Justice Leagues

"Justice Leagues"

Cover of Justice Leagues: JL? 1 (March 2001). Art by George Pérez.
Publisher DC Comics
Publication date March 2001

"Justice Leagues" was a storyline which ran through six one-shot comics published in 2001 by DC Comics, which introduced a revamped Justice League of America. In the arc, alien invaders, working through a human-seeming agent known as the "Advance Man", used Hector Hammond, a telepathic supervillain, to cause the world to forget the existence of the Justice League of America. When Hammond discovered the Advance Man's true motives, he attempted to reverse the process, but was only able to transmit the partial phrase "Justice League of A--" before being incapacitated by the alien emissary.[1] It was found that the individual members of the Justice League were instinctively creating new crime-fighting organizations beginning with the "Justice League of A" to fill the void. Each issue was supposedly the first of a new series featuring one of the alternate teams, although they were just one-offs.

Featured Justice League of As were the "Justice League of Aliens", led by Superman and the Martian Manhunter; the "Justice League of Amazons", led by Wonder Woman; the "Justice League of Arkham", led by Batman; and the "Justice League of Atlantis", led by Aquaman. Cameo appearances were made by the "Justice League of Adventure", led by the Flash (Wally West); the "Justice League of Air", led by Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner); the "Justice League of Anarchy", led by Plastic Man; and the "Justice League of Apostles", led by the angel Zauriel.


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Justice League divisions

Justice League of Amazons

The Justice League of Amazons was a team of all female superheroes.

The goal of the Justice League of Amazons was to use their powers and abilities to "protect and defend mother earth and her children." The women went to the Selva Basin to investigate the disappearance of some logging camps. When they arrived, they found a group of loggers who were about to start taking down some of the rainforest. However, there was a shaman standing in their way and preventing them from moving forward. The loggers attacked both the shaman and the Justice League of Amazons and a fight ensued. The loggers were quickly defeated. After the fight, the shaman returned home. It was then revealed that he was actually the Advance Man in disguise. He had used the Justice League of Amazons to remove the loggers from the area so that he would be able to find an unknown spider that carried a virus capable of "exterminating the human surplus." While the Justice League of Amazons were relaxing at the Amazon River, Aquaman appeared with several other heroes asked Power Girl to join them and the rest of the "Justice League of Atlantis".[2]

Justice League of Anarchy

The Justice League of Anarchy were a team composed of comedy-themed super-heroes.[2]

Justice League of Atlantis

The Justice League of Atlantis was a team of aquatic superheroes.

Aquaman formed the Justice League of Atlantis as he was investigating an area nearby Atlantis which was filled with dead sea life. When he was there, he discovered cybernetic dolphins and sharks swimming together. He followed these to a large metal object with tentacles that was absorbing metals and minerals from the ocean floor. The Justice League of Atlantis was brought together and they searched the new metal structure. There, the cybernetic dolphins and sharks attacked, though were defeated with ease by The Justice League of Atlantis. Devilfish then destroyed the large metal structure before anyone was able to figure out its purpose. Devilfish left the group and joined the Advance Man, where other similar metal structures existed.[3]

Justice League of Apostles

The Justice League of Apostles were a team of superheroes based around the theme of religion or the supernatural.[3]

Justice League of Adventure

The Justice League of Adventure were a team of superheroes. Unlike the other divisions, here there is no obvious connecting theme.[4]

Justice League of Arkham

The Justice League of Arkham was a team of Batman supporting characters.

After learning of the Advance Man's plan to release a toxic gas that reacts with water in Gotham City. When the toxic gas mixes with the water it kills every form of life that in encounters. Batman freed The Joker from the Slab' and he also freed The Riddler, Poison Ivy, and The Ventriloquist from Arkham Asylum so they could aid him in stopping the Advance Man. The Justice League of Arkham broke into the processing plant that the Advance Man was planning to release the toxic gas in and captured him. While interrogating him, the Joker escaped. Both Batman and Nightwing went in pursuit. During this time, the Advance Man convinced the remaining super-villains to abandon Batman. After they left, the Advance Man was able to free himself and teleported to San Francisco.[4]

Justice League of Aliens

The Justice League of Aliens was a team of alien superheroes.

Martian Manhunter formed the Justice League of Aliens as a way for the alien heroes that occupy Earth to show the humans can trust them. Not everyone that J'onn had gathered was interested in becoming part of the League, however. Both Starman and Orion felt they did not need to be part of a team. Starman left the team, but Orion remained. The Advance Man's large metal structures that he had created during the "Justice League of Atlantis" became active and they started to transform people who had the correct dna code into monsters. These new "monsters" were being created as a host for the Advance Man's boss, Plura, to come to Earth and take over. The Justice League of Aliens fought several of the "monsters," but they were unable to prevent Plura from overtaking any of those remaining.[5]

Justice League of Air

The Justice League of Air were a team of flying superheroes[5]


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