Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Green Lantern vol. 4 #19 (May 2007)
Created by Geoff Johns
Ethan Van Sciver
In-story information
Place of origin Graxos III
Team affiliations Sinestro Corps
Abilities Qwardian power ring

Karu-Sil is a fictional character, a supervillain in the DC Comics universe.

Publication history

Artist Ethan Van Sciver said on Karu-Sil's creation, "With Karu-Sil, I had the idea for Ghost Rider. If I ever did Ghost Rider, she was going to be a Ghost Rider villain. And I just mentioned the idea to Geoff [Johns], and we turned her into part of the Sinestro Corps." On explaining her name, Sciver said "She's got animals all around her. She's a human carousel. So Geoff called her Karu-Sil and came up with her origin."

Fictional character biography

Karu-Sil was born on Graxos III in Sector 2815, a primitive and violent jungle world. At a very young age, her parents were slaughtered in a raid on her village by a rival tribe, and she was forced to fend for herself in the jungle. She was adopted by a pack of predators. In order to resemble her new family better she carved off her lips, permanently exposing her fanged teeth.

Years later, as she drank water from a river, she was discovered by a young man from a nearby village. Though the man approaches her in friendship, she struck him down. As her pack began devouring the corpse, the Green Lantern Blish of the sector showed up and killed the animals. Not realising she had been part of the pack, Blish took her away to Graxos IV, a more technologically advanced world, to be cared for. There, she brutally killed a psychologist treating her, and she was institutionalized.

It is during this imprisonment that she was recruited into the Sinestro Corps. Once she obtained the power of the ring, she used it to create duplicates of her pack. Despite the fact that they are energy constructs, Karu-Sil still cares for them deeply, even comforting one after Guy Gardner kicks it, exclaiming: "Don't you hurt them!". She refers to them as her "fathers three", and when her ring runs low on power, she states "they need to be fed!"

After the Sinestro Corps War she was captured by the Zamarons and encased in a violet conversion crystal.[1] The conversion crystals found on Zamaron are used to slowly drain the power of rings belonging to members of other corps and replace that power with violet light. Once this process has been completed, the individual will emerge as a Star Sapphire.[2] Sinestro orders his Corps to free the Sinestro Corps members imprisoned on Zamaron by the Star Sapphires.[3] She's released before her conversion is fully completed.[4]

During the Blackest Night, Karu-Sil was attacked by the corpses of her pack, reanimated as Black Lanterns. Although initially unwilling to fight her "fathers", she was convinced by a passing Green Lantern named Zivvireel to join her light with him and destroy them. She then killed the Green Lantern herself.[5]

Powers and abilities

Karu-Sil wields a yellow power ring with powers comparable to that of a Green Lantern.


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