Liberalism and radicalism in Switzerland

This article gives an overview of liberalism and radicalism in Switzerland. It is limited to liberal and radical parties with substantial support, mainly proved by having had a representation in parliament. The sign ⇒ means a reference to another party in that scheme. For inclusion in this scheme it isn't necessary so that parties labeled themselves as a liberal party.


In the nineteenth century radicalism of Freisinn became the dominant political force, which it remained for long times in the twentieth century. Both the major Free Democratic Party of Switzerland (Freisinnig-Demokratische Partei der Schweiz/Parti Radical-Démocratique Suisse, member LI), ELDR) and the minor Liberal Party of Switzerland (Liberale Partei der Schweiz/Parti Libéral Suisse, member LI) were right of center liberal parties which merged into FDP.The Liberals (FDP.Die Liberalen/PLR.Les Libéraux-Radicaux, observer LI, member ALDE) in 2009.

The timeline


From Liberal Democrats to Liberal Party of Switzerland

Free Democratic Party of Switzerland

From Extreme Left to Democratic Party of Switzerland

Ring of Independents

Liberal leaders


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