List of Major League Baseball single-game hits leaders

This is a list of Major League Baseball players with at least six hits in one game. Among the most phenomenal accomplishments of the six-hit performances are the following: Larry Twitchell, Sam Thompson and Ian Kinsler each hit for the cycle. Shawn Green's six hit game set the Major League record for total bases (19) and tied the single-game Major League records for home runs (4), runs scored (6), and extra-base hits (5).[1][2] Twitchell's six hit game also featured five extra-base hits. Guy Hecker had six hits in a game for which he was a pitcher, a unique feat in professional baseball history.[2] Hecker also scored seven runs in his six-hit game, setting a professional baseball mark that still stands.[2] Wilbert Robinson and Rennie Stennett each recorded seven hits in a nine-inning game. Cal McVey had two 6-hit games three days apart.[3] Johnny Burnett holds the record with nine hits in a game (18 innings, 11 at-bats).[4] The record for hits in a postseason game is five.[2] Far more of the six-hit games have been nine-inning affairs than have been extra inning games. However, three of the five seven-hit games have been extra inning games. Only 2 of the nine-inning six-hit games involved 8 at bats, but a dozen extra inning six-hit games have entailed at least 8 at bats.


dagger Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Nine innings

Name (Quantity) Date Team League AB H 2B 3B HR
Force, DavyDavy ForceJune 27, 1876PhiladelphiaNational66100
McVey, CalCal McVeyJuly 22, 1876ChicagoNational76100
McVey, CalCal McVey (2)July 25, 1876ChicagoNational76100
Barnes, RossRoss BarnesJuly 27, 1876ChicagoNational66110
Gore, GeorgeGeorge GoreMay 7, 1880ChicagoNational66000
Dickerson, ButtercupButtercup DickersonJune 16, 1881WorcesterNational66010
Wise, SamSam WiseJune 20, 1883BostonNational76110
Brouthers, DanDan BrouthersdaggerJuly 19, 1883BuffaloNational66200
Richardson, DannyDanny RichardsonJune 11, 1887New YorkNational76000
Kelly, KingKing KellydaggerAugust 27, 1887BostonNational76101
Denny, JerryJerry DennyMay 4, 1889IndianapolisNational66101
Twitchell, LarryLarry TwitchellAugust 15, 1889ClevelandNational66131
Glasscock, JackJack GlasscockSeptember 27, 1890New YorkNational66000
Lowe, BobbyBobby LoweJune 11, 1891BostonNational66101
Larkin, HenryHenry Larkin (2)June 7, 1892WashingtonNational76010
Robinson, WilbertWilbert RobinsondaggerJune 10, 1892BaltimoreNational77100
Cooley, DuffDuff CooleySeptember 30, 1893St. LouisNational66110
Delahanty, EdEd Delahantydagger (2)June 16, 1894PhiladelphiaNational66100
