Liberal Network for Latin America


The Liberal Network for Latin America (Spanish: Red Liberal de América Latina), (Portuguese: Rede Liberal da América Latina), abbreviated to RELIAL, is a network of 39 liberal institutions from 18 Latin American countries. Members of RELIAL include political parties as well as think tanks, foundations and research institutes. Most of the members tend to market liberalism. RELIAL is the regional organization for Latin America of the Liberal International.

It was founded in 2003 with the official launch taking place in Costa Rica November, 2004.


Name Country Organisation type
Fundación Libertad y Progreso  Argentina
Atlas 1853 Foundation (Fundación Atlas 1853)  Argentina
Liberty Foundation (Fundación Libertad)  Argentina
Fundación Cívico Republicana  Argentina
Unión por la Libertad  Argentina Political party
Fundación Bases (associate)  Argentina
New Democracy Foundation (Fundación Nueva Democracia)  Bolivia
Instituto de Estudios Empresariais  Brazil
Liberty Institute  Brazil
Instituto Liberal (associate)  Brazil
Fundación para el Progreso  Chile
Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo  Chile
Instituto de Ciencia Política  Colombia
Association of Free Consumers (Asociación de Consumidores Libres)  Costa Rica
Asociación Nacional de Fomento Económico  Costa Rica
Instituto de Desarollo Empressarial y Acción Social  Costa Rica
IDEAL Latinoamérica (associate)  Costa Rica
Cuban Liberal Union (associate)  Cuba Political party in exile
Centre for Public Policy Analysis (Centro de Análisis para Políticas Públicas)  Dominican Republic
Centro Regional de Estrategias Económicas Sostenibles (CREES)  Dominican Republic
Ecuadorian Institute of Political Economy (Instituto Ecuatoriano de Economía Política)  Ecuador
National Economic Research Center (Centro de Investigaciones Económicas Nacionales)  Guatemala
Liberal Party of Honduras  Honduras Political party
Fundación Eléutera (associate)  Honduras
Fundación Honduras Investiga (associate)  Honduras
Caminos de la Libertad  Mexico
Mexico Business Forum  Mexico
New Alliance Party  Mexico Political party
Freedom Foundation (Fundación Libertad)  Nicaragua Think and Do Tank
Freedom Foundation (Fundación Libertad)  Panama
Freedom Foundation (Fundación Libertad)  Paraguay
Authentic Radical Liberal Party  Paraguay Political party
Human Action Studies Institute (Instituto de Estudios de la Acción Humana)  Peru
Instituto Invertir  Peru
Political Institute for Freedom (Instituto Político para la Libertad)  Peru
Instituto Manuel Oribe (associate)  Uruguay
Center for Education on Economic Knowledge (Centro de Divulgación del Conocimiento Económico)  Venezuela


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