National Assembly (Mauritania)

National Assembly
الجمعية الوطنية
Assemblée Nationale
12th National Assembly
Seats 146
Political groups

     UPR (75)
     Tewassoul (16)
     El Wiam (10)
     APP (7)
     El Karam (6)
     UDP (6)
     AJD/MR (4)
     Sursaut (4)
     El Vadila (3)
     PUD (3)
     Ravah Party (3)
     PRDR (3)
     El Islah (1)
     PAM (1)
     PDA (1)
     PJD (1)
     PPD (1)

     PUDS (1)
Last election
21 December 2013
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The National Assembly (Arabic: الجمعية الوطنية; French: Assemblée Nationale) is the lower house of the bicameral Parliament of Mauritania. The legislature has 146 members, elected for five-year terms in single-seat constituencies. From 1961 until 1978, the only legal party in the country was the Mauritanian People's Party (French: Parti du Peuple Mauritanien, PPM). In the 1990s, a multiparty system was introduced in Mauritania. However, the Democratic and Social Republican Party dominated the parliament until a coup in 2005. The first truly democratic elections were held in 2006.

On April 27, 2007 Messaoud Ould Boulkheir was elected speaker of the National Assembly, becoming the first black Haratine to hold the position.

Board members

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