Lago di Lei

Lago di Lei

Location Lombardy (IT), Grisons (CH)
Coordinates 46°28′59″N 9°27′18″E / 46.483°N 9.455°E / 46.483; 9.455Coordinates: 46°28′59″N 9°27′18″E / 46.483°N 9.455°E / 46.483; 9.455
Type hydroelectric reservoir
Primary outflows Reno di Lei
Catchment area 46.5 km²
Basin countries Italy, Switzerland
Max. length 7.7 km
Surface area 4.12 km²
Max. depth 133 m
Water volume 197 mio m³
Surface elevation 1,931 m

Lago di Lei is a reservoir in the Valle di Lei. The reservoir is almost entirely located in Italy, but the barrage was built on territory later assigned to Switzerland (municipality of Innerferrera, Grisons), while an equivalent territory north of the lake was assigned to Italy.[1] The dam is operated by Kraftwerke Hinterrhein. The waters of the lake are the only waters in Italian territory which end up in the North Sea, being part of the Rhine's drainage basin. Other waters of Italy that don't flow to the Mediterranean Sea are found in the valley of Livigno, valley of Sexten, Puster Valley east of Innichen, and most of the waters of the municipality of Tarvisio east of Sella Nevea: all these waters flow to the Black Sea.


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