Raker Qarrigat

Raker Qarrigat
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #3, (2000).
Created by Scott Beatty
In-story information
Alter ego Raker Qarrigat
Team affiliations Green Lantern Corps
Abilities Possessor of a Green Lantern Corps Power Ring.

Raker Qarrigat is a fictional Green Lantern member of the DC Comics universe who first appeared in Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #3 (2000). He was created by Scott Beatty. He is abandoned by the Guardians of the Universe and hides in the shadows of Darkseid's domain, Apokolips. Qarrigat defends the downtrodden masses of Apokolips.

Fictional character biography

Qarrigat is recruited on Wolsoon, his homeworld, and is the third representative of the Guardians sent into Apokolips. The first two never returned. Upon his arrival, Quarrigat cuts a swath through the parademon hordes and challenges Darkseid directly, but is swiftly beaten and his hand is crushed. Darkseid decides to spare him, and Qarrigat returns to the Guardians, recommending a full-scale assault on Apokolips.

Realizing they do not have the manpower to challenge Darkseid, the Guardians order the expansion of the Corps, and slowly the Corps grows to a full 3,600. They invade Apokolips but are slaughtered en masse by yellow Parademons, (yellow being the weakness of the Green Lantern Power Ring at that time).

The survivors of the assault regroup with Raker and attack again, using stolen Parademon weaponry. Again Raker faces Darkseid, but their battle is interrupted by the Guardians, who announce a truce and agreement with Darkseid: neither will interfere with each other's territory. Darkseid demanded only one spoil of war: Raker Qarrigat. The Guardians agree and abandon Raker on Apokolips. Before the Green Lanterns leave, the Green Lantern Ash-Pak-Glif secretly passes a Power Ring and Power Battery to Qarrigat. Raker Qarrigat and the attack on Apokolips are expunged from the records on Oa.

Over the years Quarrigat refuses to surrender and fights secretly for the Dogs of Apokolips, as he slowly becomes a legend, the "Legend of the Green Flame". Darkseid decides to keep Qarrigat alive as a beacon of hope, so that that same hope can be crushed by Darkseid.

Qarrigat is discovered alive by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Orion when they find themselves stranded on Apokolips. Qarrigat is initially certain that they have come to rescue him, but he quickly learns that he has been forgotten and the Corps had been destroyed. Discovered by Parademons, Qarrigat fights them off long enough to enable Rayner and Orion to escape Apokolips, but Qarrigat is unable to escape along with them.

Raker rejoins the Green Lantern Corps after its reformation. He is seen during the events of the Sinestro Corps War with a female partner called Kraken, a native of Apokolips.


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