Brodie, SteveSteve BrodieJuly 9, 1894BaltimoreNational66210
Thompson, SamSam ThompsondaggerAugust 17, 1894PhiladelphiaNational76111
Connor, RogerRoger ConnordaggerJune 1, 1895St. LouisNational66210
Davis, GeorgeGeorge DavisdaggerAugust 15, 1895New YorkNational66210
Stenzel, JakeJake StenzelMay 14, 1896PittsburghNational66000
Tenney, FredFred TenneyMay 31, 1897BostonNational86100
McCormick, BarryBarry McCormickJune 29, 1897ChicagoNational86011
Tucker, TommyTommy TuckerJuly 15, 1897WashingtonNational66100
Keeler, WillieWillie KeelerdaggerSeptember 3, 1897BaltimoreNational66010
Doyle, JackJack DoyleSeptember 3, 1897BaltimoreNational66200
Stahl, ChickChick StahlMay 31, 1899BostonNational66000
Beaumont, GingerGinger BeaumontJuly 22, 1899PittsburghNational66000
Selbach, KipKip SelbachJune 9, 1901New YorkNational76200
Donlin, MikeMike DonlinJune 24, 1901BaltimoreAmerican66220
Nance, DocDoc NanceJuly 13, 1901DetroitAmerican66100
Harvey, ZazaZaza HarveyApril 25, 1902ClevelandAmerican66000
Murphy, DannyDanny MurphyJuly 8, 1902PhiladelphiaAmerican66001
Williams, JimmyJimmy WilliamsAugust 25, 1902BaltimoreAmerican66110
Cutshaw, GeorgeGeorge CutshawAugust 9, 1915BrooklynNational66000
Bancroft, DaveDave BancroftdaggerJune 28, 1920New YorkNational66000
Fournier, JackJack FournierJune 29, 1923BrooklynNational66201
Brower, FrankFrank BrowerAugust 7, 1923ClevelandAmerican66100
Burns, GeorgeGeorge BurnsJune 19, 1924ClevelandAmerican66310
Cuyler, KikiKiki CuylerdaggerAugust 9, 1924PittsburghNational66310
Frisch, FrankieFrankie FrischdaggerSeptember 10, 1924New YorkNational76001
Bottomley, JimJim BottomleydaggerSeptember 16, 1924St. LouisNational66102
Cobb, TyTy CobbdaggerMay 5, 1925DetroitAmerican66103
Waner, PaulPaul WanerdaggerAugust 26, 1926PittsburghNational66210
Gilbert, WallyWally GilbertMay 30, 1931BrooklynNational76100
Bottomley, JimJim Bottomleydagger (2)August 5, 1931St. LouisNational66100
Cuccinello, TonyTony CuccinelloAugust 13, 1931CincinnatiNational66210
Cramer, DocDoc CramerJune 20, 1932PhiladelphiaAmerican66000
Hoag, MyrilMyril HoagJune 6, 1934New YorkAmerican66000
Cramer, DocDoc Cramer (2)July 13, 1935PhiladelphiaAmerican66100
Moore, TerryTerry MooreSeptember 5, 1935St. LouisNational66100
Campbell, BruceBruce CampbellJuly 2, 1936ClevelandAmerican66100
Radcliff, RipRip RadcliffJuly 18, 1936ChicagoAmerican76200
Lombardi, ErnieErnie LombardidaggerMay 9, 1937CincinnatiNational66100
Steinbacher, HankHank SteinbacherJune 22, 1938ChicagoAmerican66100
Lavagetto, CookieCookie LavagettoSeptember 23, 1939BrooklynNational66110
