List of Major League Baseball no-hitters

This is a list of no-hitters in Major League Baseball history. In addition, all no-hitters that were broken up in extra innings or were in shortened games are listed, although they are not currently considered official no-hitters. (Prior to 1991, a performance in which no hits were surrendered through nine innings or in a shortened game was considered an official no-hit game.) The names of those pitchers who threw a perfect game no-hitter are italicized. For combined no-hitters by two or more pitchers on the same team, each is listed with his number of innings pitched. Games which were part of a doubleheader are noted as either the first game or second game. The most recent no-hitter was pitched by Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs on April 21, 2016.

An official no-hit game occurs when a pitcher (or pitchers) allows no hits during the entire course of a game, which consists of at least nine innings thrown by the pitcher(s). In a no-hit game, a batter may still reach base via a walk, an error, a fielder's choice, a hit by pitch, a passed ball or wild pitch on strike three, or catcher's interference.[1] Also, due to these methods of reaching base, it is possible for a team to score runs without getting any hits.

While the vast majority of no-hitters are shutouts, no-hit teams have managed to score runs in their respective games a number of times, five times a team has been no-hit and still won the game: two notable victories occurred when the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Houston Colt .45s (now called the Houston Astros) 1–0 on April 23, 1964 even though they were no-hit by Houston starter Ken Johnson, and the Detroit Tigers defeated the Baltimore Orioles 2–1 on April 30, 1967 even though they were no-hit by Baltimore starter Steve Barber and reliever Stu Miller. In another four games, the home team won despite gaining no hits through eight innings, but these are near no-hitters under the 1991 rule that nine no-hit innings must be completed in order for a no-hitter to be credited.

The pitcher who holds the record for the shortest time between no-hitters is Johnny Vander Meer, the only pitcher in history to throw no-hitters in consecutive starts, while playing for the Cincinnati Reds in 1938. Besides Vander Meer, Allie Reynolds (in 1951), Virgil Trucks (in 1952), Nolan Ryan (in 1973), and Max Scherzer (in 2015) are the only other major leaguers to throw two no-hitters in the same regular season. Jim Maloney technically threw two no-hitters in the 1965 season, but his first one ended after he allowed a home run in the top of the 11th inning. According to the rules interpretation of the time, this was considered a no-hitter. Later that season, Maloney once again took a no-hitter into extra innings, but this time he managed to preserve the no-hitter after the Reds scored in the top half of the tenth, becoming the first pitcher to throw a complete game extra inning no-hitter since Fred Toney in 1917.[2] Roy Halladay threw two no-hitters in 2010: a perfect game during the regular season and a no-hitter in the 2010 National League Division Series. He is the only major leaguer to have thrown no-hitters in regular season and postseason play.

The first black pitcher to toss a no-hitter was Sam Jones who did it for the Chicago Cubs in 1955. The first Latin pitcher was San Francisco Giant Juan Marichal in 1963.

Through April 21, 2016, there have been 295 no-hitters officially recognized by Major League Baseball, 252 of them in the modern era (starting in 1901, with the formation of the American League). Joe Borden's no-hitter in 1875 is also noted, but is not recognized by Major League Baseball (see note in the chart).[notes 1]

