Minneapolis mayoral election, 2017

Minneapolis mayoral election, 2017
November 7, 2017 (2017-11-07)

Incumbent Mayor

Betsy Hodges

A mayoral election election will be held on November 7, 2017, to elect the mayor of Minneapolis.


Betsy Hodges was elected mayor of Minneapolis on November 5, 2013, with her term beginning on January 2, 2014. It was the second election that Minneapolis used ranked choice voting, as opposed to the two-round system that it used in its previous elections.

In 2013, unlike the first ranked choice voting election in 2009 in which incumbent mayor R. T. Rybak was elected in the first round, it took 32 rounds of vote transfers before Hodges was elected after 33 rounds in an election that included 35 candidates. In response to the number of candidates that took part in the election, the Charter Commission on July 2, 2014, voted for a referendum proposing to increase the filing fee from $20 to $500 as a way to discourage frivolous candidates.[1] The proposal was approved by voters on November 4, 2014.[2]



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