KBC Tower

Antwerp Skyline, with Boerentoren on the right
Alternative names Boerentoren
General information
Status Complete
Type Commercial offices
Architectural style Art Deco
Location Schoenmarkt 35
Antwerp, Belgium
Coordinates 51°13′07″N 4°24′15″E / 51.218611°N 4.404167°E / 51.218611; 4.404167Coordinates: 51°13′07″N 4°24′15″E / 51.218611°N 4.404167°E / 51.218611; 4.404167
Completed 1929 – 1932
Antenna spire 112.5 m (369 ft)
Roof 95.8 m (314 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 26
Lifts/elevators 15
Design and construction
Architect Emiel van Averbeke
Jan R. Van Hoenacker and Jos Smolderen

The Boerentoren (English: "Farmer's Tower"; officially KBC Tower, originally the Torengebouw van Antwerpen) is a tall building in Antwerp, Belgium. Constructed between 1929 and 1932 and originally 87.5 m (287 ft) high, it remains the tallest building and the second tallest structure in the city after the Cathedral of Our Lady.

Designed in Art-deco style, the Boerentoren may be considered one of Europe's first skyscrapers. It was the tallest building on the continent by roof height until in 1940 the Terrazza Martini Tower opened in Genoa, Italy. It was the tallest in Belgium from 1932 to 1960, and is currently ranked 21st. In 1954 the tower was extended with an antenna which reached to a total height of 112.5 m (369 ft). In 1976, the roof of the tower was raised by 8.3 m (27 ft), and the current roof height is therefore 95.8 m (314 ft).[2] The building was designed by Jan Van Hoenacker.


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