Regulation no-hitters

Italics Perfect game
RS Runs scored
RA Runs allowed
NL National League
AL American League
FL Federal League
PL Players' League
UA Union Association
AA American Association
NA National Association
WS World Series
Inter Interleague play
IP Innings pitched
dagger Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
double-dagger Denotes player who is still active
# Date Pitcher Team RS Opponent RA League Catcher Notes
N/AJuly 28, 1875 Borden, JoeJoe Borden Philadelphia White Stockings4Chicago White Stockings0NASnyder, PopPop Snyder[3] [notes 2]
1July 15, 1876 Bradley, GeorgeGeorge Bradley St. Louis Brown Stockings2Hartford Dark Blues0NLClapp, JohnJohn Clapp[4]
2June 12, 1880 Richmond, LeeLee Richmond Worcester Worcesters1Cleveland Blues0NLBennett, CharlieCharlie Bennett[5]
3June 17, 1880 Ward, John MontgomeryJohn Montgomery Ward dagger Providence Grays5Buffalo Bisons0NLGross, EmilEmil Gross[6]
4August 19, 1880 Corcoran, LarryLarry Corcoran (1) Chicago White Stockings6Boston Red Caps0NLFlint, SilverSilver Flint (? IP)(1)
King Kelly (? IP) (1)dagger
5August 20, 1880 Galvin, PudPud Galvin (1)dagger Buffalo Bisons1Worcester Worcesters0NLRowe, JackJack Rowe (1)[3]
6September 11, 1882 Mullane, TonyTony Mullane Louisville Eclipse2Cincinnati Red Stockings0AASullivan, DanDan Sullivan (1)[3]
7September 19, 1882 Hecker, GuyGuy Hecker Louisville Eclipse3Pittsburgh Alleghenys1AASullivan, DanDan Sullivan (2)[3]
8September 20, 1882 Corcoran, LarryLarry Corcoran (2) Chicago White Stockings5Worcester Worcesters0NLFlint, SilverSilver Flint (2)[3]
9July 25, 1883 Radbourn, CharlesCharles Radbourndagger Providence Grays8Cleveland Blues0NLGilligan, BarneyBarney Gilligan[3]
10September 13, 1883 Daily, HughHugh Daily Cleveland Blues1Philadelphia Phillies0NLBushong, DocDoc Bushong[3]
11May 24, 1884 Atkinson, AlAl Atkinson (1) Philadelphia Athletics10Pittsburgh Alleghenys1AAMilligan, JockoJocko Milligan[3]
12May 29, 1884 Morris, EdEd Morris Columbus Buckeyes5Pittsburgh Alleghenys0AAKemmler, RudyRudy Kemmler (1)[3]
13June 5, 1884 Mountain, FrankFrank Mountain Columbus Buckeyes12Washington Nationals0AAKemmler, RudyRudy Kemmler (2)[3]
14June 27, 1884 Corcoran, LarryLarry Corcoran (3) Chicago White Stockings6Providence Grays0NLKelly, KingKing Kelly (2)dagger[3]
15August 4, 1884 Galvin, PudPud Galvin (2)dagger Buffalo Bisons18Detroit Wolverines0NLRowe, JackJack Rowe (2)[3]
16August 26, 1884 Burns, DickDick Burns Cincinnati Outlaw Reds3Kansas City Unions1UACrotty, JoeJoe Crotty[3]
17September 28, 1884 Cushman, EdEd Cushman Milwaukee Brewers5Washington Nationals0UABroughton, CalCal Broughton[3]
18October 4, 1884 Kimber, SamSam Kimber Brooklyn Atlantics0Toledo Blue Stockings0AACorcoran, JackJack Corcoran[7] [notes 3]
19July 27, 1885 Clarkson, JohnJohn Clarkson dagger Chicago White Stockings4Providence Grays0NLFlint, SilverSilver Flint (3)[8]
20August 29, 1885 Ferguson, CharlieCharlie Ferguson Philadelphia Phillies1Providence Grays0NLGanzel, CharlieCharlie Ganzel (1)[9]
21May 1, 1886 Atkinson, AlAl Atkinson (2) Philadelphia Athletics3New York Metropolitans2AAO'Brien, JackJack O'Brien[10]
22July 24, 1886 Terry, AdonisAdonis Terry (1) Brooklyn Grays1St. Louis Browns0AAPeoples, JimmyJimmy Peoples (1)[11]
23October 6, 1886 Kilroy, MattMatt Kilroy Baltimore Orioles6Pittsburgh Alleghenys0AADolan, TomTom Dolan[3]
24May 27, 1888 Terry, AdonisAdonis Terry (2) Brooklyn Bridegrooms4Louisville Colonels0AAPeoples, JimmyJimmy Peoples (2)[12]
25June 6, 1888 Porter, HenryHenry Porter Kansas City Cowboys4Baltimore Orioles0AADaniels, LawLaw Daniels[3]
26July 26, 1888 Seward, EdEd Seward Philadelphia Athletics12Cincinnati Red Stockings2AARobinson, WilbertWilbert Robinson (1)dagger[13]
27July 31, 1888 Weyhing, GusGus Weyhing Philadelphia Athletics4Kansas City Cowboys0AATownsend, GeorgeGeorge Townsend[14]
28September 15, 1890 Titcomb, LedellLedell Titcomb Rochester Broncos7Syracuse Stars0AAGrim, JohnJohn Grim[15]
29June 22, 1891 Lovett, TomTom Lovett Brooklyn Grooms4New York Giants0NLDaily, ConCon Daily[16]
30July 31, 1891 Rusie, AmosAmos Rusie dagger New York Giants6Brooklyn Grooms0NLBuckley, DickDick Buckley[17]
31October 4, 1891 Breitenstein, TedTed Breitenstein (1) St. Louis Browns8Louisville Colonels0AAMunyan, JohnJohn Munyan[18] [notes 4]
32August 6, 1892 Stivetts, JackJack Stivetts Boston Beaneaters11Brooklyn Grooms0NLGanzel, CharlieCharlie Ganzel (2)[19]
33August 22, 1892 Sanders, BenBen Sanders Louisville Colonels6Baltimore Orioles2NLMerritt, BillBill Merritt[20]
34October 15, 1892 Jones, BumpusBumpus Jones Cincinnati Reds7Pittsburgh Pirates1NLVaughn, FarmerFarmer Vaughn[21] [notes 5]
35August 16, 1893 Hawke, BillBill Hawke Baltimore Orioles5Washington Senators0NLRobinson, WilbertWilbert Robinson (2)dagger[22] [notes 6]
36September 18, 1897 Young, CyCy Young (1)dagger Cleveland Spiders6Cincinnati Reds0NLZimmer, ChiefChief Zimmer (1)[23] [notes 7]
37April 22, 1898 Breitenstein, TedTed Breitenstein (2) Cincinnati Reds11Pittsburgh Pirates0NLPeitz, HeinieHeinie Peitz (1)[24] [notes 8]
38April 22, 1898 Hughes, JayJay Hughes Baltimore Orioles8Boston Beaneaters0NLClarke, BoileryardBoileryard Clarke[24] [notes 9]
39July 8, 1898 Donahue, RedRed Donahue Philadelphia Phillies5Boston Beaneaters0NLMcFarland, EdEd McFarland (1)[25]
40August 21, 1898 Thornton, WalterWalter Thornton Chicago Orphans2Brooklyn Bridegrooms0NLDonahue, TimTim Donahue[26] [notes 10]
41May 25, 1899 Phillippe, DeaconDeacon Phillippe Louisville Colonels7New York Giants0NLKittridge, MalachiMalachi Kittridge[27]
42August 7, 1899 Willis, VicVic Willis dagger Boston Beaneaters7Washington Senators1NLBergen, MartyMarty Bergen[28]
43July 12, 1900 Hahn, NoodlesNoodles Hahn Cincinnati Reds4Philadelphia Phillies0NLPeitz, HeinieHeinie Peitz (2)[29]
44July 15, 1901 Mathewson, ChristyChristy Mathewson (1)dagger New York Giants5St. Louis Cardinals0NLWarner, JackJack Warner[30]
45September 20, 1902 Callahan, NixeyNixey Callahan Chicago White Sox3Detroit Tigers0ALMcFarland, EdEd McFarland (2)[31] [notes 11]
46September 18, 1903 Fraser, ChickChick Fraser Philadelphia Phillies10Chicago Cubs0NLZimmer, ChiefChief Zimmer (2)[32] [notes 12]
47May 5, 1904 Young, CyCy Young (2)dagger Boston Americans3Philadelphia Athletics0ALCriger, LouLou Criger (1)[33]
48August 17, 1904 Tannehill, JesseJesse Tannehill Boston Americans6Chicago White Sox0ALFarrell, DukeDuke Farrell[34]
49June 13, 1905 Mathewson, ChristyChristy Mathewson (2)dagger New York Giants1Chicago Cubs0NLBowerman, FrankFrank Bowerman[35] [notes 13]
50July 22, 1905 Henley, WeldonWeldon Henley Philadelphia Athletics6St. Louis Browns0ALBarton, HarryHarry Barton[36][notes 14]
51September 6, 1905 Smith, FrankFrank Smith (1) Chicago White Sox15Detroit Tigers0ALMcFarland, EdEd McFarland (3)[37] [notes 15]
52September 27, 1905 Dinneen, BillBill Dinneen Boston Americans2Chicago White Sox0ALCriger, LouLou Criger (2)[notes 16]
53May 1, 1906 Lush, JohnnyJohnny Lush Philadelphia Phillies6Brooklyn Superbas0NLDooin, RedRed Dooin[38][notes 17]
54July 20, 1906 Eason, MalMal Eason Brooklyn Superbas2St. Louis Cardinals0NLRitter, LewLew Ritter[39][notes 18]
55May 8, 1907 Pfeffer, Big JeffBig Jeff Pfeffer Boston Doves6Cincinnati Reds0NLBrown, SamSam Brown[40]
56September 20, 1907 Maddox, NickNick Maddox Pittsburgh Pirates2Brooklyn Superbas1NLGibson, GeorgeGeorge Gibson[41]
