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Ian Pooley (born Ian Pinnekamp in 1973) is a German-born record producer and DJ. While incorporating samples of various musical genres, Pooley's creations are usually classified as house or tech house with Brazilian influence.


Pooley's music career began in 1993.[1] After a long stretch with V2 Records in which Pooley released several very successful albums (Meridian and Since Then) Pooley left V2 and started his own record company, Pooled Music, in 2003.[1]

Ian Pooley has also cited on various albums (Brazilution 5.3 and Souvenirs being two) that he had an audible 'click' when listening to Brazilian music at a night club. As such, a lot of his music has a noticeable Brazilian flavor to it. He has incorporated artists like Rosanna and Zelia and veteran musician Marcos Valle in some of his works.

In addition to original works, Pooley has remixed artists such as Deee-Lite, The Cardigans, Daft Punk, Carl Cox and Bob Sinclar.[2]




Ian Pooley
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All are collaborations with DJ Tonka
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