring. The initial vocal tracks were recorded in July 1973. "Raised on Rock" backed by "For Ol' Times Sake" was the only single released from the album, reaching #41 on the Billboard chart and #42 on the Country chart in September 1973.[2]

The album was one of the few that failed to chart in the United Kingdom, but the single "Raised on Rock" / "For Ol' Times Sake" did enter the British charts. Some of the songs are well known covers like "Are You Sincere" which had been around for many years, but some new songs like the lead off single were written for Presley, or written by writers he had previously recorded, such as Mark James. The title single, "Raised on Rock," has been noted by historians such as Roy Carr and Mick Farren in Elvis: The Illustrated Record as odd lyrically, as Presley sings in first person about being a child and discovering rock and roll through records such as "Johnny B. Goode" when Presley was a contemporary of the artists he cites.

In 1979, a stripped down version of "Are You Sincere" was included on the album Our Memories of Elvis and released as a single, reaching #10 on the Billboard country chart.[3] In 2007 Raised on Rock was reissued on the Follow That Dream label in a special 2-disc edition that contained the original album tracks along with numerous alternate takes.[4]

Track listing

Original release

Side one
No. TitleWriter(s)Recording date Length
1. "Raised on Rock"  Mark JamesJuly 23, 1973 2:40
2. "Are You Sincere"  Wayne WalkerSeptember 23, 1973 2:01
3. "Find Out What's Happening"  Jerry CrutchfieldJuly 23, 1973 2:31
4. "I Miss You"  Donnie SumnerSeptember 23, 1973 2:14
5. "Girl of Mine"  Les Reed, Barry MasonJuly 24, 1973 3:38
Side two
No. TitleWriter(s)Recording date Length
1. "For Ol' Times Sake"  Tony Joe WhiteJuly 23, 1973 3:37
2. "If You Don't Come Back"  Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerJuly 21, 1973 2:31
3. "Just a Little Bit"  Ralph Bass, Fats Washington, John Thornton, Piney BrownJuly 21, 1973 2:33
4. "Sweet Angeline"  Chris Arnold, David Martin, Geoff MorrowJuly 25, 1973 3:02
5. "Three Corn Patches"  Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerJuly 21, 1973 2:46


2007 Follow That Dream reissue

Disc 1 Disc 2
Original album
No. Title Length
1. "Raised On Rock"    
2. "Are You Sincere"    
3. "Find Out What’s Happening"    
4. "I Miss You"    
5. "Girl Of Mine"    
6. "For Ol’ Times Sake"    
7. "If You Don’t Come Back"    
8. "Just A Little Bit"    
9. "Sweet Angeline"    
10. "Three Corn Patches"    
Session highlights
No. Title Length
11. "I Miss You" (take 10-11)  
12. "Find out What’s happening" (take 6)  
13. "It’s Different Now" (rehearsal, unedited)  
14. "Three Corn Patches" (take 1-2)  
15. "If You Don’t Come Back" (take 5)  
16. "Girl Of Mine" (take 9)  
17. "I Miss You" (take 5)  
18. "Three Corn Patches" (take 13-14)  
19. "Are You Sincere" (take 2)  
20. "Find Out What’s Happening" (take 8, 7)  
21. "For Ol’ Times Sake" (take 4)  
Instrumental tracks
No. Title Length
22. "Color My Rainbow"    
23. "Sweet Angeline"    
Rough mixes
No. Title Length
1. "For Ol Times Sake"    
2. "If You Don’t Come Back"    
3. "Find Out What’s Happening"    
4. "Raised On Rock"    
5. "Three Corn Patches" (including false start)  
Session outtakes
No. Title Length
6. "If You Don’t Come Back" (take 1-3)  
7. "I Miss You" (take 1)  
8. "Girl Of Mine" (take 1)  
9. "Find Out What’s Happening" (takes 1, 2, 4, 5)  
10. "Three Corn Patches" (take 4-6)  
11. "For Ol’ Times Sake" (take 5-7)  
12. "I Miss You" (take 10)  
13. "If You Don’t Come Back" (takes 8, 6)  
14. "Find Our What’s Happening" (takes 8, 7)  
15. "Are You Sincere" (take 1)  
16. "Girl Of Mine" (take 3-6)  
17. "Three Corn Patches" (take 9-10)  
18. "I Miss You" (take 12-15)  
Instrumental tracks
No. Title Length
19. "The Wonders You Perform"    
20. "Good, Bad But Beautiful"    


  • Bobby Emmons – organ
  • Tom Hensley – bass
  • Charlie Hodge – guitar
  • Glen Spreen – string arrangements
  • Ron Tutt – drums


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