57June 30, 1908 Young, CyCy Young (3)dagger Boston Red Sox8New York Highlanders0ALCriger, LouLou Criger (3)[42]
58July 4, 1908 Wiltse, HooksHooks Wiltse New York Giants1Philadelphia Phillies0NLBresnahan, RogerRoger Bresnahan dagger [43] [notes 19]
59September 5, 1908 Rucker, NapNap Rucker Brooklyn Superbas6Boston Doves0NLBergen, BillBill Bergen[44] [notes 20]
60September 18, 1908 Rhoads, BobBob Rhoads Cleveland Naps2Boston Red Sox1ALBemis, HarryHarry Bemis[45]
61September 20, 1908 Smith, FrankFrank Smith (2) Chicago White Sox1Philadelphia Athletics0ALSullivan, BillyBilly Sullivan[46]
62October 2, 1908 Joss, AddieAddie Joss (1)dagger Cleveland Naps1Chicago White Sox0ALClarke, NigNig Clarke (1)[47]
63April 20, 1910 Joss, AddieAddie Joss (2)dagger Cleveland Naps1Chicago White Sox0ALClarke, NigNig Clarke (2)[48] [notes 21]
64May 12, 1910 Bender, ChiefChief Bender dagger Philadelphia Athletics4Cleveland Naps0ALThomas, IraIra Thomas[49]
65July 29, 1911 Wood, Smoky JoeSmoky Joe Wood Boston Red Sox5St. Louis Browns0ALCarrigan, BillBill Carrigan(1)[50] [notes 22]
66August 27, 1911 Walsh, EdEd Walsh dagger Chicago White Sox5Boston Red Sox0ALBlock, BrunoBruno Block[51]
67July 4, 1912 Mullin, GeorgeGeorge Mullin Detroit Tigers7St. Louis Browns0ALStanage, OscarOscar Stanage[52] [notes 23]
68August 30, 1912 Hamilton, EarlEarl Hamilton St. Louis Browns5Detroit Tigers1ALAlexander, WaltWalt Alexander[53]
69September 6, 1912 Tesreau, JeffJeff Tesreau New York Giants3Philadelphia Phillies0NLWilson, ArtArt Wilson (1)[54] [notes 24]
70May 31, 1914 Benz, JoeJoe Benz Chicago White Sox6Cleveland Naps1ALSchalk, RayRay Schalk (1)dagger[55]
71September 9, 1914 Davis, IronIron Davis Boston Braves7Philadelphia Phillies0NLGowdy, HankHank Gowdy[56] [notes 25]
72September 19, 1914 Lafitte, EdEd Lafitte Brooklyn Tip-Tops6Kansas City Packers2FLOwens, YipYip Owens[57] [notes 26]
73April 15, 1915 Marquard, RubeRube Marquard dagger New York Giants2Brooklyn Robins0NLMeyers, ChiefChief Meyers[58]
74April 24, 1915 Allen, FrankFrank Allen Pittsburgh Rebels2St. Louis Terriers0FLBerry, ClaudeClaude Berry[59]
75May 15, 1915 Hendrix, ClaudeClaude Hendrix Chicago Chi-Feds/Whales10Pittsburgh Rebels0FLWilson, ArtArt Wilson (2)[60]
76August 16, 1915 Main, AlexAlex Main Kansas City Packers5Buffalo Buffeds/Blues0FLEasterly, TedTed Easterly[61]
77August 31, 1915 Lavender, JimmyJimmy Lavender Chicago Cubs2New York Giants0NLArcher, JimmyJimmy Archer[62] [notes 27]
78September 7, 1915 Davenport, DaveDave Davenport St. Louis Terriers3Chicago Chi-Feds/Whales0FLHartley, GroverGrover Hartley[63]
79June 16, 1916 Hughes, Tom L.Tom L. Hughes Boston Braves2Pittsburgh Pirates0NLTragesser, WaltWalt Tragesser
80June 21, 1916 Foster, RubeRube Foster Boston Red Sox2New York Yankees0ALCarrigan, BillBill Carrigan (2)[64]
81August 26, 1916 Bush, Bullet JoeBullet Joe Bush Philadelphia Athletics5Cleveland Indians0ALPicinich, ValVal Picinich (1)
82August 30, 1916 Leonard, DutchDutch Leonard (1) Boston Red Sox4St. Louis Browns0ALCarrigan, BillBill Carrigan (3)[65]
83April 14, 1917 Cicotte, EddieEddie Cicotte Chicago White Sox11St. Louis Browns0ALSchalk, RayRay Schalk (2)dagger
84April 24, 1917 Mogridge, GeorgeGeorge Mogridge New York Yankees2Boston Red Sox1ALNunamaker, LesLes Nunamaker
85May 2, 1917 Toney, FredFred Toney Cincinnati Reds1Chicago Cubs0NLHuhn, EmilEmil Huhn[notes 28]
86May 5, 1917 Koob, ErnieErnie Koob St. Louis Browns1Chicago White Sox0ALSevereid, HankHank Severeid (1)
87May 6, 1917 Groom, BobBob Groom St. Louis Browns3Chicago White Sox0ALSevereid, HankHank Severeid (2)[notes 29]
88June 23, 1917 Ruth, BabeBabe Ruth (0 IP) dagger
Ernie Shore (9 IP)
Boston Red Sox4Washington Senators0ALThomas, PinchPinch Thomas (0 IP)
Sam Agnew (9 IP)
[notes 30]
89June 3, 1918 Leonard, DutchDutch Leonard (2) Boston Red Sox5Detroit Tigers0ALSchang, WallyWally Schang
90May 11, 1919 Eller, HodHod Eller Cincinnati Reds6St. Louis Cardinals0NLRariden, BillBill Rariden
91September 10, 1919 Caldwell, RayRay Caldwell Cleveland Indians3New York Yankees0ALO'Neill, SteveSteve O'Neill[notes 31]
92July 1, 1920 Johnson, WalterWalter Johnson dagger Washington Senators1Boston Red Sox0ALPicinich, ValVal Picinich (2)[notes 32]
93April 30, 1922 Robertson, CharlieCharlie Robertson Chicago White Sox2Detroit Tigers0ALSchalk, RayRay Schalk (3)dagger
94May 7, 1922 Barnes, JesseJesse Barnes New York Giants6Philadelphia Phillies0NLSmith, EarlEarl Smith
95September 4, 1923 Jones, Sad SamSad Sam Jones New York Yankees2Philadelphia Athletics0ALHofmann, FredFred Hofmann[notes 33]
96September 7, 1923 Ehmke, HowardHoward Ehmke Boston Red Sox4Philadelphia Athletics0ALPicinich, ValVal Picinich (3)
97July 17, 1924 Haines, JesseJesse Haines dagger St. Louis Cardinals5Boston Braves0NLGonzález, MikeMike González
98September 13, 1925 Vance, DazzyDazzy Vance dagger Brooklyn Robins10Philadelphia Phillies1NLDeBerry, HankHank DeBerry[notes 34]
99August 21, 1926 Lyons, TedTed Lyons dagger Chicago White Sox6Boston Red Sox0ALGrabowski, JohnnyJohnny Grabowski
100May 8, 1929 Hubbell, CarlCarl Hubbell dagger New York Giants11Pittsburgh Pirates0NLBob O'Farrell
101April 29, 1931 Ferrell, WesWes Ferrell Cleveland Indians9St. Louis Browns0ALSewell, LukeLuke Sewell (1)[notes 35]
102August 8, 1931 Burke, BobbyBobby Burke Washington Senators5Boston Red Sox0ALSpencer, RoyRoy Spencer
103September 21, 1934 Dean, PaulPaul Dean St. Louis Cardinals3Brooklyn Dodgers0NLDeLancey, BillBill DeLancey[notes 36]
104August 31, 1935 Kennedy, VernVern Kennedy Chicago White Sox5Cleveland Indians0ALSewell, LukeLuke Sewell (2)[notes 37]
105June 1, 1937 Dietrich, BillBill Dietrich Chicago White Sox8St. Louis Browns0ALSewell, LukeLuke Sewell (3)
106June 11, 1938 Vander Meer, JohnnyJohnny Vander Meer (1) Cincinnati Reds3Boston Bees0NLLombardi, ErnieErnie Lombardi (1)dagger[notes 38]
107June 15, 1938 Vander Meer, JohnnyJohnny Vander Meer (2) Cincinnati Reds6Brooklyn Dodgers0NLLombardi, ErnieErnie Lombardi (2)dagger[notes 39]
108August 27, 1938 Pearson, MonteMonte Pearson New York Yankees13Cleveland Indians0ALGlenn, JoeJoe Glenn[notes 40]
109April 16, 1940 Feller, BobBob Feller (1) dagger Cleveland Indians1Chicago White Sox0ALHemsley, RollieRollie Hemsley[notes 41]
110April 30, 1940 Carleton, TexTex Carleton Brooklyn Dodgers3Cincinnati Reds0NLHerman Franks
111August 30, 1941 Warneke, LonLon Warneke St. Louis Cardinals2Cincinnati Reds0NLCooper, WalkerWalker Cooper (1)
112April 27, 1944 Tobin, JimJim Tobin Boston Braves2Brooklyn Dodgers0NLMasi, PhilPhil Masi
113May 15, 1944 Shoun, ClydeClyde Shoun Cincinnati Reds1Boston Braves0NLMueller, RayRay Mueller
114September 9, 1945 Fowler, DickDick Fowler Philadelphia Athletics1St. Louis Browns0ALRosar, BuddyBuddy Rosar (1)[notes 42]
115April 23, 1946 Head, EdEd Head Brooklyn Dodgers5Boston Braves0NLAnderson, FerrellFerrell Anderson
116April 30, 1946 Feller, BobBob Feller (2)dagger Cleveland Indians1New York Yankees0ALHayes, FrankieFrankie Hayes
117June 18, 1947 Blackwell, EwellEwell Blackwell Cincinnati Reds6Boston Braves0NLLamanno, RayRay Lamanno[notes 43]
118July 10, 1947 Black, DonDon Black Cleveland Indians3Philadelphia Athletics0ALHegan, JimJim Hegan (1)[notes 44]
119September 3, 1947 McCahan, BillBill McCahan Philadelphia Athletics3Washington Senators0ALRosar, BuddyBuddy Rosar (2)[notes 45]