Myatt, GeorgeGeorge MyattMay 1, 1944WashingtonAmerican66100
Spence, StanStan SpenceJune 1, 1944WashingtonAmerican66001
Kell, GeorgeGeorge KelldaggerSeptember 20, 1946DetroitAmerican76100
Cooper, WalkerWalker CooperJuly 6, 1949CincinnatiNational76003
Hopp, JohnnyJohnny HoppMay 14, 1950PittsburghNational66002
Fridley, JimJim FridleyApril 29, 1952ClevelandAmerican66000
Ryan, ConnieConnie RyanApril 16, 1953PhiladelphiaNational66200
Piersall, JimJim PiersallJune 10, 1953BostonAmerican66000
Groat, DickDick GroatMay 13, 1960PittsburghNational66300
Robinson, FloydFloyd RobinsonJuly 22, 1962ChicagoAmerican66000
Alou, JesúsJesús AlouJuly 10, 1964San FranciscoNational66001
Oliver, BobBob OliverMay 4, 1969Kansas CityAmerican66101
Millán, FélixFélix MillánJuly 6, 1970AtlantaNational66110
Briggs, JohnnyJohnny BriggsAugust 4, 1973MilwaukeeAmerican66200
Stennett, RennieRennie StennettSeptember 16, 1975PittsburghNational77210
Orta, JorgeJorge OrtaJune 15, 1980ClevelandAmerican66100
Seitzer, KevinKevin SeitzerAugust 2, 1987Kansas CityAmerican66102
Puckett, KirbyKirby PuckettdaggerAugust 30, 1987MinnesotaAmerican66202
Backman, WallyWally BackmanApril 27, 1990PittsburghNational66100
Sosa, SammySammy SosaJuly 2, 1993ChicagoNational66100
Reimer, KevinKevin ReimerAugust 24, 1993MilwaukeeAmerican66200
Galarraga, AndrésAndrés GalarragaJuly 3, 1995ColoradoNational66102
Johnson, LanceLance JohnsonSeptember 23, 1995ChicagoAmerican66030
Ripken, Jr., CalCal Ripken, Jr.daggerJune 13, 1999BaltimoreAmerican66102
Alfonzo, EdgardoEdgardo AlfonzoAugust 30, 1999New YorkNational66103
Easley, DamionDamion EasleyAugust 8, 2001DetroitAmerican66001
Green, ShawnShawn GreenMay 23, 2002Los AngelesNational66104
Catalanotto, FrankFrank CatalanottoMay 1, 2004TorontoAmerican66100
Peña, CarlosCarlos PeñaMay 27, 2004DetroitAmerican66102
Vizquel, OmarOmar VizquelAugust 31, 2004ClevelandAmerican76200
Randa, JoeJoe RandaSeptember 9, 2004Kansas CityAmerican76100
Ibañez, RaúlRaúl IbañezSeptember 22, 2004SeattleAmerican66000
Figgins, ChoneChone FigginsJune 18, 2007Los AngelesAmerican66110
Harris, WillieWillie HarrisJuly 21, 2007AtlantaNational66020
Damon, JohnnyJohnny DamonJune 7, 2008New YorkAmerican66100
Kinsler, IanIan KinslerApril 15, 2009TexasAmerican66211
Sanchez, FreddyFreddy SanchezMay 25, 2009PittsburghNational66101
Gonzalez, AdrianAdrian GonzalezAugust 11, 2009San DiegoNational66100
Ríos, AlexAlex RíosJuly 9, 2013ChicagoAmerican66010
Blackmon, CharlieCharlie BlackmonApril 4, 2014ColoradoNational66301
Cron, C. J.C. J. CronJuly 2, 2016Los AngelesAmerican66102
Flores, WilmerWilmer FloresJuly 3, 2016New YorkNational66002


