List of Major League Baseball doubles records

Players denoted in boldface are still actively contributing to the record noted.

(r) denotes a player's rookie season.

550 Career Doubles

PlayerDoubles[1]Seasons & Teams
Tris Speaker7921907–15 Boston (AL); 16–26 Cleveland; 27 Washington (AL); 28 Philadelphia (AL)
Pete Rose7461963–78, 84–86 Cincinnati; 79–83 Philadelphia (NL); 84 Montréal
Stan Musial7251941–44, 46–63 St. Louis (NL)
Ty Cobb7231905–26 Detroit; 27–28 Philadelphia (AL)
Craig Biggio6681988–2007 Houston
George Brett6651973–93 Kansas City
Napoleon Lajoie6571896–1900 Philadelphia (NL); 01-02, 15–16 Philadelphia (AL); 02-14 Cleveland
Carl Yastrzemski6461961–83 Boston (AL)
Honus Wagner6401897–99 Louisville (NL); 1900–17 Pittsburgh
Henry Aaron6241954–74 Milwaukee-Atlanta; 75–76 Milwaukee
David Ortiz6311997–2002 Minnesota; 2003–16 Boston (AL)
Paul Molitor6051978–92 Milwaukee (AL); 93–95 Toronto; 96–98 Minnesota
Paul Waner6051926–40 Pittsburgh; 41–42 Boston (NL); 43–44 Brooklyn; 44–45 New York (AL)
Cal Ripken, Jr.6031981–2001 Baltimore
Barry Bonds6011986–92 Pittsburgh; 93-2007 San Francisco
Luis Gonzalez5961990–95, 97 Houston; 95–96 Chicago (NL); 99-2006 Arizona; 07 Los Angeles (NL); 08 Florida
Todd Helton5921997–2013 Colorado
Rafael Palmeiro5851986–88 Chicago (NL); 89–93, 99–2003 Texas; 94–98, 2004–05 Baltimore
Robin Yount5831974–93 Milwaukee (AL)
Wade Boggs5781982–92 Boston (AL); 93–97 New York (AL); 98–99 Tampa Bay
Charlie Gehringer5741924–42 Detroit
Albert Pujols5802001–2011 St. Louis (NL); 2012–present Anaheim
Bobby Abreu574Houston; Philadelphia (NL); New York (AL); Los Angeles (AL); Los Angeles (NL); New York (NL)
Iván Rodríguez5721991–2002 Texas; 03 Florida; 04-08 Detroit; 08 New York (AL); 09 Houston/Texas; 2010–11 Washington
Eddie Murray5601977–88, 96 Baltimore; 89–91, 97 Los Angeles (NL); 92–93 New York (NL); 94–96 Cleveland; 97 Anaheim
Jeff Kent5601992 Toronto; 92–96 New York (NL); 96 Cleveland; 97-2002 San Francisco; 03-04 Houston; 05-08 Los Angeles (NL)

Close Active Players

Carlos Beltrán510
Jimmy Rollins509

Top 10 Career Doubles By League

American League PlayerDoublesNational League PlayerDoubles
Tris Speaker792Pete Rose746
Ty Cobb723Stan Musial725
George Brett665Craig Biggio668
Carl Yastrzemski646Honus Wagner640
David Ortiz619Paul Waner605
Paul Molitor605Barry Bonds601
Cal Ripken, Jr.603Henry Aaron600
Robin Yount583Luis Gonzalez561
Wade Boggs578Tony Gwynn543
Charlie Gehringer571Joe Medwick540

Doubles in One Season

Hank Greenberg, Hall of Famer and 2-time MVP
Earl Webb67Boston Red Sox1931
George H. Burns64Cleveland Indians1926
Joe Medwick64St. Louis Cardinals1936
Hank Greenberg63Detroit Tigers1934
Paul Waner62Pittsburgh Pirates1932
Charlie Gehringer60Detroit Tigers1936
Tris Speaker59Cleveland Indians1923
Chuck Klein59Philadelphia Phillies1930
Todd Helton59Colorado Rockies2000
Billy Herman57Chicago Cubs1935
Billy Herman57Chicago Cubs1936
Carlos Delgado57Toronto Blue Jays2000
Joe Medwick56St. Louis Cardinals1937
George Kell56Detroit Tigers1950
Craig Biggio56Houston Astros1999
Garret Anderson56Anaheim Angels2002
Nomar Garciaparra56Boston Red Sox2002
Brian Roberts56Baltimore Orioles2009
Ed Delahanty55Philadelphia Phillies1899
Gee Walker55Detroit Tigers1936
Lance Berkman55Houston Astros2001
Matt Carpenter55St. Louis Cardinals2013

Evolution of the Single Season Record for Doubles

Doubles[3]PlayerTeamYearYears Record Stood
21Ross BarnesChicago White Stockings18762
21Dick HighamHartford Dark Blues18762
21Paul HinesChicago White Stockings18762
22Dick HighamProvidence Grays18781
31Charlie EdenCleveland Blues18793
37King KellyChicago White Stockings18821
49Ned WilliamsonChicago White Stockings18834
52Tip O'NeillSt. Louis Browns188712
55Ed DelahantyPhiladelphia Phillies189924
48Napoleon LajoiePhiladelphia Athletics1901(3)
49Napoleon LajoieCleveland Bronchos1904(6)
51Napoleon LajoieCleveland Bronchos1910(2)
53Tris SpeakerBoston Red Sox1912(11)
59Tris SpeakerCleveland Indians19233
64George H. BurnsCleveland Indians19265
67Earl WebbBoston Red Sox1931current

Lajoie's 1901 through Speaker's 1912 records are listed because some baseball historians and publications disregard any record set prior to the "Modern Era" which started in 1901.