120June 30, 1948 Lemon, BobBob Lemon dagger Cleveland Indians2Detroit Tigers0ALHegan, JimJim Hegan (2)
121September 9, 1948 Barney, RexRex Barney Brooklyn Dodgers2New York Giants0NLEdwards, BruceBruce Edwards
122August 11, 1950 Bickford, VernVern Bickford Boston Braves7Brooklyn Dodgers0NLCooper, WalkerWalker Cooper (2)
123May 6, 1951 Chambers, CliffCliff Chambers Pittsburgh Pirates3Boston Braves0NLFitz Gerald, EdEd Fitz Gerald[notes 46]
124July 1, 1951 Feller, BobBob Feller (3)dagger Cleveland Indians2Detroit Tigers1ALHegan, JimJim Hegan (3)[notes 47]
125July 12, 1951 Reynolds, AllieAllie Reynolds (1) New York Yankees1Cleveland Indians0ALBerra, YogiYogi Berra (1)dagger
126September 28, 1951 Reynolds, AllieAllie Reynolds (2) New York Yankees8Boston Red Sox0ALBerra, YogiYogi Berra (2)dagger[notes 48]
127May 15, 1952 Trucks, VirgilVirgil Trucks (1) Detroit Tigers1Washington Senators0ALGinsberg, JoeJoe Ginsberg
128June 19, 1952 Erskine, CarlCarl Erskine (1) Brooklyn Dodgers5Chicago Cubs0NLCampanella, RoyRoy Campanella (1)dagger
129August 25, 1952 Trucks, VirgilVirgil Trucks (2) Detroit Tigers1New York Yankees0ALBatts, MattMatt Batts[notes 49]
130May 6, 1953 Holloman, BoboBobo Holloman St. Louis Browns6Philadelphia Athletics0ALMoss, LesLes Moss[notes 50]
131June 12, 1954 Wilson, JimJim Wilson Milwaukee Braves2Philadelphia Phillies0NLCrandall, DelDel Crandall (1)
132May 12, 1955 Jones, SamSam Jones Chicago Cubs4Pittsburgh Pirates0NLMcCullough, ClydeClyde McCullough[notes 51]
133May 12, 1956 Erskine, CarlCarl Erskine (2) Brooklyn Dodgers3New York Giants0NLCampanella, RoyRoy Campanella (2)dagger
134July 14, 1956 Parnell, MelMel Parnell Boston Red Sox4Chicago White Sox0ALWhite, SammySammy White
135September 25, 1956 Maglie, SalSal Maglie Brooklyn Dodgers5Philadelphia Phillies0NLCampanella, RoyRoy Campanella (3)dagger
136October 8, 1956 Larsen, DonDon Larsen New York Yankees (AL)2Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)0WSBerra, YogiYogi Berra (3)dagger[notes 52]
137August 20, 1957 Keegan, BobBob Keegan Chicago White Sox6Washington Senators0ALLollar, ShermSherm Lollar[notes 53]
138July 20, 1958 Bunning, JimJim Bunning (1)dagger Detroit Tigers3Boston Red Sox0ALWilson, RedRed Wilson[notes 54]
139September 20, 1958 Wilhelm, HoytHoyt Wilhelm dagger Baltimore Orioles1New York Yankees0ALTriandos, GusGus Triandos (1)[notes 55]
140May 15, 1960 Cardwell, DonDon Cardwell Chicago Cubs4St. Louis Cardinals0NLRice, DelDel Rice[notes 56]
141August 18, 1960 Burdette, LewLew Burdette Milwaukee Braves1Philadelphia Phillies0NLCrandall, DelDel Crandall (2)[notes 57]
142September 16, 1960 Spahn, WarrenWarren Spahn (1)dagger Milwaukee Braves4Philadelphia Phillies0NLCrandall, DelDel Crandall (3)
143April 28, 1961 Spahn, WarrenWarren Spahn (2)dagger Milwaukee Braves1San Francisco Giants0NLLau, CharleyCharley Lau
144May 5, 1962 Belinsky, BoBo Belinsky Los Angeles Angels2Baltimore Orioles0ALRodgers, BuckBuck Rodgers[notes 58]
145June 26, 1962 Wilson, EarlEarl Wilson Boston Red Sox2Los Angeles Angels0ALTillman, BobBob Tillman (1)[notes 59]
146June 30, 1962 Koufax, SandySandy Koufax (1)dagger Los Angeles Dodgers5New York Mets0NLRoseboro, JohnnyJohnny Roseboro (1)[notes 60]
147August 1, 1962 Monbouquette, BillBill Monbouquette Boston Red Sox1Chicago White Sox0ALPagliaroni, JimJim Pagliaroni (1)
148August 26, 1962 Kralick, JackJack Kralick Minnesota Twins1Kansas City Athletics0ALBattey, EarlEarl Battey[notes 61]
149May 11, 1963 Koufax, SandySandy Koufax (2)dagger Los Angeles Dodgers8San Francisco Giants0NLRoseboro, JohnnyJohnny Roseboro (2)
150May 17, 1963 Nottebart, DonDon Nottebart Houston Colt .45s4Philadelphia Phillies1NLBateman, JohnJohn Bateman (1)
151June 15, 1963 Marichal, JuanJuan Marichal dagger San Francisco Giants1Houston Colt .45s0NLBailey, EdEd Bailey[notes 62]
152April 23, 1964 Johnson, KenKen Johnson Houston Colt .45s0Cincinnati Reds1NLGrote, JerryJerry Grote[notes 63]
153June 4, 1964 Koufax, SandySandy Koufax (3)dagger Los Angeles Dodgers3Philadelphia Phillies0NLCamilli, DougDoug Camilli[notes 64]
154June 21, 1964 Bunning, JimJim Bunning (2)dagger Philadelphia Phillies6New York Mets0NLTriandos, GusGus Triandos (2)[notes 65]
155August 19, 1965 Maloney, JimJim Maloney (1) Cincinnati Reds1Chicago Cubs0NLEdwards, JohnnyJohnny Edwards (1)[notes 66]
156September 9, 1965 Koufax, SandySandy Koufax (4)dagger Los Angeles Dodgers1Chicago Cubs0NLTorborg, JeffJeff Torborg (1)[notes 67]
157September 16, 1965 Morehead, DaveDave Morehead Boston Red Sox2Cleveland Indians0ALTillman, BobBob Tillman (2)[notes 68]
158June 10, 1966 Siebert, SonnySonny Siebert Cleveland Indians2Washington Senators0ALAzcue, JoeJoe Azcue (1)
159April 30, 1967 Barber, SteveSteve Barber (8 23 IP)
Stu Miller (13 IP)
Baltimore Orioles1Detroit Tigers2ALEtchebarren, AndyAndy Etchebarren (8 IP)
Larry Haney (1 IP)
[notes 69]
160June 18, 1967 Wilson, DonDon Wilson (1) Houston Astros2Atlanta Braves0NLAdlesh, DaveDave Adlesh[notes 70]
161August 25, 1967 Chance, DeanDean Chance Minnesota Twins2Cleveland Indians1ALZimmerman, JerryJerry Zimmerman[notes 71]
162September 10, 1967 Horlen, JoelJoel Horlen Chicago White Sox6Detroit Tigers0ALMartin, J. C.J. C. Martin[notes 72]
163April 27, 1968 Phoebus, TomTom Phoebus Baltimore Orioles6Boston Red Sox0ALBlefary, CurtCurt Blefary
164May 8, 1968 Hunter, CatfishCatfish Hunter dagger Oakland Athletics4Minnesota Twins0ALPagliaroni, JimJim Pagliaroni (2)[notes 73]
165July 29, 1968 Culver, GeorgeGeorge Culver Cincinnati Reds6Philadelphia Phillies1NLPat Corrales[notes 74]
166September 17, 1968 Perry, GaylordGaylord Perry dagger San Francisco Giants1St. Louis Cardinals0NLDick Dietz[notes 75]
167September 18, 1968 Washburn, RayRay Washburn St. Louis Cardinals2San Francisco Giants0NLEdwards, JohnnyJohnny Edwards (2)[notes 76]
168April 17, 1969 Stoneman, BillBill Stoneman (1) Montreal Expos7Philadelphia Phillies0NLBateman, JohnJohn Bateman (2)[notes 77]
169April 30, 1969 Maloney, JimJim Maloney (2) Cincinnati Reds10Houston Astros0NLBench, JohnnyJohnny Bench dagger[notes 78]
170May 1, 1969 Wilson, DonDon Wilson (2) Houston Astros4Cincinnati Reds0NLBryant, DonDon Bryant[notes 79]
171August 13, 1969 Palmer, JimJim Palmer dagger Baltimore Orioles8Oakland Athletics0ALHendricks, EllieEllie Hendricks[notes 80]
172August 19, 1969 Holtzman, KenKen Holtzman (1) Chicago Cubs3Atlanta Braves0NLHeath, BillBill Heath (7 23 IP)
Gene Oliver (1 13 IP)
[notes 81]
173September 20, 1969 Moose, BobBob Moose Pittsburgh Pirates4New York Mets0NLManny Sanguillén[notes 82]
174June 12, 1970 Ellis, DockDock Ellis Pittsburgh Pirates2San Diego Padres0NLJerry May[notes 83]
175July 3, 1970 Wright, ClydeClyde Wright California Angels4Oakland Athletics0ALAzcue, JoeJoe Azcue (2)[notes 84]
176July 20, 1970 Singer, BillBill Singer Los Angeles Dodgers5Philadelphia Phillies0NLTorborg, JeffJeff Torborg (2)
177September 21, 1970 Blue, VidaVida Blue (1) Oakland Athletics6Minnesota Twins0ALTenace, GeneGene Tenace (1)[notes 85]
178June 3, 1971 Holtzman, KenKen Holtzman (2) Chicago Cubs1Cincinnati Reds0NLBreeden, DannyDanny Breeden[notes 86]
179June 23, 1971 Wise, RickRick Wise Philadelphia Phillies4Cincinnati Reds0NLMcCarver, TimTim McCarver (1)[notes 87]
180August 14, 1971 Gibson, BobBob Gibson dagger St. Louis Cardinals11Pittsburgh Pirates0NLSimmons, TedTed Simmons (1)[notes 88]
