Gun Duel in Durango

Gun Duel in Durango
Directed by Sidney Salkow
Produced by Edward Small
Written by Louis Stevens
Starring George Montgomery
Peerless Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release dates
Country USA
Language English

Gun Duel in Durango is a 1957 Western film starring George Montgomery and Ann Robinson.[1]

It was originally known as The Last Gun in Durango.[2]


Will Sabre, an outlaw, decides to reform and ride to a new territory to begin a new life. This angers the gang's leader, Jake Dunsten, who gives chase.

Will encounters a 10-year-old boy burying his father, killed in a covered-wagon attack. Dunsten's men ride up and shoot it out with Will, who uses the man's grave for cover.

Taking the boy, Robbie, with him to the town of Durango, an attempt is made by Will to start fresh. He calls himself Dan Tomlinson and finds a job in a bank. He renews an acquaintance with a former sweetheart, rancher Judy Ollivant, who believes his story that he is no longer an outlaw. Sheriff Howard is suspicious of the stranger, however, and sends a wire seeking information about the notorious Will Sabre, even though a Texas Rangers captain vouches for "Dan."

Dunsten's gang kidnap Robbie and hold him hostage, forcing Will to help them rob the bank. Will goes through with it, but personally captures Dunsten and returns the stolen loot, earning a pardon from the governor that enables him to settle down with Judy and Robbie for good.


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