New York City mayoral election, 2017

New York City mayoral election, 2017
New York City
November 7, 2017

Mayor before election

Bill de Blasio

Elected Mayor


An election for Mayor of New York City will be held on November 7, 2017. Bill de Blasio, the incumbent mayor, is eligible to run for a second term.


Bill de Blasio was elected Mayor of New York City in 2013, with his term beginning January 1, 2014. Mayor De Blasio is eligible for re-election and has declared his intent to seek the Democratic nomination again.[1]

Democratic primary





Republican primary




Other parties

Besides the Democratic and Republican parties, the Conservative, Green, Working Families, Independence, Reform, and Women's Equality parties are qualified New York parties. These parties have automatic ballot access.

Any candidate not among the eight qualified New York parties must petition their way onto the ballot; they do not face primary elections.


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