181April 16, 1972 Hooton, BurtBurt Hooton Chicago Cubs4Philadelphia Phillies0NLHundley, RandyRandy Hundley (1)
182September 2, 1972 Pappas, MiltMilt Pappas Chicago Cubs8San Diego Padres0NLHundley, RandyRandy Hundley (2)[notes 89]
183October 2, 1972 Stoneman, BillBill Stoneman (2) Montreal Expos7New York Mets0NLMcCarver, TimTim McCarver (2)[notes 90]
184April 27, 1973 Busby, SteveSteve Busby (1) Kansas City Royals3Detroit Tigers0ALHealy, FranFran Healy (1)[notes 91]
185May 15, 1973 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan (1)dagger California Angels3Kansas City Royals0ALTorborg, JeffJeff Torborg (3)
186July 15, 1973 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan (2)dagger California Angels6Detroit Tigers0ALKusnyer, ArtArt Kusnyer[notes 92]
187July 30, 1973 Bibby, JimJim Bibby Texas Rangers6Oakland Athletics0ALBillings, DickDick Billings
188August 5, 1973 Niekro, PhilPhil Niekro dagger Atlanta Braves9San Diego Padres0NLPaul Casanova
189June 19, 1974 Busby, SteveSteve Busby (2) Kansas City Royals2Milwaukee Brewers0ALHealy, FranFran Healy (2)
190July 19, 1974 Bosman, DickDick Bosman Cleveland Indians4Oakland Athletics0ALEllis, JohnJohn Ellis[notes 93]
191September 28, 1974 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan (3)dagger California Angels4Minnesota Twins0ALEgan, TomTom Egan
192June 1, 1975 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan (4)dagger California Angels1Baltimore Orioles0ALRodríguez, EllieEllie Rodríguez
193August 24, 1975 Halicki, EdEd Halicki San Francisco Giants6New York Mets0NLRader, DaveDave Rader[notes 94]
194September 28, 1975 Blue, VidaVida Blue (2) (5 IP)
Glenn Abbott (1 IP)
Paul Lindblad (1 IP)
Rollie Fingers (2 IP)dagger
Oakland Athletics5California Angels0ALTenace, GeneGene Tenace (2) (6 IP)
Ray Fosse (1) (3 IP)
[notes 95]
195July 9, 1976 Dierker, LarryLarry Dierker Houston Astros6Montreal Expos0NLHerrmann, EdEd Herrmann[notes 96]
196July 28, 1976 Odom, Blue MoonBlue Moon Odom (5 IP)
Francisco Barrios (4 IP)
Chicago White Sox2Oakland Athletics1ALEssian, JimJim Essian
197August 9, 1976 Candelaria, JohnJohn Candelaria Pittsburgh Pirates2Los Angeles Dodgers0NLDyer, DuffyDuffy Dyer[notes 97]
198September 29, 1976 Montefusco, JohnJohn Montefusco San Francisco Giants9Atlanta Braves0NLAlexander, GaryGary Alexander
199May 14, 1977 Colborn, JimJim Colborn Kansas City Royals6Texas Rangers0ALPorter, DarrellDarrell Porter (1)
200May 30, 1977 Eckersley, DennisDennis Eckersley dagger Cleveland Indians1California Angels0ALFosse, RayRay Fosse (2)
201September 22, 1977 Blyleven, BertBert Blyleven dagger Texas Rangers6California Angels0ALSundberg, JimJim Sundberg
202April 16, 1978 Forsch, BobBob Forsch (1) St. Louis Cardinals5Philadelphia Phillies0NLSimmons, TedTed Simmons (2)[notes 98]
203June 16, 1978 Seaver, TomTom Seaver dagger Cincinnati Reds4St. Louis Cardinals0NLWerner, DonDon Werner[notes 99]
204April 7, 1979 Forsch, KenKen Forsch Houston Astros6Atlanta Braves0NLAshby, AlanAlan Ashby (1)[notes 100]
205June 27, 1980 Reuss, JerryJerry Reuss Los Angeles Dodgers8San Francisco Giants0NLYeager, SteveSteve Yeager[notes 101]
206May 10, 1981 Lea, CharlieCharlie Lea Montreal Expos4San Francisco Giants0NLCarter, GaryGary Carter dagger[notes 102]
207May 15, 1981 Barker, LenLen Barker Cleveland Indians3Toronto Blue Jays0ALHassey, RonRon Hassey (1)[notes 103]
208September 26, 1981 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan (5)dagger Houston Astros5Los Angeles Dodgers0NLAshby, AlanAlan Ashby (2)[notes 104]
209July 4, 1983 Righetti, DaveDave Righetti New York Yankees4Boston Red Sox0ALWynegar, ButchButch Wynegar[notes 105]
210September 26, 1983 Forsch, BobBob Forsch (2) St. Louis Cardinals3Montreal Expos0NLPorter, DarrellDarrell Porter (2)
211September 29, 1983 Warren, MikeMike Warren Oakland Athletics3Chicago White Sox0ALHeath, MikeMike Heath
212April 7, 1984 Morris, JackJack Morris Detroit Tigers4Chicago White Sox0ALParrish, LanceLance Parrish (1)[notes 106]
213September 30, 1984 Witt, MikeMike Witt (1) California Angels1Texas Rangers0ALBoone, BobBob Boone[notes 107]
214September 19, 1986 Cowley, JoeJoe Cowley Chicago White Sox7California Angels1ALKarkovice, RonRon Karkovice (1)[notes 108]
215September 25, 1986 Scott, MikeMike Scott Houston Astros2San Francisco Giants0NLAshby, AlanAlan Ashby (3)[notes 109]
216April 15, 1987 Nieves, JuanJuan Nieves Milwaukee Brewers7Baltimore Orioles0ALSchroeder, BillBill Schroeder
217September 16, 1988 Browning, TomTom Browning Cincinnati Reds1Los Angeles Dodgers0NLReed, JeffJeff Reed[notes 110]
218April 11, 1990 Langston, MarkMark Langston (7 IP)
Mike Witt (2) (2 IP)
California Angels1Seattle Mariners0ALParrish, LanceLance Parrish (2)
219June 2, 1990 Johnson, RandyRandy Johnson (1)dagger Seattle Mariners2Detroit Tigers0ALBradley, ScottScott Bradley
220June 11, 1990 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan (6)dagger Texas Rangers5Oakland Athletics0ALRussell, JohnJohn Russell
221June 29, 1990 Stewart, DaveDave Stewart Oakland Athletics5Toronto Blue Jays0ALSteinbach, TerryTerry Steinbach (1)[notes 111]
222June 29, 1990 Valenzuela, FernandoFernando Valenzuela Los Angeles Dodgers6St. Louis Cardinals0NLScioscia, MikeMike Scioscia (1)[notes 112]
223August 15, 1990 Mulholland, TerryTerry Mulholland Philadelphia Phillies6San Francisco Giants0NLDaulton, DarrenDarren Daulton[notes 113]
224September 2, 1990 Stieb, DaveDave Stieb Toronto Blue Jays3Cleveland Indians0ALBorders, PatPat Borders[notes 114]
225May 1, 1991 Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan (7)dagger Texas Rangers3Toronto Blue Jays0ALStanley, MikeMike Stanley[notes 115]
226May 23, 1991 Greene, TommyTommy Greene Philadelphia Phillies2Montreal Expos0NLFletcher, DarrinDarrin Fletcher[notes 116]
227July 13, 1991 Milacki, BobBob Milacki (6 IP)
Mike Flanagan (1 IP)
Mark Williamson (1 IP)
Gregg Olson (1 IP)
Baltimore Orioles2Oakland Athletics0ALHoiles, ChrisChris Hoiles
228July 28, 1991 Martínez, DennisDennis Martínez Montreal Expos2Los Angeles Dodgers0NLHassey, RonRon Hassey (2)[notes 117]
229August 11, 1991 Álvarez, WilsonWilson Álvarez Chicago White Sox7Baltimore Orioles0ALKarkovice, RonRon Karkovice (2)[notes 118]
230August 26, 1991 Saberhagen, BretBret Saberhagen Kansas City Royals7Chicago White Sox0ALMayne, BrentBrent Mayne
231September 11, 1991 Mercker, KentKent Mercker (1) (6 IP)
Mark Wohlers (2 IP)
Alejandro Peña (1 IP)
Atlanta Braves1San Diego Padres0NLOlson, GregGreg Olson
232August 17, 1992 Gross, KevinKevin Gross Los Angeles Dodgers2San Francisco Giants0NLScioscia, MikeMike Scioscia (2)
233April 22, 1993 Bosio, ChrisChris Bosio Seattle Mariners2Boston Red Sox0ALValle, DaveDave Valle
234September 4, 1993 Abbott, JimJim Abbott New York Yankees4Cleveland Indians0ALNokes, MattMatt Nokes[notes 119]
235September 8, 1993 Kile, DarrylDarryl Kile Houston Astros7New York Mets1NLServais, ScottScott Servais (1)[notes 120]
236April 8, 1994 Mercker, KentKent Mercker (2) Atlanta Braves6Los Angeles Dodgers0NLLopez, JavyJavy Lopez
237April 27, 1994 Erickson, ScottScott Erickson Minnesota Twins6Milwaukee Brewers0ALWalbeck, MattMatt Walbeck
238July 28, 1994 Rogers, KennyKenny Rogers Texas Rangers4California Angels0ALRodríguez, IvánIván Rodríguez (1)[notes 121]
239July 14, 1995 Martínez, RamónRamón Martínez Los Angeles Dodgers7Florida Marlins0NLPiazza, MikeMike Piazza (1)

