João, Prince of Brazil

Prince of Brazil, Duke of Braganza (more...)

John, Duke of Braganza, by Domenico Duprà
Born 30 August 1688
Lisbon, Portugal
Died 17 September 1688
Lisbon, Portugal
Burial Royal Pantheon, Lisbon, Portugal
Full name
João Carlos Francisco António Xavier de Paula Domingos Miguel Gabriel Rafael
House Braganza
Father Peter II of Portugal
Mother Maria Sophia of Neuburg
Religion Roman Catholicism

João, Prince of Brazil (Lisbon, 30 August 1688 - Lisbon, 17 September 1688) was the first child of Pedro II of Portugal and Maria Sophia of Neuburg. He was made Prince of Brazil and Duke of Braganza upon his birth. He died at the age of three weeks.


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