Companionate Marriage

Companionate Marriage
Directed by Erle C. Kenton
Produced by Edward Small
Written by Beatrice Van
Casey Robinson (intertitles)
Screenplay by Wainwright Evans
Ben B. Lindsey
Story by Wainwright Evans
Ben B. Lindsey
Starring Betty Bronson
Cinematography Ray June
Edited by W. Donn Hayes
CM Corporation
Asher Small Rogers
Distributed by First National Pictures
Release dates
  • 1928 (1928)
Running time
70 mins.
Country United States
Language Silent
English intertitles

Companionate Marriage was a 1928 American silent drama film directed by Erle C. Kenton and starring Betty Bronson, and released by First National Pictures.[1] The film is now considered lost.[2][3]

The film was a collaboration between the company of Asher Small Rogers and Sam Sax.[4] It was banned by the New York State Censor.[5]



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