Extra innings

As of July 2016, there were 19 American League players and 25 National League players to have recorded at least 6 hits in an extra inning game. Only one National Leaguer (Crawford) had more than six hits. Johnny Burnett holds the record with 9 hits in a game. [3]

Name (Quantity) Date Team League Innings AB H 2B 3B HR
Hines, PaulPaul HinesAugust 26, 1879ProvidenceNational1066000
Boyle, JohnJohn BoyleJuly 6, 1893PhiladelphiaNational1166100
Zimmer, ChiefChief ZimmerJuly 11, 1894ClevelandNational1066200
Harley, DickDick HarleyJune 24, 1897St. LouisNational1266100
Bigbee, CarsonCarson BigbeeAugust 22, 1917PittsburghNational22116000
Veach, BobbyBobby VeachSeptember 17, 1920DetroitAmerican1266111
Sisler, GeorgeGeorge SislerdaggerAugust 9, 1921St. LouisAmerican1996010
Gooch, JohnnyJohnny GoochJuly 7, 1922PittsburghNational1886100
Carey, MaxMax CareydaggerJuly 7, 1922PittsburghNational1866100
Waner, LloydLloyd WanerdaggerJune 15, 1929PittsburghNational1486110
DeBerry, HankHank DeBerryJune 23, 1929BrooklynNational1476000
Foxx, JimmieJimmie FoxxdaggerMay 30, 1930PhiladelphiaAmerican1376210
Foxx, JimmieJimmie Foxxdagger (2)July 10, 1932PhiladelphiaAmerican1896103
Burnett, JohnnyJohnny BurnettJuly 10, 1932ClevelandAmerican18119200
West, SamSam WestApril 13, 1933St. LouisAmerican1166100
Johnson, BobBob JohnsonJune 16, 1934PhiladelphiaAmerican1166102
Demaree, FrankFrank DemareeJuly 5, 1937ChicagoNational1476300
DeMaestri, JoeJoe DeMaestriJuly 8, 1955Kansas CityAmerican1166000
Runnels, PetePete RunnelsAugust 30, 1960BostonAmerican1576100
Colavito, RockyRocky ColavitoJune 24, 1962DetroitAmerican22107010
Morgan, JoeJoe MorgandaggerJuly 8, 1965HoustonNational1266012
Northrup, JimJim NorthrupAugust 28, 1969DetroitAmerican1366002
Gutiérrez, CésarCésar GutiérrezJune 21, 1970DetroitAmerican1277100
Kessinger, DonDon KessingerJune 17, 1971ChicagoNational1066100
Davis, WillieWillie DavisMay 24, 1973Los AngelesNational1996000
Madlock, BillBill MadlockJuly 26, 1975ChicagoNational1066010
Cardenal, JoséJosé CardenalMay 2, 1976ChicagoNational1476101
Richards, GeneGene RichardsJuly 26, 1977San DiegoNational1576100
Remy, JerryJerry RemySeptember 3, 1981BostonAmerican20106000
Lefebvre, JoeJoe LefebvreSeptember 13, 1982San DiegoNational1686101
Puckett, KirbyKirby Puckettdagger (2)May 23, 1991MinnesotaAmerican1176010
Baerga, CarlosCarlos BaergaApril 11, 1992ClevelandAmerican1996000
Gwynn, TonyTony GwynndaggerAugust 4, 1993San DiegoNational1276200
White, RondellRondell WhiteJune 11, 1995MontrealNational1376211
Benjamin, MikeMike BenjaminJune 14, 1995San FranciscoNational1376100
Williams, GeraldGerald WilliamsMay 1, 1996New YorkAmerican1586001
Anderson, GarretGarret AndersonSeptember 27, 1996CaliforniaAmerican1576000
Lo Duca, PaulPaul Lo DucaMay 28, 2001Los AngelesNational1166001
Garciaparra, NomarNomar GarciaparraJune 21, 2003BostonAmerican1366000
Soriano, AlfonsoAlfonso SorianoMay 8, 2004TexasAmerican1066200
Schumaker, SkipSkip SchumakerJuly 26, 2008St. LouisNational1476000
Segura, JeanJean SeguraMay 28, 2013MilwaukeeNational1476000
Chase Utley July 6, 2016 Los Angeles National 14 7 6 2 0 0
Crawford, BrandonBrandon CrawfordAugust 8, 2016San FranciscoNational1487110


Defunct Major Leagues

American Association

Name (Quantity) Date Team AB H 2B 3B HR
Carpenter, HickHick CarpenterSeptember 12, 1883Cincinnati76000
Reilly, JohnJohn ReillySeptember 12, 1883Cincinnati76111
Walker, OscarOscar WalkerMay 31, 1884Brooklyn66110
Knight, LonLon KnightJuly 30, 1884Philadelphia66010
Orr, DaveDave OrrJune 12, 1885New York66211
Larkin, HenryHenry LarkinJune 16, 1885Philadelphia66211
Pinkney, GeorgeGeorge PinkneyJune 25, 1885Brooklyn66000
Latham, ArlieArlie LathamApril 24, 1886St. Louis66010
Hecker, GuyGuy HeckerAugust 15, 1886Louisville76003
Lyons, DennyDenny LyonsApril 26, 1887Philadelphia66210
Mack, ReddyReddy MackMay 26, 1887Louisville66000
Hotaling, PetePete HotalingJune 6, 1888Cleveland76010
McTamany, JimJim McTamanyJune 15, 1888Kansas City66001
O'Brien, DarbyDarby O'BrienAugust 8, 1889Brooklyn66300
Weaver, FarmerFarmer WeaverAugust 12, 1890Louisville66121
Scheibeck, FrankFrank ScheibeckSeptember 27, 1890Toledo66110


Players' League

Name (Quantity) Date Team AB H 2B 3B HR
Delahanty, EdEd DelahantydaggerJune 2, 1890Cleveland66110
Shindle, BillyBilly ShindleAugust 26, 1890Philadelphia66210


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