[notes 122]

240May 11, 1996 Leiter, AlAl Leiter Florida Marlins11Colorado Rockies0NLJohnson, CharlesCharles Johnson (1)

[notes 123]

241May 14, 1996 Gooden, DwightDwight Gooden New York Yankees2Seattle Mariners0ALGirardi, JoeJoe Girardi (1)[notes 124]
242September 17, 1996 Nomo, HideoHideo Nomo (1) Los Angeles Dodgers9Colorado Rockies0NLPiazza, MikeMike Piazza (2) [notes 125]
243June 10, 1997 Brown, KevinKevin Brown Florida Marlins9San Francisco Giants0NLJohnson, CharlesCharles Johnson (2)[notes 126]
244July 12, 1997 Córdova, FranciscoFrancisco Córdova (9 IP)
Ricardo Rincón (1 IP)
Pittsburgh Pirates3Houston Astros0NLJason Kendall[notes 127]
245May 17, 1998 Wells, DavidDavid Wells New York Yankees4Minnesota Twins0ALPosada, JorgeJorge Posada[notes 128]
246June 25, 1999 Jiménez, JoséJosé Jiménez St. Louis Cardinals1Arizona Diamondbacks0NLCastillo, AlbertoAlberto Castillo[notes 129]
247July 18, 1999 Cone, DavidDavid Cone New York Yankees (AL)6Montreal Expos (NL)0InterGirardi, JoeJoe Girardi (2)[notes 130]
248September 11, 1999 Milton, EricEric Milton Minnesota Twins7Anaheim Angels0ALSteinbach, TerryTerry Steinbach (2)
249April 4, 2001 Nomo, HideoHideo Nomo (2) Boston Red Sox3Baltimore Orioles0ALVaritek, JasonJason Varitek (1)[notes 131]
250May 12, 2001 Burnett, A. J.A. J. Burnett Florida Marlins3San Diego Padres0NLJohnson, CharlesCharles Johnson (3)[notes 132]
251September 3, 2001 Smith, BudBud Smith St. Louis Cardinals4San Diego Padres0NLMarrero, EliEli Marrero [69]
252April 27, 2002 Lowe, DerekDerek Lowe Boston Red Sox10Tampa Bay Devil Rays0ALVaritek, JasonJason Varitek (2)
253April 27, 2003 Millwood, KevinKevin Millwood (1) Philadelphia Phillies1San Francisco Giants0NLLieberthal, MikeMike Lieberthal[notes 133]
254June 11, 2003 Oswalt, RoyRoy Oswalt (1 IP)
Pete Munro (2 23 IP)
Kirk Saarloos (1 13 IP)
Brad Lidge (2 IP)
Octavio Dotel (1 IP)
Billy Wagner (1 IP)
Houston Astros (NL)8New York Yankees (AL)0InterAusmus, BradBrad Ausmus[notes 134]
255May 18, 2004 Johnson, RandyRandy Johnson (2)dagger Arizona Diamondbacks2Atlanta Braves0NLHammock, RobbyRobby Hammock[notes 135]
256September 6, 2006 Sánchez, AníbalAníbal Sánchez double-dagger Florida Marlins2Arizona Diamondbacks0NLOlivo, MiguelMiguel Olivo (1) double-dagger[notes 136]
257April 18, 2007 Buehrle, MarkMark Buehrle (1)double-dagger Chicago White Sox6Texas Rangers0ALPierzynski, A. J.A. J. Pierzynski (1) double-dagger[notes 137]
258June 12, 2007 Verlander, JustinJustin Verlander (1)double-dagger Detroit Tigers (AL)4Milwaukee Brewers (NL)0InterRodríguez, IvánIván Rodríguez (2)[notes 138]
259September 1, 2007 Buchholz, ClayClay Buchholz double-dagger Boston Red Sox10Baltimore Orioles0ALVaritek, JasonJason Varitek (3)[notes 139]
260May 19, 2008 Lester, JonJon Lester double-dagger Boston Red Sox7Kansas City Royals0ALVaritek, JasonJason Varitek (4)[notes 140]
261September 14, 2008 Zambrano, CarlosCarlos Zambrano Chicago Cubs5Houston Astros0NLSoto, GeovanyGeovany Soto double-dagger[notes 141]
262July 10, 2009 Sánchez, JonathanJonathan Sánchez double-dagger San Francisco Giants8San Diego Padres0NLWhiteside, EliEli Whiteside[notes 142]
263July 23, 2009 Buehrle, MarkMark Buehrle (2)double-dagger Chicago White Sox5Tampa Bay Rays0ALCastro, RamónRamón Castro[notes 143]
264April 17, 2010 Jiménez, UbaldoUbaldo Jiménez double-dagger Colorado Rockies4Atlanta Braves0NLOlivo, MiguelMiguel Olivo (2) double-dagger[notes 144]
265May 9, 2010 Braden, DallasDallas Braden Oakland Athletics4Tampa Bay Rays0ALPowell, LandonLandon Powell[notes 145]
266May 29, 2010 Halladay, RoyRoy Halladay (1) Philadelphia Phillies1Florida Marlins0NLRuiz, CarlosCarlos Ruiz (1) double-dagger[notes 146]
267June 25, 2010 Jackson, EdwinEdwin Jackson double-dagger Arizona Diamondbacks (NL)1Tampa Bay Rays (AL)0InterMontero, MiguelMiguel Montero (1) double-dagger[notes 147]
268July 26, 2010 Garza, MattMatt Garza double-dagger Tampa Bay Rays5Detroit Tigers0ALShoppach, KellyKelly Shoppach[notes 148]
269October 6, 2010 Halladay, RoyRoy Halladay (2) Philadelphia Phillies4Cincinnati Reds0NLRuiz, CarlosCarlos Ruiz (2) double-dagger[notes 149]
270May 3, 2011 Liriano, FranciscoFrancisco Liriano double-dagger Minnesota Twins1Chicago White Sox0ALButera, DrewDrew Butera (1) double-dagger[notes 150]
271May 7, 2011 Verlander, JustinJustin Verlander (2)double-dagger Detroit Tigers9Toronto Blue Jays0ALAvila, AlexAlex Avila double-dagger[notes 151]
272July 27, 2011 Santana, ErvinErvin Santana double-dagger Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim3Cleveland Indians1ALWilson, BobbyBobby Wilson double-dagger
273April 21, 2012 Humber, PhilipPhilip Humber Chicago White Sox4Seattle Mariners0ALPierzynski, A. J.A. J. Pierzynski (2) double-dagger[notes 152]
274May 2, 2012 Weaver, JeredJered Weaver double-dagger Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim9Minnesota Twins0ALIannetta, ChrisChris Iannetta double-dagger
275June 1, 2012 Santana, JohanJohan Santana double-dagger New York Mets8St. Louis Cardinals0NLThole, JoshJosh Thole double-dagger[notes 153]
276June 8, 2012 Millwood, KevinKevin Millwood (2) (6 IP)
Charlie Furbush (23 IP)double-dagger
Stephen Pryor (13 IP)double-dagger
Lucas Luetge (13 IP)double-dagger
Brandon League (23 IP)double-dagger
Tom Wilhelmsen (1 IP)double-dagger
Seattle Mariners (AL)1Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)0InterMontero, JesúsJesús Montero double-dagger[notes 154]
277June 13, 2012 Cain, MattMatt Cain double-dagger San Francisco Giants10Houston Astros0NLPosey, BusterBuster Posey (1) double-dagger[notes 155]
278August 15, 2012 Hernández, FélixFélix Hernández double-dagger Seattle Mariners1Tampa Bay Rays0ALJaso, JohnJohn Jaso double-dagger[notes 156]
279September 28, 2012 Bailey, HomerHomer Bailey (1) double-dagger Cincinnati Reds1Pittsburgh Pirates0NLHanigan, RyanRyan Hanigan (1) double-dagger
280July 2, 2013 Bailey, HomerHomer Bailey (2) double-dagger Cincinnati Reds3San Francisco Giants0NLHanigan, RyanRyan Hanigan (2) double-dagger[notes 157]
281July 13, 2013 Lincecum, TimTim Lincecum (1) double-dagger San Francisco Giants9San Diego Padres0NLPosey, BusterBuster Posey (2) double-dagger[notes 158]
282September 29, 2013 Álvarez, HendersonHenderson Álvarez double-dagger Miami Marlins (NL)1Detroit Tigers (AL)0InterHill, KoyieKoyie Hill[notes 159]
283May 25, 2014 Beckett, JoshJosh Beckett Los Angeles Dodgers6Philadelphia Phillies0NLButera, DrewDrew Butera (2) double-dagger

[notes 160]

284June 18, 2014 Kershaw, ClaytonClayton Kershaw double-dagger Los Angeles Dodgers8Colorado Rockies0NLEllis, A. J.A. J. Ellis double-dagger

[notes 161]

285June 25, 2014 Lincecum, TimTim Lincecum (2) double-dagger San Francisco Giants4San Diego Padres0NLSánchez, HéctorHéctor Sánchez double-dagger

[notes 162]

286September 1, 2014 Hamels, ColeCole Hamels (1) (6 IP)double-dagger
Jake Diekman (1 IP)double-dagger
Ken Giles (1 IP)double-dagger
Jonathan Papelbon (1 IP)double-dagger
Philadelphia Phillies7Atlanta Braves0NLRuiz, CarlosCarlos Ruiz (3) double-dagger

[notes 163]

287September 28, 2014 Zimmermann, JordanJordan Zimmermann double-dagger Washington Nationals1Miami Marlins0NLRamos, WilsonWilson Ramos (1) double-dagger

[notes 164]

288June 9, 2015 Heston, ChrisChris Heston double-dagger San Francisco Giants5New York Mets0NLPosey, BusterBuster Posey (3) double-dagger

[notes 165]

289June 20, 2015 Scherzer, MaxMax Scherzer (1) double-dagger Washington Nationals6Pittsburgh Pirates0NLRamos, WilsonWilson Ramos (2) double-dagger[notes 166]
290July 25, 2015 Hamels, ColeCole Hamels (2) double-dagger Philadelphia Phillies5Chicago Cubs0NLRuiz, CarlosCarlos Ruiz (4) double-dagger[notes 167]
291August 12, 2015 Iwakuma, HisashiHisashi Iwakuma double-dagger Seattle Mariners3Baltimore Orioles0ALSucre, JesúsJesús Sucre double-dagger[notes 168]
292August 21, 2015 Fiers, MikeMike Fiers double-dagger Houston Astros (AL)3Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)0InterCastro, JasonJason Castro double-dagger[notes 169]
293August 30, 2015 Arrieta, JakeJake Arrieta (1) double-dagger Chicago Cubs2Los Angeles Dodgers0NLMontero, MiguelMiguel Montero (2) double-dagger[notes 170]
294October 3, 2015 Scherzer, MaxMax Scherzer (2) double-dagger Washington Nationals2New York Mets0NLRamos, WilsonWilson Ramos (3) double-dagger[notes 171]
295April 21, 2016 Arrieta, JakeJake Arrieta (2) double-dagger Chicago Cubs16Cincinnati Reds0NLRoss, DavidDavid Ross double-dagger[notes 172]

No-Hitters by Team

No-Hitters Team
25Los Angeles Dodgers
18Boston Red Sox
18Chicago White Sox
17San Francisco Giants
16Cincinnati Reds
15Chicago Cubs
14Atlanta Braves
14Cleveland Indians
13Philadelphia Phillies
11Houston Astros
11New York Yankees
11Oakland Athletics
10Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
8St. Louis Cardinals
7Detroit Tigers
7Washington Nationals
6Pittsburgh Pirates
5Baltimore Orioles (modern)
5Miami Marlins
5Minnesota Twins
5Seattle Mariners
5Texas Rangers
4Kansas City Royals
4Louisville Colonels
4Philadelphia Athletics
4Montreal Expos[71]
3Baltimore Orioles (old)
2Arizona Diamondbacks
2Buffalo Bisons
2Columbus Buckeyes
2Providence Grays
1Brooklyn Tip-Tops
1Chicago Chi-Feds/Whales
1Cincinnati Outlaw Reds
1Cleveland Blues
1Cleveland Spiders
1Colorado Rockies
1Kansas City Cowboys
1Kansas City Packers
1Milwaukee Brewers (old)
1Milwaukee Brewers (modern)
1New York Mets
1Pittsburgh Rebels
1Rochester Broncos
1Tampa Bay Rays
1Toronto Blue Jays

Italics indicate defunct team. The San Diego Padres are the only modern team who have never had a no-hitter.

Near no-hitters

Regulation games in which a pitcher or staff pitches less than nine full innings, or in which a hit is allowed in extra innings, do not qualify as no-hitters. However, before the rules were tightened in 1991, such games did count as official no-hitters.

Regulation no-hit losses ending in the middle of the ninth

Due to the fact that the home team does not bat in the bottom of the ninth inning if they are leading after the top, a visiting pitcher (or pitchers) may complete a full game without allowing a hit but not be credited with an official no-hitter. If the visiting team allows a sufficient amount of runs for the home team to win after the top of the ninth, whether by walks, errors, or anything else not involving hits, the pitcher(s) will not be credited with an official no-hitter because they pitched only 8 innings (though such no-hitters were counted before 1991). This has happened only four times in major-league history.[72][73]

Interleague play

American League

Players' League

Shortened games

Under certain circumstances, if a game cannot continue because of the weather, darkness, or any other reason, but if at least 5 innings have been completed, the game can count as an officially completed game. No-hitters pitched under such circumstances were counted before 1991, but no longer count as official no-hitters because 9 innings were not completed. Pitchers listed in bold signify the pitcher was pitching a perfect game until the game was shortened. These games do not count as official perfect games.

