Longgang District, Shenzhen


Location within Shenzhen City

Location in Guangdong

Coordinates: 22°43′13″N 114°14′51″E / 22.72028°N 114.24750°E / 22.72028; 114.24750Coordinates: 22°43′13″N 114°14′51″E / 22.72028°N 114.24750°E / 22.72028; 114.24750
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guangdong
Sub-provincial city Shenzhen
  Total 844.07 km2 (325.90 sq mi)
  Total 1,831,225
  Density 2,200/km2 (5,600/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Website www.lg.gov.cn

Longgang District (simplified Chinese: 龙岗区; traditional Chinese: 龍崗區; pinyin: Lónggǎng Qū; Jyutping: lung4gong1 keoi1) is one of the six districts of Shenzhen, China. It is located in northeastern Shenzhen. With an area of 844.07 square kilometres (325.90 sq mi), Longgang District is the largest district by area in Guangdong province. The population of the district is 1,831,225.


Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Canton Romanization Population (2010)[1] Area (km2)
Longcheng Subdistrict 龙城街道 Lóngchéng Jiēdào lung4 xing4 gai1 dou6 260,696 77.68
Longgang Subdistrict 龙岗街道 Lónggǎng Jiēdào lung4 gong1 gai1 dou6 215,273 64.84
Henggang Subdistrict 坑梓街道 Hénggǎng Jiēdào hang1 ji2 gai1 dou6 94,801 40.40
Buji Subdistrict 布吉街道 Bùjí Jiēdào bou3 ged1 gai1 dou6 359,770 30.58
Bantian Subdistrict 坂田街道 Bǎntián Jiēdào ban2 tin4 gai1 dou6 221,767 28.51
Nanwan Subdistrict 南湾街道 Nánwān Jiēdào nam4 wan1 gai1 dou6 197,431 24.68
Pinghu Subdistrict 平湖街道 Pínghú Jiēdào ping4 wu4 gai1 dou6 228,217 41.80
Pingdi Subdistrict 坪地街道 Píngdì Jiēdào ping4 déi6 gai1 dou6 94,765 53.14
New District
Dapeng Subdistrict 大鹏街道 Dàpéng Jiēdào dai6 pang4 gai1 dou6 46,867 82.81
Kuichong Subdistrict 葵涌街道 Kuíchōng Jiēdào kuei4 cung1 gai1 dou6 61,105 103.90
Nan'ao Subdistrict 南澳街道 Nán'ào Jiēdào nam4 ou3 gai1 dou6 18,588 115.06


Longgang was established as a district on January 1, 1993. Archaeologists discovered antiques which dated back 7, 000 years ago in Xian you ling ( Chinese simplified: 咸头岭 Chinese traditional: 鹹頭嶺) of Longgang District.

Shenzhen Metro

Longgang is currently served by two metro lines operated by Shenzhen Metro:


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