House of Representatives of Belarus

House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus
Палата Прадстаўнікоў Нацыянальнага сходу Рэспублікі Беларусь
National Assembly of Belarus
Seats 110
Political groups
  Independents: 93 seats
  Opposition (United Civic Party and 1 independent): 2 seats
Last election
Meeting place

The House of Government

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Under the 1996 Constitution, the House of Representatives (Belarusian: Палата Прадстаўнікоў, Palata Pradstawnikow, Russian: Палата Представителей, Palata Predstaviteley) is the lower house of the parliament of Belarus.

It consists of 110 deputies elected on the basis of universal, equal, free, and direct electoral suffrage by secret ballot (art. 91). It is a majoritarian system, with the outcome decided by overall majorities in single-member constituencies. Any citizen of 21 years is eligible for election (art. 92). The functions of the House are to consider draft laws and the other business of government; it must approve the nomination of a prime minister (art. 97); and it may deliver a vote of no confidence on the government (art. 97).

The upper house is the Council of the Republic.


Bills adopted by the House of Representatives are being sent to the Council of the Republic for consideration within five days, where they are considered within no more than twenty days.

Special powers that accorded only to the House of Representatives are:

In practice, the House of Representatives has little real power. Notably, it has little control over government spending; it cannot pass a law to increase or decrease the budget without presidential consent. It has been dominated by supporters of President Alexander Lukashenko since its inception. The Belarusian political system concentrates nearly all decision-making power in the president's hands, and there is almost no opposition to executive decisions.

Speakers of the House of Representatives

Name Entered Office Left Office
Anatoly Malofeyev December 28, 1996 November 21, 2000
Vadim Popov November 21, 2000 November 16, 2004
Vladimir Konoplev November 16, 2004 October 2, 2007
Vadim Popov October 2, 2007 October 27, 2008
Vladimir Andreichenko October 27, 2008 Present


(2016 6th convocation).

Fraction Number of Deputies
Independent 93
Communist Party of Belarus 8
Belarusian Patriotic Party 3
Republican Party of Labour and Justice 1
Opposition (United Civic Party and 1 independent) 2
Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus 1

Members (since 1990)

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