National League

American League

American Association

Union Association

Nine-inning no-hitters broken up in extra innings

No-hitters were formerly counted even if hits were allowed in extra innings, but not after the rules were tightened in 1991. Pitchers listed in bold signify the pitcher was pitching a perfect game through nine innings.

National League

American League


  1. Major League Baseball seasons since 1901 without a no-hitter pitched are 1909, 1913, 1921, 19271928, 19321933, 1936, 1939, 19421943, 1949, 1959, 1982, 1985, 1989, 2000 and 2005.
  2. National Association not recognized as a "major" league by Major League Baseball
  3. 10 innings
  4. First career start. First game of a doubleheader on the final day of the season.
  5. First career game.
  6. First no-hitter at modern pitching distance of 60'6".
  7. First game of a doubleheader.
  8. First of two no-hitters on the same day.
  9. Second of two no-hitters on the same day.
  10. Second game of a doubleheader.
  11. First game of a doubleheader.
  12. Second game of a doubleheader.
  13. Only baserunners came on errors by Bill Dahlen and Billy Gilbert.
  14. First game of a doubleheader.
  15. Second game of a doubleheader.
  16. First game of a doubleheader.
  17. The Phillies would not have another no-hitter until Jim Bunning's perfect game in 1964.
  18. Eason was the losing pitcher in the previous no-hitter, a feat not duplicated until 2013.
  19. First game of a doubleheader. 10 innings, only baserunner was on a Hit by pitch with 2 outs in the ninth.
  20. Second game of a doubleheader.
  21. To date, Joss is one of only two pitchers in modern history to no-hit the same team twice.
  22. First game of a doubleheader.
  23. Second game of a doubleheader.
  24. First game of a doubleheader.
  25. Second game of a doubleheader.
  26. First game of a doubleheader.
  27. First game of a doubleheader.
  28. 10 innings; See Double No-Hitter
  29. The same teams, in the same park, on the next day as the previous no-hitter, but the second game of a doubleheader. The White Sox went on to win the 1917 World Series—to date, the only time a team won a World Series after being no-hit twice in the same season.
  30. First game of a doubleheader. Ruth and Thomas were ejected for arguing balls and strikes after walking the first batter, who was then caught stealing. Shore retired the next 26 in a row for a no-hitter completely in relief.[66]
  31. First game of a doubleheader.
  32. Only baserunner came on Bucky Harris' error leading off the 7th.
  33. Jones did not strike out a batter the entire game.
  34. First game of a doubleheader.
  35. Also hit a home run
  36. Second game of a doubleheader. In the first game, Paul's brother Dizzy had a no-hitter for 8 innings but finished with a 3-hit shutout. First no-hitter in 1140 days, the longest gap between no-hitters in the modern era as measured by days.
  37. First no-hitter ever thrown at Comiskey Park.
  38. First of two no-hitters in back-to-back starts.
  39. Second of two no-hitters in back-to-back starts. First-ever night game at Ebbets Field
  40. Second game of a doubleheader.
  41. Opening Day
  42. Second game of a doubleheader.
  43. Against the Brooklyn Dodgers four days later, Blackwell nearly duplicated Vander Meer's double no-hit feat but had this bid broken up in the ninth.
  44. First game of a doubleheader.
  45. Only baserunner came on Ferris Fain's error with one out in the 2nd.
  46. Second game of a doubleheader.
  47. First game of a doubleheader.
  48. First game of a doubleheader. The win gave the Yankees a share of the 1951 pennant, which they clinched outright in the second game.
  49. Trucks pitched two no-hitters in 1952 but went 5-19.
  50. First major league start; Holloman would win only two more Major League games.
  51. First no-hitter by black pitcher.
  52. Game 5 of the 1956 World Series; the first of two postseason no-hitters. First perfect game in the majors since 1922.
  53. Second game of a doubleheader.
  54. First game of a doubleheader.
  55. Wilhelm had pitched primarily in relief prior to this season; this was only his ninth career start.
  56. Second game of a doubleheader. First start after being traded by Phillies to Cubs.
  57. Burdette scored the game's only run.
  58. First of ten no-hitters at Dodger Stadium as of the start of the 2011 season. Belinsky's gem was also the first in Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim history, and the first since major league baseball came to California with the Giants and Dodgers in 1958.
  59. Wilson also hit a home run.
  60. First no hitter by a Dodgers pitcher at Dodger Stadium (see Bo Belinsky's entry above) and the first in team history since the move from Brooklyn in 1958.
  61. Only baserunner was a walk in the 9th.
  62. Marichal was the losing pitcher in Koufax's no-hitter earlier in the season
  63. 9-inning home loss
  64. Koufax faced the minimum 27 batters (the only baserunner was caught stealing).
  65. Father's Day. First game of a doubleheader.
  66. 10 innings
  67. Dodgers only managed 2 baserunners and one hit, setting records for fewest baserunners and hits in a game by both teams combined. The last no-hitter thrown against the Cubs until July 25, 2015. As of 2011, first of only two perfect games at Dodger Stadium – the other was pitched by Dennis Martínez in 1991.
  68. On the same day, the Red Sox fired Pinky Higgins as their general manager.
  69. First game of a doubleheader. 9-inning home loss.
  70. First no-hitter on artificial turf and in a domed stadium.
  71. Second game of a doubleheader.
  72. First game of a doubleheader.
  73. Hunter also batted in three of Oakland's four runs.
  74. Second game of a doubleheader.
  75. The next day in the same park, the Cardinals no-hit the Giants.
  76. The previous day in the same park, the Giants no-hit the Cardinals.
  77. Stoneman's fifth career start; ninth game in Expos franchise history. Sets a record for the earliest no-hitter recorded in a franchise's history.
  78. First game of a two-game series, in which both were no-hitters.
  79. Second game of a two-game series, in which both were no-hitters.
  80. Palmer came off the disabled list four days earlier. Home plate umpire Lou DiMuro's son Mike was umpire for Roy Halladay's 2010 perfect game.
  81. Holtzman did not strike out a batter the entire game.
  82. The Mets would go on to win the 1969 World Series.
  83. First game of a doubleheader. Ellis later claimed to have been under the influence of LSD.[67]
  84. In a pre-game ceremony, Wright had been inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame.
  85. All four no-hitters of 1970 had been pitched in California.
  86. Holtzman scored the game's only run.
  87. Also hit 2 home runs.
  88. First no-hitter in Pittsburgh in 64 years.
  89. Walk with 2 outs in 9th inning only baserunner for Padres
  90. First game of a doubleheader. Second no-hitter pitched in a regular-season game in Canada. Stoneman also pitched the first one in Montreal on April 17, 1969.
  91. First no-hitter by a pitcher who did not come to bat the entire game, under the American League's new designated hitter rule.
  92. Pitched seven innings of no-hit ball in next start. Closest to tying Vander Meer's back-to-back no-hitters since Ewell Blackwell in 1947. Ryan's 17 strikeouts set a record for a no-hitter, tied in 2015 by Max Scherzer. He also became the fourth pitcher to throw two no-hitters in the same season.
  93. Bosman's own fielding error with 2 outs in the 4th allowed Oakland's only baserunner (Sal Bando).
  94. Second game of a doubleheader.
  95. Final day of the regular season.
  96. First no hitter thrown against the Expos, and the third the Expos had participated in (the other 2 were by Bill Stoneman in April 1969 and October 1972).
  97. Game was televised on ABC.
  98. First no-hitter at Busch Memorial Stadium.
  99. Seaver had two previous bids broken up in the ninth, including a perfect game bid in 1969 while pitching for the Mets.
  100. Bob and Ken Forsch are the only set of brothers to have thrown no-hitters.
  101. Only baserunner came on Bill Russell's error with 2 outs in the 1st inning
  102. Second game of a doubleheader. Third no-hitter in Expos history. Only no hitter thrown by an Expos pitcher at Olympic Stadium. Previous 2 were one in Philadelphia and one also in Montreal, but at Jarry Park (Bill Stoneman in 1969 and 1972).
  103. First no hitter thrown against the Blue Jays – the first no-hitter by a Toronto pitcher would also be played in Cleveland, see the entry for Dave Stieb's 1990 no hitter.
  104. Broke Sandy Koufax's old record of no-hitters. The Dodgers would go on to win the 1981 World Series.
  105. First no-hitter for the Yankees since Don Larsen's perfect game.
  106. Game was televised on NBC. Fourth game of Tigers 1984 season. Detroit would start 9-0 and were 35-5 after 40 games. Went on to win 1984 World Series over San Diego Padres.
  107. Final day of the regular season.
  108. Last win of his career.
  109. Houston clinched the NL West title in this game.
  110. The start of the game was delayed two and a half hours by rain. Browning's teammate Ron Robinson lost a perfect game with two outs in the ninth inning earlier in the season. The Dodgers would go on to win the 1988 World Series.
  111. First of two no-hitters thrown on the same day. First no-hitter against the Blue Jays in Toronto
  112. Second of two no-hitters thrown on the same day.
  113. Only baserunner came on third baseman Charlie Hayes's error leading off the 7th. Hayes would later make a spectacular catch to end the game. Mulholland faced the minimum 27 batters.
  114. Stieb lost three potential no-hitters in the ninth inning over the previous 2 years, including one that would have been a perfect game.
  115. Ryan's 7th and last no-hitter. At 44, Ryan is the oldest pitcher to throw a no-hitter.
  116. Second no-hitter thrown at Olympic Stadium in Montreal and the fifth one all time in Canada
