Overland Pacific

Overland Pacific
Directed by Fred F. Sears
Produced by Edward Small
Starring Jock Mahoney
Reliance Pictures
Distributed by United Artists
Release dates
Country United States
Language English

Overland Pacific is a 1954 Western film.[1]


Ross Granger is hired by the Overland Pacific railroad to investigate sabotage. Posing as a telegraph operator, Granger goes to Oaktown, where a fellow Civil War veteran he knows, Del Stewart, is now owner of the Silver Dollar saloon.

Del is engaged to Ann Dennison, whose father runs the railroad. A jealous Jessie Lorraine, his dance-hall girl, loves Del as well. Del and his cohorts are secretly selling repeater rifles to Chief Dark Thunder and the Comanche Indians, who do not want the railroad crossing their land. Del and rancher Broden want the Overland Pacific to re-route through Oaktown, where they own property.

A hired gun and corrupt sheriff both end up dead. Ann breaks off her engagement upon learning Del's scheme, pleasing Jessie until she discovers the true nature of Del, then is shot by him. It is left to Granger to win a shootout with Del, after which he and Ann commence a romance.



Jock Mahoney signed a five picture deal with Edward Small of which this was the first. It was originally known as Silver Dollar.[2]


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