Nan'ao County

Nan'ao County

Location of Nan'ao County in Shantou

Location in Guangdong

Coordinates: 23°26′N 117°01′E / 23.433°N 117.017°E / 23.433; 117.017Coordinates: 23°26′N 117°01′E / 23.433°N 117.017°E / 23.433; 117.017
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guangdong
Prefecture-level city Shantou
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Nan'ao County (postal: Namoa; simplified Chinese: 南澳县; traditional Chinese: 南澳縣; pinyin: Nán'ào Xiàn) is a county in Shantou Prefecture-level city, Guangdong Province, China.


Nan'ao Bridge

Geographically, the main part of the county is the island of Nan'ao, which lies 2 – 5 miles off the coast of Guangdong. The county also includes a few minor islands nearby, in particular the Nanpeng Archipelago (南澎列岛, Nanpeng Liedao), a chain of islets located some 30 kilometres (19 mi) to the southeast from the Nan'ao Island.

The county has a land area of 108 square kilometres (42 sq mi), and a population of 70,000.

Nan'ao island lies on the Tropic of Cancer.


Chinese Civil War events

Nan'ao Island remained under the control of the Nationalists for a few months after the Communists took control of the Chinese Mainland in 1949. It was captured by the People's Liberation Army during the Battle of Nan'ao Island in March 1950.

In the fall of 1952, the Nationalists tried to capture the Nanpeng Islands, but the ensuing Battle of Nanpēng Archipelago ended in the Communists's victory.

Ancient shipwreck

An important late-Ming shipwreck, nicknamed Nan'ao One, was recently excavated off Nan'ao Island.[1]


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