  117. Hassey becomes the first catcher of two Major League perfect games. Fourth and final no hitter in Montreal Expos history and the only perfect game. Also the only no hitter in Expos history thrown outside Montreal.
  118. Second career start; second career game; first game with White Sox
  119. Abbott was born without a right hand.
  120. The Mets scored a run in the fourth inning on a walk, a wild pitch, and an error.
  121. Preserved by a diving catch in the ninth inning by rookie center fielder Rusty Greer.
  122. Only baserunner came on a walk with two outs in the eighth inning.
  123. First no-hitter in Marlins history.
  124. Gooden became the first right-handed pitcher to throw a no-hitter at Yankee Stadium since Don Larsen 40 years earlier.
  125. First no-hitter thrown at Coors Field. First Japanese pitcher to record no-hitter.
  126. Only baserunner was a hit by pitch with two outs in the 8th.
  127. 10 innings. Pinch-hitter Mark Smith hit a walk-off 3-run home run with two outs in the bottom of the tenth inning to secure the no-hitter.
  128. Wells claims to have been hung over.[68]
  129. Ten days later, Jiménez again shut out the Diamondbacks 1-0, allowing only two hits. Randy Johnson was the losing pitcher in both games. First no hitter at Chase Field, then Bank One Ballpark.
  130. First no-hitter/perfect game in regular-season interleague play. Pitched on Yogi Berra Day at Yankee Stadium, with Berra and Don Larsen in attendance.
  131. Nomo's first start with Red Sox. Second game of the season. Earliest (on calendar) no-hitter. First no-hitter at Camden Yards.
  132. 7 strikeouts and 9 walks, most ever in a no-hitter.
  133. On Phillie Phanatic's birthday and their last season at Veterans Stadium. Occurred during the 2003 NFL Draft. ESPN broke away from covering the draft to air the ninth inning.
  134. Oswalt left with an injury in the second inning. Originally held the record for most pitchers used in a combined no-hitter, which was tied on June 8, 2012 when the Mariners no-hit the Dodgers. First interleague no-hitter thrown by away team. First no-hitter thrown by an NL team against an AL team. First official no-hitter against the Yankees in 44 years, a then-Major League record.
  135. Previous no-hitter almost fourteen years earlier.
  136. Diamondbacks are most recent team to perform a no-hitter then suffer the following one. First MLB no-hitter in 6,364 games, the longest gap between no-hitters in history as measured by games played. Randy Johnson, most recent pitcher to throw a no-hitter at the time, took a no-hitter into the seventh inning the same day.
  137. Buehrle faced the minimum 27 batters. The only baserunner was picked off of first base.
  138. First no-hitter at Comerica Park.
  139. Second career game for Buchholz
  140. First time since the 1974 California Angels that one team had last two no hitters in the majors. Varitek sets the record for most no-hitters caught.
  141. Played at Miller Park in Milwaukee because of Hurricane Ike, making it the first no-hitter at a neutral site.
  142. Only baserunner came on Juan Uribe's error with one out in the 8th. Sánchez was 2-8 on the season with a 5.30 ERA at the time and had recently been demoted to the bullpen.
  143. Umpire Eric Cooper called both of Buehrle's no-hitters. In the ninth, new center fielder DeWayne Wise leapt over the wall to take a potential home run away from Gabe Kapler. Buehrle retired first 17 batters in his next start to set the record for consecutive batters retired at 45, spanning three starts.
  144. First no-hitter in Rockies franchise history.
  145. Second perfect game in 12 months. This game was also held on Mother's Day. It was the second perfect game in Oakland Athletics history.
  146. Shortest span between perfect games (20 days). Home plate umpire Mike DiMuro's father, Lou, was umpire for Jim Palmer's 1969 no-hitter.
  147. Jackson walked eight and hit a batter on 149 pitches, the most ever for a no-hitter in MLB history.[70] The Rays became the first team since the 2001 Padres to be no-hit twice in a season, and the first team in history to be no-hit three times within a one-year span.
  148. Garza faced the minimum 27 batters (only baserunner allowed was retired on a double play). Opposing starter Max Scherzer threw 5 23 no-hit innings. The Rays are the first team since 1991 to pitch a no-hitter and be no-hit in the same season, and the first since 1956 to be involved in three no-hitters in one season. Game televised nationally on ESPN.
  149. Game 1 of the 2010 NLDS. Second no-hitter in postseason history, after Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series. Halladay became the fifth pitcher to pitch two no-hitters in the same year, and the first one to do it with a perfect game. One batter reached base.
  150. First complete game of Liriano's career, in 95 starts. His ERA prior to the game was 9.13.
  151. Verlander faced the minimum 27 batters.
  152. Perfect game and Humber's first career complete game
  153. First no-hitter in Mets history and the first no-hitter thrown at Citi Field. A ball hit by St. Louis' Carlos Beltrán was controversially ruled foul by the third base umpire, preserving the no-hitter in the 6th inning.
  154. Millwood left with an injury after the sixth inning. Tied record for most pitchers used in a combined no-hitter. For Pryor, it was his first career victory.
  155. First perfect game in Giants history
  156. First perfect game in Mariners history
  157. Bailey is the first pitcher since Nolan Ryan in 1974-75 to have thrown the Major Leagues' last two no-hitters.
  158. First no-hitter ever thrown in San Diego's Petco Park. Lincecum was the losing pitcher in Bailey's no-hitter 11 days earlier.
  159. 5th no-hitter in Marlins history, and the first ever thrown at Marlins Park. The Marlins scored the winning run in the bottom of the ninth on a wild pitch, with Álvarez standing in the on-deck circle . It was the first no-hitter to end in walk-off fashion since Cordova/Rincon in 1997. It was also the first no hitter thrown on the last day of the regular season since Mike Witt's perfect game on September 30, 1984.
  160. Twenty-fourth no-hitter in Dodgers franchise history and the second thrown at Citizens Bank Park. Beckett fanned six and walked three on his one hundred twenty eight pitch outing. In the ninth inning, he struck out Chase Utley to secure the victory.
  161. Rockies' only baserunner came on a throwing error in the seventh. Kershaw became the first MLB pitcher ever with 15 strikeouts without allowing a single hit or walk. It was also the 3rd no-hitter by a reigning Cy Young Award winner, following Sandy Koufax (1963 CY, 1964 NH) and Bob Gibson (1970 CY, 1971 NH).
  162. Lincecum's second no-hitter in less than a year. Lincecum became the second pitcher all-time, after Addie Joss, to no-hit the same team twice.
  163. Hamels threw 108 pitches in 6 innings.
  164. First no-hitter for the Washington Nationals since the team moved to Washington, and the first by any Washington pitcher since Bobby Burke in 1931. This was the final game for both teams for the 2014 season, and it was the second year in a row in which a no-hitter had been thrown on the final day of the regular season. Henderson Álvarez, who had thrown Miami's no-hitter on the final day of the 2013 season, was the losing pitcher in this game.
  165. Seventeenth no-hitter in Giants franchise history, and the second no-hitter thrown at Citi Field. Heston was the 22nd rookie pitcher to throw a no-hitter. He did not walk a batter, but he hit three of them, joining Wiltse in 1908 and Brown in 1997 as no-hitter pitchers whose only baserunners came on hit batsmen. Heston's is the first such game to feature more than one hit by pitch.
  166. Scherzer was perfect through 8 2/3 innings when he hit pinch-hitter José Tábata to allow the Pirates' only baserunner of the game. Fourth no-hitter pitcher after Wiltse, Brown, and Heston to only allow their baserunners on hit batsmen, and the second after Wiltse to lose a perfect game with two outs in the ninth inning on a hit batsman. Scherzer threw a one-hitter, having been perfect for 6 innings, in his previous start, and was perfect through 5 in his next start after this no-hitter.
  167. Fifth pitcher, after Blue, Witt, Mercker, and Millwood, to pitch a complete game no-hitter as well as contribute to a combined no-hitter. Kris Bryant flew out to Odubel Herrera, who tripped after losing the ball in the sun, on a full count for the final out. This was also the first time that the Cubs were no-hit since Sandy Koufax's perfect game in 1965, and the first no-hitter thrown at Wrigley Field since 1972.
  168. Second Japanese pitcher to throw a Major League no-hitter, after Hideo Nomo. First no-hitter in an American League game since teammate Félix Hernández's perfect game almost exactly three years prior, breaking a string of 12 consecutive NL no-hitters.
  169. Eleventh no-hitter in Astros history, and the first no-hitter for the Astros as an American League team. This was also the first complete-game no-hitter by an Astros pitcher in 22 years.
  170. Dodgers no-hit for the second time in 9 days; this is the shortest interval since the 1923 Philadelphia Athletics and the first time a team were no-hit twice in one calendar month since the 1971 Cincinnati Reds.
  171. Second game of a doubleheader. Scherzer's second no-hitter of the season; both of which also featured no walks. Scherzer was perfect through 5 innings before an error by 3B Yunel Escobar. Scherzer's 17 strikeouts tied Nolan Ryan's record for most in a no-hitter and included 9 straight. Second highest game score ever for a nine-inning game, with 104, following Kerry Wood's 1998 one-hit complete-game shutout. Scherzer becomes the fifth pitcher to throw two no-hitters in the same season.
  172. Fifteenth no-hitter in Cubs history. Most run support in a no-hitter since 1884. First regular season no-hitter against the Reds since 1971. Fourth no-hitter thrown by a reigning Cy Young Award winner.



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