Minzhong, Zhongshan

For the branch of Min Chinese, see Central Min. For present location of the Qin dynasty-era Minzhong prefecture , see Fuzhou. For Qing dynasty official, see Yu Minzhong.
Coordinates: 22°37′17″N 113°29′06″E / 22.62139°N 113.48500°E / 22.62139; 113.48500Coordinates: 22°37′17″N 113°29′06″E / 22.62139°N 113.48500°E / 22.62139; 113.48500
Country China
Province Guangdong
Prefecture Zhongshan
  Total 125.4 km2 (48.4 sq mi)
Population (2010) 108,417
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Website www.minzhong.gov.cn
Minzhong, Zhongshan
Traditional Chinese 民眾鎮
Simplified Chinese 民众镇

Minzhong is a town in China situated at the northern periphery of the city of Zhongshan. The population of Minzhong has 108,417 residents. The total area of the town is 125.4 square kilometres (48.4 sq mi).

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