Since Then (Ian Pooley album)

"Since Then"
Studio album by Ian Pooley
Released 10 October 2000 (2000-10-10)
Recorded 1999-2000
Genre House
Length 61:03
Label V2 Records
Ian Pooley albums chronology
The Allnighter/Calypso (1999) Since Then (2000) The IP Series (2002)
Singles from Singles from Since Then''
  1. "Coracao Tambor"
    Released: 2000
  2. "Balmes"
    Released: 2000
  3. "Balmes (A Better Life)"
    Released: 2001
  4. "900 Degrees"
    Released: 2001

"Since Then" is an album by German DJ Ian Pooley. The album spawned two hit singles: "900 Degrees," and "Balmes (A Better Life)," featuring Esthero. The album was intended as an audio travelog to complement the travel photography included in the album's booklet.[1]


The album was released on October 10, 2000, on V2 Records; it is now out-of-print.[2]

Critical Reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
Entertainment Weekly[4]C+

The album received mixed-to-positive reviews upon its release. In a review for Allmusic, John Bush praised the album's programming and overall sound, concluding that "'Since Then' is a breath of fresh air on a stifling summer day."[1] A similarly-positive review for, written by Fred Cisterna, called the album "pleasingly varied," also praising the album's cohesion.[3]

Entertainment Weekly's review was far less positive. Reviewer Tony Scherman concluded that "when Pooley aspires to songcraft, he falls short," giving the album a "C+"[4]

The album was also included on a number of critics' year-end lists. The album was number 12 on Pitchfork reviewer Paul Cooper's year-end albums list, and number 14 on fellow Pitchfork critic Richard Juzwiak's list.[5]


"Since Then" spawned four singles, two of which charted. Though the first two singles, "Coracao Tambor" and the album version of "Balmes," failed to chart, the next two singles performed better. "The third, a remix of "Balmes (A Better Life)," featured Canadian singer/songwriter Esthero and reached number 65 in the UK,[6] also peaking at number 34 on the Dance Club Songs chart in the US.[7] The fourth and final single, "900 Degrees," peaked at number 57 on the Official UK Singles Chart.[8]

Track Listing

All tracks written, produced, and performed by Ian Pooley,[9] except where noted.

International Edition
No.TitleWriter(s)Guest VocalistsLength
1."Coração Tambor (Intro)"  Ian Pooley 2:56
2."Venasque"  Pooley 4:32
3."Since Then"  Pooley 5:25
4."Bay of Plenty"  Pooley 6:26
5."Coração Tambor"  
  • Pooley
  • Rosanna & Zélia
Rosanna & Zélia5:54
6."Balmes"  Pooley 6:50
7."Visions"  Kirsty Hawkshaw6:05
8."Spicy Snapper"  Pooley 5:36
9."Menino Brincadeira"  
  • Pooley
  • Rosanna & Zélia
Rosanna & Zélia4:02
10."900 Degrees"  
  • Pooley
  • A. Winbush
  • Kevin Spenser
  • R. Moore
  • Darnell Smith
  • William Shelby
11."Sundowner"  Pooley 7:29
12."Cloud Patterns"  Pooley 13:52
Total length:70:03





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