Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs

Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs, Sz. 71, BB 79 is a collection of short folk melodies arranged for piano by Hungarian composer Béla Bartók. It was composed between 1914 and 1918.


This collection of pieces consists of fifteen movements, and some of them are put into groups. A typical performance of this work should last between thirteen and fifteen minutes. The movement list is as follows:

Some critics claim Bartók intended the work to be split into two parts: the first one would include the first six movements, and the second one would include the following nine movements.[1] However, such division is not present in the original score.

Notable recordings

Notable recordings of this composition include:

Piano Solo Record Company Year of Recording Format
András Schiff Denon Records / Brilliant Classics 1980 CD[2]
Sviatoslav Richter Parnassus Records 1956 CD[3]


The 15 songs have all been orchestrated by Nathan Kelly for symphonic orchestra and are frequently performed by orchestras.


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