Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education

Coordinates: 34°33′35.5″N 76°7′32.3″E / 34.559861°N 76.125639°E / 34.559861; 76.125639

Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education
जम्मू कश्मीर राज्य शिक्षा संस्थान
جموں اور کشمیر ریاست اسکول کی تعلیم بورڈ
Abbreviation JKSBOSE
Formation August 28, 1975 (1975-08-28)
Type Governmental Board of School Education
Headquarters Jammu, Srinagar, J&K, India
Website official website

The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education (abbreviated as JKSBSE or JK SBOSE) is the main board of school education in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.[1] It is based in Jammu & Srinagar and is an autonomous body under the administration of the state government of Jammu and Kashmir. The board gives affiliation to more than 10,609 schools across the state and employs 22,300 teachers.[2]


According to its official website, the purposes of the board are to:

  1. Secure that education should relate intimately to the development of potentialities of the youth, to the national needs and to the aspirations of the people
  2. Discover talent and nurture it;
  3. Promote equality of opportunity by providing necessary facilities;
  4. Help generally to raise the standard of living and productivity of the State and achieve closer and willing participation of the people in a democratic process ;
  5. Regulate, control and develop education in the State of Jammu and Kashmir up to the Higher Secondary level by providing varied courses with a view to equipping pupils for different occupations, for education in the universities and other cultural purposes and to examine candidates and to award certificates to successful candidates and doing all other things incidental thereto.[1]


The Board consists of:[1]

Major functions

The board is empowered to specify the courses of instruction and create syllabi for them, and to select textbooks for the elementary, and secondary schools and for the higher secondary (school gradation) school examinations; to conduct public examinations and publish the results at the secondary school and higher secondary levels; to grant diplomas or certificates to people who have passed its examinations; to recognize educational institutions at the secondary school and higher secondary levels, and conduct inspections of recognized institutions, ensuring that required facilitates, equipment, and staff are in place, that only the approved books and courses are taught, and that the standards are in accord with the relevant regulations; to remove recognition from schools that do not meet the proper conditions; to supervise and control the recognized institutions; and exercise various other powers given to it by law.[1]

Exams conducted

The exams conducted by the Board are:



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