get me there

get me there
Location Greater Manchester
Manager Transport for Greater Manchester

get me there is an electronic ticketing scheme under development by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) for use on public transport services in Greater Manchester, England.[1] It was first announced and confirmed as an integrated travel card, comparable to London's Oyster card, for Greater Manchester in June 2012,[2] following a bid from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.[3]


Get me there is based upon trials of the Bolton Citizen Card smartcard that was issued to residents of the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton in 2007 as a pilot.[4] It will be valid on travel modes across Greater Manchester including buses, Metrolink and most National Rail services within the jurisdiction of TfGM.[5]


People in Greater Manchester with existing concessionary travel passes are now being invited to test the scheme, later all concessionary pass holders will be asked to start touching in and out when traveling using Metrolink. Season ticket holders will be the first to be offered their own 'my get me there' card, and then all others can sign up for a card.[6] Customers can use contactless credit/debit card with readers for simple journeys on Get Me There though they will not be able to store season tickets or take advantage of automatic cheapest fare functionality available to smart card users.[7]

The name get me there was revealed on 17 June 2013, with the scheme's dedicated travel card named my get me there.[1]


GMT was planned to be introduced on Metrolink services from 2014, Greater Manchester bus services from 2015, and was hoped to be introduced on National Rail services across Greater Manchester from 2017, when the new Northern rail franchise was confirmed.[8] However, the scheme's introduction on Metrolink stalled after the first stage, as it became clear that Atos, who were contracted to deliver and operate the scheme, would not be able to manage the rollout on to trams. The contract was cancelled in August 2015, with significant contractual payments made to TfGM.[9][10] Plans for introducing mobile phone-based ticketing on trams before the end of the year were announced in September 2015 along with continuing rollout of the GMT card on buses via System One, the Northern and TransPennine Express rail franchises remain contractually obliged to rollout smart card use on trains as part of their franchise requirements and the northern PTE's as Rail North are doing preparatory work on a region wide smartcard.[11]


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