House of Representatives (Somaliland)

House of Representatives
Golaha Wakiilada
Seats 82
Political groups

     UDUB (33)
     KULMIYE (28)

     UCID (21)
Last election
Meeting place
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The House of Representatives (Somali: Golaha Wakiilada) is the lower house of the northwestern Somaliland autonomous region of Somalia.


The current House of Representatives was formed following parliamentary elections held on 29 September 2005. It has a total of 82 members. The latter include the Speaker of the House, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi. MPs are elected in six multi-member constituencies, using the party-list proportional representation system for a five-year term.

Latest election

 Summary of the 28 September 2005 House of Representatives of Somaliland election results
Parties Votes % Seats
UDUB For Unity, Democracy, and Independence (Ururka dimuqraadiga ummadda bahawday) 261,449 39.0 33
KULMIYE Peace, Unity, and Development Party (KULMIYE Nabad, Midnimo iyo horumar) 228,328 34.1 28
UCID For Justice and Development (Ururka Caddaalada iyo Daryeelka) 180,545 26.9 21
Total 680,322 100.0 82
Invalid votes 4,585
Total votes cast 674,907
Source: IRI

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