North Galaxy Towers

North Galaxy Towers

North Galaxy Towers A and B
General information
Type Office
Location Northern Quarter, Brussels, Belgium
Coordinates 50°51′41″N 4°21′33″E / 50.86139°N 4.35917°E / 50.86139; 4.35917Coordinates: 50°51′41″N 4°21′33″E / 50.86139°N 4.35917°E / 50.86139; 4.35917
Construction started 2002
Completed 2004
Roof 107 metres (351 ft)[1][2]
Technical details
Floor count 28[1]
Floor area 156,000 square metres (1,680,000 sq ft)[1]

The North Galaxy Towers are twin 28-storey skyscrapers on King Albert II Street in the Northern Quarter central business district of Brussels, Belgium. There is a third building in the complex which is 6 storeys tall. The first two floors are shared by all three buildings.[1]

The two towers are 107 metres (351 ft) tall, placing them amongst the tallest buildings in Belgium. The complex has 110,000 square metres (1,200,000 sq ft) of office space above ground and 46,000 square metres (500,000 sq ft) below ground.[1] About 8,000 square metres (86,000 sq ft) of the space below ground is used for archives.[1] There are a total of 35 elevators in the complex.[1]

The towers were originally conceived as part of an eight-building Brussels World Trade Center complex, but were splintered off into a separate project.[3] The construction of the towers began in 2002 and ended in 2004.

The complex is being leased by the Belgian federal government. It houses the Federal Public Financial Service and other governmental bodies, with all three buildings used for administration and management.[4]


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