Multiple Seasons with 50 Doubles

PlayerSeasonsSeasons & Teams
Tris Speaker[4]51912 Boston (AL); 20–21, 23, 26 Cleveland
Paul Waner[5]31928, 32, 36 Pittsburgh
Stan Musial[6]31944, 46, 53 St. Louis (NL)
Albert Pujols[7]32003–04 St. Louis (NL); 2012 Los Angeles (AL)
Brian Roberts[8]32004, 08, 09 Baltimore (AL)
George H. Burns[9]21926–27 Cleveland
Chuck Klein[10]21930, 32 Philadelphia (NL)
Charlie Gehringer[11]21934, 36 Detroit
Billy Herman[12]21935–36 Chicago (NL)
Joe Medwick[13]21936–37 St. Louis (NL)
Hank Greenberg[14]21934, 40 Detroit
Edgar Martínez[15]21995–96 Seattle
Craig Biggio[16]21998–99 Houston
Todd Helton[17]22000–01 Colorado
Nomar Garciaparra[18]22000, 02 Boston (AL)
Miguel Cabrera[19]22006 Florida; 14 Detroit

Seven Seasons with 40 Doubles

PlayerSeasonsSeasons & Teams
Tris Speaker101912, 14 Boston (AL); 16–17, 20–23, 26 Cleveland; 27 Washington (AL)
Stan Musial91943–44, 46, 48–50, 52–54 St. Louis (NL)
Harry Heilmann[20]8191921, 23–27, 29 Detroit; 30 Cincinnati
Wade Boggs[21]81983, 85–91 Boston (AL)
Napoleon Lajoie[22]71897–98 Philadelphia (NL); 1901 Philadelphia (AL); 03-04, 06, 10 Cleveland
Rogers Hornsby[23]71920–22, 24–25 St. Louis (NL); 28 Boston (NL); 29 Chicago (NL)
Lou Gehrig[24]71926–28, 30, 32–34 New York (AL)
Charlie Gehringer71929–30, 32–34, 36–37 Detroit
Joe Medwick71933–39 St. Louis (NL)
Pete Rose[25]71968, 74–76, 78 Cincinnati; 79–80 Philadelphia (NL)
Craig Biggio71993–94, 98–99, 2003–05 Houston
Todd Helton72000–01, 03–07 Colorado
Albert Pujols[26]72001-04, 08-09 St. Louis (NL); 2012 Los Angeles (AL)
Robinson Canó[27]72006–2007, 2009–2013 New York (AL)

League Leader in Doubles, 5 or More Seasons

PlayerTitles[28]Seasons & Teams
Tris Speaker81912, 14 Boston (AL); 16, 18, 20–23 Cleveland
Stan Musial81943–44, 46, 48–49, 53–54 St. Louis (NL)
Honus Wagner71900, 02, 04, 06–09 Pittsburgh
Napoleon Lajoie51898 Philadelphia (NL); 1901 Philadelphia (AL); 04, 06, 10 Cleveland
Pete Rose51974–76, 78 Cincinnati; 80 Philadelphia (NL)

League Leader in Doubles, 3 or More Consecutive Seasons

PlayerTitlesSeasons & Teams
Honus Wagner41906–09 Pittsburgh
Tris Speaker41920–23 Cleveland
Dan Brouthers31886–88 Detroit (NL)
Rogers Hornsby31920–22 St. Louis (NL)
Joe Medwick31936–38 St. Louis (NL)
Stan Musial31952–54 St. Louis (NL)
Pete Rose31974–76 Cincinnati
Don Mattingly31984–86 New York (AL)

League Leader in Doubles, Three Decades

PlayerSeasons & Teams
never accomplished

League Leader in Doubles, Both Leagues

PlayerSeasons & Teams
Napoleon Lajoie1898 Philadelphia (NL); 1901 Philadelphia (AL); 04, 06, 10 Cleveland
Ed Delahanty1901 Philadelphia (NL); 02 Washington (AL)

League Leader in Doubles, Three Different Teams

PlayerSeasons & Teams
Napoleon Lajoie1898 Philadelphia (NL); 1901 Philadelphia (AL); 04, 06, 10 Cleveland

Four Doubles by an Individual in One Game

This record is held by over 20 players.[29]

4 Doubles in a Game by an Individual, Twice

Gavvy CravathPhiladelphia PhilliesAugust 8, 1915Cincinnati Reds[30]
Philadelphia PhilliesJune 23, 1919Boston Braves[31]
Albert BelleBaltimore OriolesAugust 29, 1999Detroit Tigers[32]
Baltimore OriolesSeptember 23, 1999Oakland Athletics

350 Doubles by a Team in One Season

373St. Louis Cardinals1930
373Boston Red Sox1997
373Boston Red Sox2004
371Boston Red Sox2003
363Boston Red Sox2013
357Cleveland Indians1936
357Toronto Blue Jays2003
357Texas Rangers2006
356Cleveland Indians1930
355Cleveland Indians1921
353St. Louis Cardinals1931
352Boston Red Sox2007
352Detroit Tigers2007
351Cleveland Indians2006


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