Residence Brusilia

Residence Brusilia is a curved building in the Schaerbeek district of Brussels, Belgium, next to Josaphat Park. It was designed by the Belgian architect Jacques Cuisinier and built from 1970 to 1974. At 35 stories and 100 metres (330 ft) tall, it remained the tallest all-residential building in Belgium until the 142 metres (466 ft) tall UP-site Tower was completed in Brussels in 2014.[1]

The upper floors offer a wide view over Brussels and beyond (as far north as Antwerp and Doel Nuclear Power Station on a clear day).[2] Originally the building was supposed to be double the width. The left half was built first, together with the foundations of the right half, but the right tower was postponed sine die because of the first oil crisis. In 2014, a lower building was completed in a different style on the right foundations.

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Coordinates: 50°51′53″N 4°22′46″E / 50.86483°N 4.37937°E / 50.86483; 4.37937

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