King Creole (album)

King Creole
Soundtrack album by Elvis Presley
Released September 19, 1958
Recorded 1958
Length 21:35
Label RCA Victor
Producer Walter Scharf, Phil Khagan
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King Creole
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Singles from King Creole
  1. "Hard Headed Woman""
    Released: June 10, 1958
  2. "King Creole"
    Released: 1958 (Europe-only release)
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King Creole is the sixth album by Elvis Presley, issued by RCA Victor, LPM 1884 in mono in September 1958,[4] recorded in four days at Radio Recorders in Hollywood. It contains songs written and recorded expressly for the film, and peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart.[5] It followed the film release by over ten weeks. It was certified Gold on July 15, 1999 by the Recording Industry Association of America.[6]


The bulk of the songs originated from the stable of writers contracted to Hill and Range, the publishing company jointly owned by Presley and Colonel Tom Parker: Fred Wise, Ben Weisman, Claude Demetrius, Aaron Schroeder, Sid Tepper, and Roy C. Bennett. Conspicuous in their relatively limited contribution were Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who had come to an impasse with the Colonel during the making of the previous movie, Jailhouse Rock (1957), in which they had practically dominated the musical proceedings. Furious over mere songwriters having such easy access to Presley without going through Parker's "proper channels," the Colonel closed off their avenue to his prize client, especially since the duo had also tried to influence Presley's film direction, pitching him an idea to do a gritty adaption of Nelson Algren's recent novel, A Walk on the Wild Side (1956), with Elia Kazan directing, and Leiber and Stoller providing the music.[7] The Colonel put the kibosh on such notions, although echoes of the concept remained in the film, and the pair still managed to place three songs on the soundtrack, including the title track and "Trouble", arguably the film's best songs. Presley's performance of "Trouble" in the film alludes to Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley; he would return to the song for his tremendously successful 1968 television comeback special.

The songs "Hard Headed Woman" and "Don't Ask Me Why" appeared as two sides of a single on July 10, 1958, to coincide with the release of the film. "Hard Headed Woman", the A-side, and "Don't Ask Me Why" both made the pop singles chart, peaking at number one and number 25 respectively.

RCA first issued the original 11-track album on compact disc in 1988. The album was reissued in an expanded edition on April 15, 1997, For reissues, an additional seven tracks were added, including the song "Danny" taken from the same sessions, with six alternates, four previously unreleased.


Track listing

Original release

Side one
No. TitleWriter(s)Recording date Length
1. "King Creole"  Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerJanuary 23, 1958 2:16
2. "As Long as I Have You"  Fred Wise and Ben WeismanJanuary 16, 1958 1:50
3. "Hard Headed Woman"  Claude DemetriusJanuary 15, 1958 1:53
4. "Trouble"  Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerJanuary 15, 1958 2:16
5. "Dixieland Rock"  Aaron Schroeder and Rachel FrankJanuary 16, 1958 1:46
Side two
No. TitleWriter(s)Recording date Length
1. "Don't Ask Me Why"  Fred Wise and Ben WeismanJanuary 16, 1958 2:06
2. "Lover Doll"  Sid Wayne and Abner SilverJanuary 16, 1958 2:09
3. "Crawfish" (duet with Kitty White)Fred Wise and Ben WeismanJanuary 15, 1958 1:48
4. "Young Dreams"  Aaron Schroeder and Martin KalmanoffJanuary 23, 1958 2:23
5. "Steadfast, Loyal and True"  Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerFebruary 11, 1958 1:15
6. "New Orleans"  Sid Tepper and Roy C. BennettJanuary 15, 1958 1:58

1997 reissue bonus tracks

Tracks 1-11 consisted of the original album's tracks.
No. TitleWriter(s)Recording date Length
12. "King Creole" (alternate take 18)Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerJanuary 15, 1958 2:04
13. "As Long as I Have You" (movie version take 4)Fred Wise and Ben WeismanJanuary 23, 1958 1:24
14. "Danny"  Fred Wise and Ben WeismanFebruary 11, 1958 1:51
15. "Lover Doll" (undubbed)Wayne Silver and Abner SilverJanuary 16, 1958 2:09
16. "Steadfast, Loyal and True" (movie version alternate master)Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerJanuary 16, 1958 1:15
17. "As Long as I Have You" (movie version take 8)Fred Wise and Ben WeismanJanuary 15, 1958 1:24
18. "King Creole" (alternate take 3)Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerJanuary 15, 1958 2:04

Track 3 ("Danny") was originally issued on the LP Elvis: A Legendary Performer Volume 3 (CPL1-3082) in December, 1978.

Charts and certifications

Chart positions

Chart Year Peak
UK Albums Chart[8] 1958 1
US Billboard Hot 200 1958 2
Preceded by
My Fair Lady by Original Soundtrack
UK Albums Chart number-one album
20 September 1958 - 8 November 1958
Succeeded by
South Pacific by Original Soundtrack


Country Certification
United States Gold 500,000


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