Iron Man Experience

Iron Man Experience

A concept image released at the attraction's announcement in October 2013
Hong Kong Disneyland
Area Tomorrowland
Status Testing
Opening date January 11, 2017[1]
General statistics
Attraction type 3-D Motion simulator
Designer Walt Disney Imagineering
Theme Iron Man

Iron Man Experience (Traditional Chinese: 鐵甲奇俠飛行之旅) is a 3-D motion simulator attraction under construction in Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland and is scheduled to open January 11, 2017. The attraction is based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man, becoming the first Disney attraction to be based on a Marvel property.[2] Set at the fictional Stark Expo, the attraction will feature Tony Stark recruiting guests to fend off extraterrestrial beings that are attacking Hong Kong.[3]


Iron Man tech showcase entrance.
Iron Man Experience construction site.

Discussions of creating Marvel attractions at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts' theme parks began in 2009, with The Walt Disney Company's acquisition of Marvel Entertainment. In his 2013-14 budget speech, Hong Kong's financial secretary John Tsang announced that a new nighttime parade as well as a themed area featuring characters from the Marvel Universe would be built in Hong Kong Disneyland.[4][5] On October 8, 2013, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Thomas O. Staggs announced that Hong Kong Disneyland would be adding the Iron Man Experience.[2] Walt Disney Imagineering designed the attraction and Industrial Light & Magic created the computer-generated visual effects.[6] Due to the construction of Iron Man Experience, Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad was suspended from February 17, 2014, until June 29, 2015, and the Fastpass service of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters has been suspended until late 2016. Testing for the ride began in May 2016.[7]


The attraction is estimated to have a cost of $100 million and will employ a newer generation model of the Advanced Technology Leisure Application Simulator, currently used in Star Tours–The Adventures Continue.[3] The attraction will be located at the park's Tomorrowland section, in an area named "Stark Expo", adjacent to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.[8] Set a few years after the 2010 New York Stark Expo,[9] Tony invites the visitors aboard the Iron Wing for a tour of Hong Kong, including the newly constructed Stark Tower.[10][11] However, Hydra launches an attack on the city, forcing Tony to don the Iron Man armor and fight the menace alongside the Iron Wing.[11]

Stark Expo

Arriving visitors enter the Stark Expo, where they can learn the history of Howard Stark, the founder of Stark Industries, before meeting current president Tony Stark, who is introducing a new invention known as the "Iron Wing". [11] At the expo, guests can experience the history of Stark Industries through inventions by Howard Stark, and into the present day, where Tony Stark is inspiring his team of scientists and engineers to make our lives better, more convenient and safer through technology. At the back of the area, guests can enter the simulator attraction. The Marvel-themed area also includes a cool interactive “Become Iron Man” experience, exclusive themed merchandise and an immersive, story-driven character greeting with Iron Man.[12]

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